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L'Ecole Culinaire - Memphis Reviews

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Won't start until October, but have relatives who have attended! My aunt loved it! So this review comes from her.
I have just enrolled and already love it. They teachers seem to love what they do and it shows in their teaching. The school have everything the students need available to make them become a successful chef.
I don't like online class I think you can learn much more in a class room with a good teacher
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I love the major am in
I get to do new things everyday
You get what you pay for... it a very good school
i love my school because I get to do what I love to most which is cooking and making others happy, with what I made.
Great Choice! Great School, Excellent Top Chef instructors very informative,If you are ready to learn how to become a great chef, this is the place to be,if you are willing to listen and learn with the right attitude then this is for you, when you leave this school upon completion you will have a tool box full of infromation and a great skill. The instructors and the whole staff makes it their personal mission to make sure you succeed and you will if you are truly ready to commit!
Financial at L'ecole – Although this school seems a bit pricey, i do think it's well worth it if you plan on furthering you education and improving your life. The financial aid staff is very helpful and always willing to assist you with getting all forms, scholarships and grants available to you.
Culinary Success at It's Finest – I love my school, I thought that i new everything I needed to know about the culinary arts per my previous years working at a restaurant and that this school would be very easy. I immediately realized after the 1st week that i didn't know as much as i thought i did, the school has a very interesting staff and curriculum. I learn new things on a regular basis and i always meet new people, both inside and outside of the school in the field of culinary arts. I'd recommend this school to everyone per the staff, students and atmosphere inside of L'ecole are amazing!!
Don't Use a Lot – I rarely use the computer lab. But when I do there is a computer availble.
Love It! It is worth every penny! I wish I had came to school earlier.
Happy I Came – I'm loving every minute of being at school. The chefs are very helpful and knowledgeable as well.
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