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Enjoyed most of my experience as a distance education student. I often came across helpful and caring faculty and staff. However, the process for distance education students are unclear and I spent lots of time and money figuring out the process and trying to minimize delay.
I attended Leeward Community College for 3 semesters. I really do love how involved to Student Activities Board tries to get with the students. The atmosphere there is that the teachers want you to learn and succeed. The only thing I'd say could change is the overall cleanliness of the school.
Enrollment was very thorough and fast.
They always communicated and got an answer back to me as soon as they could.
I love how the school over looks the water too.
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I really like the professors, most of the professors I've come across have really cared about the students. They also offer a great tutoring service.
My experience at Leeward Community College has been extremely positive. The professors are helpful and encouraging, the campus itself has a lot of sources that are accommodating, and the staff is very knowledgeable. As far as change there is not a particular object that I can recall.
I like leeward because of it's location. It it centralized and close to home for me which is very convient. It's also a pretty clean campus. What's not so good at the moment due to construction is the parking, there are days the wait for a stall is almost 45 min. I'm hoping once construction is done we will get back the use of the other parking lot. Leeward is a good campus and I would recommend to others.
What I love about Leeward Community College is the people. The students and staff make everything so memorable. We have such great down to earth teachers that are dedicated to helping you reach your goal. I've made so many wonderful friends these past couple of semesters as well. I like that I can walk into the building and everyone greats you with a friendly smile.
I loved my first semester at college it was great. I learned a lot and met a lot of new people. The campus was great.
My counselor is amazing! She talks with me, checks in with me, offers me a multitude of resources, and she is an all around kind and generous person. She really helped me get my academic goals on track and showed me the quickest and most efficient way to complete my degree requirements and pushes me to move forward.
I am a Freshman and for the first day I was kind of nervous because I didn't know where my classes are and I didn't want to be late for the first day of college. My first day was tiring and I was still confused because that day, they dropped all my classes so I had to re-apply to the classes i needed but unfortunatley i couldn't back my math class so i decided to take 'olelo Hawai'i. I'm almost done with my first semester at the school and it has been a stressful time but i was also so glad that i met my friends i have in the school because with out them i would still be stressing out with classes.
The professors and staff on campus are approachable and intelligent. They know what they're are teaching and I am able to ask for help at any time. One thing I don't like about the campus is the limited parking spots for students. I could look for a parking for 15 minutes since arriving to campus and I'm still not able to find a park my car.
This is my first semester but I would say It is a good school. I'd like to see more assistance in the tutor center. The campus itself makes it hard to find your classes because its so complex, the rooms don't have numbers so you have to go by the building letter.
The flexibility is okay at LCC. There are multiple classes at different times so you can arrange it to your schedule.
Peer to peer interaction between the people in my class happens only in class. We don't interact outside of class really.
The alumni network is okay but I haven't really heard of the alumni program at my campus.
The class size is okay. But they're multiple class times for the classes that you take.
The campus is okay and the quality of student resources is okay.
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My major I declared at my school is great. Besides the rigor not being all there the teachers care about their students and their success.
The high school I went to I felt well prepared me for college. But the classes I've been taking I feel are not as challenging as I would like them to be. My high school was a lot more challenging.
I know in the future I'll be able to use these teachings in upcoming events.
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