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Dorms are pretty run down and so small and the food is awful. The small campus is nice and the classes are good. The Honors program is a great program to be involved with because it gives you a community to hang out with.
The area that Lees-McRae is located in is an absolute amazing place. Everyone that attends, works, or just visits Lees-McRae are such great people. The faculty at Lees-McRae are such great people.
I came here to play on the soccer team and it has definitely been an experience so far. I know many people that absolutely love it here and love being on the athletics team. If you really love the snow and mountains then this is definitely the place for you. Although, I am from Florida and this seems to not really be the environment for me, I think many people could find their place here.
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It is located in the mountains. People have to make trips down to Boone. The school is too expensive for a private school with such capacity and infrastructure. If I were to rate their food 1 is me being nice. Basically, you do not the value for the amount you are paying. If you're an athlete it might be your kind of school ,because is about 50% athlete dominated. Their parking is the worst, why would anybody want to park 15-30 minutes away from their dorms. There are no INTERESTING gatherings and I even had to start a club of my one for people in general. The professors all have different auras off of them. I suggest they need a mini kitchen in each dorm, so others can cook or even just warm stuff up. A place open to the residents in general. Doing your laundry is another major problem. These are some of the issues my club STM and I have discussed and ways of financing such projects because life at LMC can be a lot more better.
Beautiful campus, small class room size and plenty of student activities. Would love to see a football team be added, but otherwise great sport programs as well.
Greek life is not a huge deal, but there are some great events thrown by the Greeks and they do stay pretty involved, without being exclusive.
Our teams are great! I'm not an athlete, but as far as I know the facilities are good and up to date. Attendance at games is usually low, with the exclusion of basketball, but that's being worked on.
I love Lees-McRae! Like any school, of course there are things that could be improved upon. For example, the residence halls are old and slightly out of date, and campus spirit is generally low. However, what I think speaks volumes for the quality of LMC is that despite the minor inconveniences that go along with campus life, cafeteria food, and fees, life at Lees-McRae is amazing. It is so easy to overlook the struggles that would exist at any campus because the quality of the education and the beauty of life here is incomparable. Every day here is a chance for an adventure and a chance to learn under some of the most interesting, personal, and caring professors imaginable.
Security is good, health services are great, and I generally feel safe around campus. At night, I do feel safer in a group, but that's true anywhere.
We're small, so not a lot of recruiters come, but we have a few days they come and recruit students and career services let students know about a lot of opportunities. We get a really well-rounded education too, so I feel confident that I'll be prepared for a career after graduating.
Professors are great! Super helpful and friendly and they really get to know you. For a small school, there's a lot of course variety too.
Residence halls are pretty old, so there are problems that go along with that, but the rooms are a good size, hall community is great, and the housing lottery is fair and easy enough.
I'm not in a Greek, so it's hard to say, but they put on some good events and aren't extremely cliquey.
School spirit is kind of low, except at big games for the men's basketball games. Most other sports aren't attended very regularly.
Campus is BEAUTIFUL! The professors are amazing and the academic programs are really well-rounded. There are things that need improvement, like there are at all schools, but over-all it's wonderful.
There is rare use of anything here.
Campus security does a good job.
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Classes are interesting and keep you involved.
Campus life isn't bad but I believe it could be improved.
Many students participate in the schools sports.
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