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What I experience at Leeward Community College is that the diversity of people I seen and met. I'm glad this college offers people to have a chance at education especially for older people. Meeting people from different generations and places makes me thankful that Hawaii is place where they welcome anyone with open arms.
What I like about LCC is how open to everyone who would like to attend school. People of all ages are able to attend without judgement. Pretty much there is no limit to the education you're able to receive while attending.
A very good college to attend for those who can't afford a university. Great professors, a great learning environment and classrooms, and provides students everything they need.
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Super reasonable tuition, regionally accredited, and gloriously beautiful tropics living year-round. Awesome professors. What's not to love?
I went to Leeward Community College back in 2010 and 2011. At the time Leeward Community College was the most convenient college for me because I lived in the Nanakuli area and worked in Waipio which was right up the road from LCC, so location was a big plus for me. A great plus was that I had just recently had a baby and luckily I had to take her to school with me a couple of times and the teachers were very helpful by allowing her to attend class with me. And on to the number one reason why I enjoyed attending LCC, my professors. My college professors were awesome, they were very encouraging and helped me to succeed.
Leeward Community College is a community college located in Pearl City, Hawaii. The class sizes are small with lab courses typically 20 students and lecture classes that can have around 20-35 students. With the small classes, the professors are able to help each individual student succeed in understanding the class content. As a student there since my freshman year of high school, the professors and learning environment allows students to be well prepared for my academic career at a four-year university and my career.
This is my freshman year and as a non traditional student I had a few reservations returning to school. However I've found at Leeward there are a lot of resources and friendly staff!
Such a beautiful campus. The local students that enroll in LCC are nicer. It seems like the environment really shapes everyone's mood, I say this because of calming it is on that campus. They offer an excellent program in Liberal Arts, which I am currently pursuing.
I only attend this college when my teacher requires us to go in. I took four classes at Leeward Community College already.
I'm attending Leeward Community College for the Substance Abuse Counseling Certificate. So far the staff has treated me well in answering all questions promptly and the registration process went smoothly. The certificate class professors have been courteous and knowledgeable in subject matter. The courses have been interesting and taught with professionalism.
I really like the environment that Leeward provides. All of the staff are friendly and welcoming. I go to the Waianae Moku campus, which is still in development, so it's not hard to find your way around the campus either.
Very cheap, and affordable! Professors are very friendly and caring when you choose to care about your educatuon!
Excellent professors. Culturally diverse, great childcare program on campus. Hawaiian clubs & more. Very good ezperince.
LCC is a very diverse campus with a variety of classes offered from auto-mechanics to yoga. Professors can either be a hit or miss. Class sizes are no more than 25 students. It's a great campus to start off your higher education. Free tutoring is made available to all students either on campus or via online calling.
I love LCC it has been a really great experience for me and the professors are amazing! I do wish the campus had more school activities to make the students more affiliated with school.
Leeward CC is a great school! The professors are great, the staff are friendly, the campus is beautiful. I wish they were more strict on their smoking policies though.
Leeward Community College is a great place for anybody wanting to begin or wanting to redo their educational life of pursuing a higher degree. As for me, the staffs and student here are awesome and welcoming. They offer all the help you need and are great at responding through email. The program for Native Hawaiian is extremely great, they assure that we're being guided through the right path and provide resources, such as tutors if we need.
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Beautiful campus. Classes have A/C. it is spacious and well kept. The professors and staff overall are phenomenal and will take the time to answer your questions during office hours or via email.
Experience is great because I take all online classes. Saves time! However, only problem I have is not being able to qualify for FAFSA. Its like I'm paying out of money I don't even have. I would love to continue my education but even being a local here in Hawaii doesn't really give me any benefits in attending this school even if I'm independent living and not living with my parents. Being able to qualify for FAFSA or any Scholarships would be awesome in helping me pay for college.
I hope that in the years to come Leeward Community College addresses its parking situation. Even with the overflow parking provided, students will circle or line up waiting in the parking anywhere from 5-15 minutes waiting for a parking space. On several accounts Iʻve been late to classes because of the lack of parking, Iʻve also had professors come late because of parking. While I was attending LCC there was a staffing issue with counselors. In the time I was there I was seen by 4 different consolers each replacing the person in the position previously. As a result I feel that I was misguided in counseling services and was advised to take classes that didnʻt pertain to my interest/major.
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