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I like how we are able to look at all of our graduation requirements when signing up for classes and how easy it is to move different requirements around to different semesters.
I took all online classes at LCC and I found that they were all really well paced and it was easy for me to keep up with the work and teach myself the course material.
I liked everything about the college and everything they give up access to help our education grow. I like that most things were hands on. I appreciate all the help the teachers would provide for us on their free tome.
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Online absolutely sucked. The applications did not work for my computer. Couldn’t find an alternative therefore I failed that class.
Great college to enter especially as a freshman. Classes are not too big where the professor is not able to have one on one with a student. Many professors and campus administration are helpful and truly there and willing to help students.
As a freshman, I had taken a handful of online classes along with in person classes. Online classes has its pros and cons but you are aware of them before hand. The biggest pro for me personally is that is allows you to be flexible and have it work to whatever your schedule is. As for cons, it is very easy to forget about the course and fall behind.
My professors tried but only one kept things clear and easy to understand. I feel like I missed out on a lot without in person for the third portion of my courses. However my professors were mostly easy to contact if I needed help, and they all tried their best from what I could tell.
Great professors in some classes. Not too great with remote classes for covid but not horrible either. Good for a community college, free parking a huge plus.
The courses are reasonably priced, and the variety of classes is great. The professors are well invested in their students success.
I liked the school due to the financial aid and was able to save money and continue my education. I do have an issue with certain teacher credibilities and teaching studies and materials. Overall, a good school to go to for saving money.
The students and faculty are all very nice, and although community colleges tend to get a bad wrap, I really do think that LCC is a diamond in the rough! The education is good, and the cost is low.
I love that the school is in my hometown and that the professors really like to help the students and see them bloom in their education and their willing to help in any way, parking is great and the food is great as well overall I love going to college here.
I had a pretty good experience, mostly because majority of my classes were online. Having online classes at Leeward CC was actually kind of easy in a way that the communication between student and teacher were easy, and how things were organized made it easy to complete tasks. I had all online classes my first semester, then my second semester was an integration of the two. I had two online classes and two in-class classes my second semester. All things were the same for the online classes, easily accessible information, etc. My physical classes went just as well. My teachers were nice and the work they gave us taught us a lot without it really bearing down on our brain. I enjoyed my experience at LCC.
Leeward Community College is a good choice for students with low-academic standings as well as low-finances. It's also located in a proper area for the entire island to commute to. Some also use this college as a stepping stone to Hawai'i universities such as Manoa or West Oahu.
Leeward Community College is a great first college to attend. It offers a diversity of classes and teachers. And they have great resources you can use.
I like how the diverse the college is with students from all over the globe studying in the college. I also love the professors since they are very considerate and very cool to every students. In addition to that, the food in the cafeteria is A1 because they serve a lot of Filipino food that all students can enjoy.
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Leeward Community College campus was full of smiles and people ready to answer questions. There’s an abundance of student resources that became very helpful for me as I was taking multiple courses.
Having been to three community colleges before continuing at Leeward, I can say with certainty that Leeward is my best academic experience yet. The selection of classes is pretty diverse, and you will find professors that actually challenge you, which is something that tends to lack at community colleges. I really felt like I took something from each class I enrolled in. I only give LCC three stars, however, because everything outside of the academics is a bit lacking. There is little opportunity for campus involvement in terms of clubs and athletics, and there isn't a good selection for dining. Also, the traffic getting in and out during the day isn't great.
My experience at Leeward community college is great, when i have a question don't hesitate to ask or feel embarrassed either because i know other students have the same question as me. Not only that but most professors are understanding and will break down the lesson for me which is wonderful. The campus is huge and the different spots for lunch are good with various options, along with having vending and soda machines at every possible location around the campus! I am just a freshman attending Leeward and i am already enjoying myself and you will too!
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