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I like that most if the teachers are working full-time in their field which provides the opportunity for the student to learn the newest and practical information from the professor's experiences.
I love the spiritual environment that its provided for us to study in small classes. It is uplifting and positive.
It is a great school and offers some great programs to choose from. They focus on having a career focused degrees. Taking out all the "fluff" classes and focus on the ones you need to get a job in that field. So you can get a degree fast and efficiently.
The campus is in down town Salt Lake City and is close to The Gateway Mall and a Traxs station(public train).
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I think the atmosphere at LDS Business College is very nice. The instructors care about you and the school is affordable. I have frieds who found jobs really fast after graduating.
great school and great, on off the best things about this school is the standards they have , people here is more loving and has a lot to say , i feel like we all are a family ready to do our best , there are teachers that currently could make more money in they own business but they decided to teach to help this community , because i know the money is maybe not the best. after all they are doing some service to there brothers and sisters, i am currently studying like about a week here and so far i love this school. one of the things that have impacted me were of how much time the teachers offer to us to learn and of good vibe that most of the classes have because we pray before starting m which is a uncommon thing we do on school
This is a great college to jumpstart your career. The classes are fun and enjoyable as well as skill based and rewarding. Because the professors do what they teach, they are great people to go to for advice. They are also happy to help you with anything you need.
I have loved my time at LDSBC. There is incredible diversity and it is so fun to meet people and to hear their stories. I will often hear three or more languages during a class. The people are so kind and are all willing to get to know you.
The education at LDS Business College is pretty average, but you couldn't for a better learning environment. Everybody is so nice and the professors are far more personal with the students than your average college. Everyone that works or attends LDSBC has one goal: to help you succeed.
Small community dedicated to deep learning. Large enough to keep getting to know new people. Small enough to walk into a room and know at least one person.
It is a great place to learn. If you are interested in learning from a religious point of view. High standards are required and people is very friendly.
Its a wonderful church school environment. Great teachers that work with you to succeed. I cannot believe how much fun I have my first semester. There seemed to be an event once a week and they give you plenty of time and resources for homework and class time. Everything is basically included in tuition: Books, computers, tutors, mentors, classes, activities, and even have an onsite cafe and store.
I love how personal it is here. Friends are easy to find and make and instructors are mostly very charismatic and all helpful. Class sizes are small, like high school class size which makes it so much easier to get individualized guidance when needed. Programs are tailored to get you trained in the most applicable skills and knowledge you need to have for your chosen career path. Problem might be transferring credits for some programs to a different 4-year college. Very affordable education.
They do there best to help you learn and succeed. The teachers love getting to know you and will go the extra mile to see that you understand the material.
I love LDSBC. Great place to go if your not sure what you want to do for a profession. Classes are small, teachers are great, have real life experience in what they teach!
I like the environment the college has. There are students diversity from many different countries. I like the methodology that teachers have. They are more dedicated to resolved student's doubts.
Awesome college! Almost all the instructors work in a related field with what they teach. Almost all the instructors are willing to work with students who are having trouble keeping up, and the tutors who are available for the different areas of study are also really good.
I really enjoyed going to Latter-Day Saints Business College. I was in a great spiritual environment. My teachers were very kind with me. I enjoyed learning from them. I hope to take more classes and be able to grow. So that one day I may marry and have a family of my own to raise.
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Lds Business College has been an amazing experience. Students and Staff are all very nice and helpful. The classes size are small, which gives you opportunities to have more on-on-one time with teachers.
the career services are great. they are good at reaching out to you and making sure that you are taken care of and that you have a detection you are headed in with your career.
i have only taken one online course at the collage and that was interesting. i felt the teacher wasn't very good at teaching online. it felt more like we were just taught ourselves the whole time but that might just be what online courses are.
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