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Le Moyne is a very safe environment and I am happy with my decision to attend college here. I feel like this college will set me up not just for the professional world, but for life itself. I could not ask for anything more in a college. Le Moyne has been great so far.
I went to a open house a few months ago and from the very first step I took onto the campus, I felt as if I was back at home! This college is a very small and connected college and it brings everyone together to form a close bond. I truly enjoy everything about it!
Le Moyne College is a small campus and offers small classes that I found very helpful and useful. Larger university classes weren’t for me, so Le Moyne was a perfect fit. The professors here actually get to know you and help you whenever needed, offering office hours and meetings by appointments. Le Moyne’s core curriculum requires all students of all majors to take different liberal arts classes, which I think is helpful for students who were unsure of their major starting out. The Jesuit education provided by Le Moyne is thorough and all around excellent. I also commuted to Le Moyne and I found that my professors were always understanding and accomodating if I were ever in the situation where I wouldn’t be able to attend class, such as weather conditions and other external forces that I wouldn’t be able to control. My experience at Le Moyne has been pleasant since day one, and I’m proud to be a soon-to-be graduate from this college.
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I love it at Le Moyne. It isn't a big school, and classes are usually very small so it is easy to get to know your professor and classmates. It's also near Syracuse University and there are a lot of opportunities to take classes there as well. I also enjoy the ease of being able to get to places without a car since there is a bus stop right near campus. The staff is great and they really try to get to know you and help you out in any way possible. There is also an awesome medical staff and they offer so many resources. I have made many great friends on campus and have gotten so many opportunities.
I will be entering Le Moyne College as a transfer students on Spring 2018. I have not started school yet but with the times I have been on campus, I am definitely sure it is a great place and I know I will have a wonderful experience.
The professors are very set in their ways and love to force their beliefs down your throat. If you are republican or conservative here then professors love to try and silence your opinions and scream theirs. Certain professors one in particular are complete crackheads. Especially in the stats department. The parking is awful and I frequently have to make my own parking spots either on the grass or double parking. The RAs for the most part are pretty cool if you aren't being an idiot. The core classes are useless and the professors are very opinionated and unwilling to see any other points of view.
Your getting what you pay for here. The school is the same cost as a state school but offers a better education.
Le Moyne has very small structured class sizes which makes things easier when it comes to learning. Also this is a diverse community, we all come from different backgrounds. We come together and create my wonderful events together
It has a small diverse campus that is amazing, caring and loving. Le Moyne college is a best fit for everyone. Staff, faculty, and students are very nice and welcoming
Le Moyne College is in Syracuse, NY and is located close the conveniences of the city, while still offering the community feel of the suburbs. The professors are welcoming and often go out of their way to lend support to their students. The liberal arts education offers a unique experience which puts students in a position to explore different disciplines creating more well-rounded students. The opportunities to join clubs and travel through the school are both plentiful and cost effective. Overall, a Le Moyne education is well-worth the cost.
I'm a senior at Le Moyne, I feel prepared for grad school after studying at this fine institution. Almost all of my professors have earned their doctorate and have lots of experience living all over the world, including the career field I want to be successful in: consulting. Professors are easy to access including via text. Lots of tutoring available. There is an abundance of extracurricular events, including guest speakers from many nations, internships, work studies you name it. The institution is priced competitively with attractive scholarships. One more parking lot would do a lot for the college.
I enjoy the friendliness of the staff and students at Le Moyne College. However, I would like to see more progressive change on campus (ex. easier access to recycling/composting, more diversity and more acceptance).
Horrible campus. Almost no parking available and what is available is at the bottom of an obnoxiously large hill which is horrible in the winter. Tuition costs are exorbitant and the offerings are paltry in light of the obscene cost. Core requirements are a slap in the face. Every student is expected to take a disgusting amount of fake classes at a painful cost. Don't expect any of these credits to transfer with you if you leave. Also force both a religious studies class and a theology class on all students. Professors for basic 100-level Core requirement classes will treat the class like a 300-level for some reason. Some teachers are fine, although if they aren't pointlessly harsh then they are unorganized pushovers with little structure to their class and heavily reliant on group work. The classrooms are very small and you'll NEVER have enough room to write at a desk/table since whatever room you are in will be simply too small and cramped. Extremely dangerous surrounding area.
I've had a great time here at Le Moyne. The Theater department is one of the best I've seen, and the whole school is held to the highest of standards. The campus is beautiful, the students friendly and intelligent, and the dorms are amazing.
The college has a very "home-y" feel to it. Everyone is very friendly and creates a great environment to be in. I am happy with my choice to attend here. Every professor I have had has been very willing to help me if needed. I would recommend Le Moyne College.
Le Moyne is an absolutely amazing school! Their diverse core curriculum educates well rounded students and exposes them to a variety of fields of study. Professors are knowledgeable and are always available during office hours for extra help. If you're the kind of student who likes small class sizes and a more personal level of teaching Le Moyne is the place for you.
Professors are amazing and most always willing to help you out. If you put the work in and stay active in the community your experience and return on investment will be optimum. 10/10 would recommend.
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Love the welcoming, community feel. There is always something to do, always someone to do stuff with. Love the campus ministry staff! Campus could feel a bit safer-anyone can just walk through at any time.
Le Moyne college, even though the school is Jesuit, is a very open and accepting school. It has many active groups and clubs for minority students, and plenty of clubs just for fun too. The campus is quite small, but that can be a positive or negative thing depending on how you look at it. The only thing that is bad about Le Moyne is that this year there were so many freshman that the dorms are extremely crowded with people having to squeeze in extra roomates.
The professors care about students as individuals if you show interest and engagment in the class and material. The classes offered are interesting and there is flexibilty with the different type of material covered. The student generally have control of where they stand in a class, which entails responsibility.
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