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Lawson State Community College - Birmingham Reviews

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The proffers, counselors and everyone was always friendly. I learned a great deal and I improved my social skills. Many people were approachable and the environment was always clean.
My experience at Lawson State Community College was great because the instructor want you to succeed in your work. They will do whatever it take to make sure that you understand the material. I always good my problem solved at a timely manner.
The College gives wonderful leaderships for all students. Each one of us is given excellent academic credentials and materials in order to accomplish short and long-term goals. The professors take their time to fully evaluate a situation pertaining to school and real-life issues. Lawson State Community College is perfect to start off your dreams at.
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Lawson state is a great college to attend. It is ranked within the top 50 best community colleges is in the country. All of the administrators and instructors strive to do everything they can to help their sturdente achieve their career paths.
I love Lawson! The campus is on the move. They are building up the facilities, the learning experience is top notch!
I’ve had a good experience so far, no complaints. Campus life is good. You’ll get the full college experience if you actually attend events that the school host.
Very nice campus !!!!
Great overall experience!!
Great campus for a Freashman college student !! Food is great !! Clean building and excellent academics!
Great options for summer schedule. The professors are very helpful and can always be reach via email. The campus is easily accessible. Lawson is a beautiful, welcoming place where everyone is welcome! There is an overwhelming sense of community to be found by anyone from any background, and academics are challenging and prepare you for anything you may want to pursue after college. The atmosphere and school spirit are always lively, and it's an overall great place to be.
Lawson State Community College is an other home for me. The staff are very helpful and very resourceful. They are concerned for they students. When they say the motto its all here they really mean it well.
I like the environment. The classes are excellent. The buildings may be scattered all over the place, but it is worth the exercise. I do not see any changed recommended.
I'm recently a Freshman at LSCC and so far I love the college. The only thing I would suggest is putting Archery and Bowling as a PED activity for students to take because I would like to try both of those sports.
Lawson is a very good school. The athletic program is amazing. It is ranked the 5th junior college in the nation and has the best nursing program in the state.
For my first year of experiencing a community college, I can say that it has been the best! My professors are very respectful and well spoken. Lawson State offers a variety of support when it comes to work related items. The campus is a very safe environment! The teachers are excellent! There is a no discrimination policy and it is enforced. Overall the school is a great place to be.
I wouldn't recommend going to this poor place because its awful and ghetto. I feel uncomfortable here.
Since I have been at Lawson State Community College, it has been the best experience ever. Everyone is so open to help you with all the different things you need help with in the different departments. Lawson State offer multiple opportunities to fit each students needs. They have night classes for those who have to work in the day time. Lawson State has a fantastic student tutoring program that has helped me complete semesters that I thought I would never have a chance in. I think that Lawson State Community College is an excellent place to follow your dreams and receive your degree/certification.
I'm enrolled in a two year associates degree through General Motors and everything that Lawson state has offered me is perfect.
Very great school, organized, and helps you with anything they can! The teachers do anything they can to help. Lawson offers career oppurtunites, study groups, ACT classes, and tutors. Its a great school!
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Lawson really does care about their students. They will give you the tools you need to be successful!
Lawson State Community College is a very good school to go to if you're planning to save money by attending a 2 year before transferring to a 4 year college. Their overall rating for academics to me is a 10+. All of the professors will go an extra mile to help you and make sure that you succeed. This is not a "party" are here to get your education and leave unless you are apart of any organizations or sports!
Lawson State Community College is great, the way that I heard about Lawson was when an instructor came to talk to our school and they should us what they had to offer. Everything was great I applied like two moths after I graduated Highschool and I been enrolled since then. They made everything easy to enroll in classes and it's just been a great school if you have any kinds of problems they have a specific person you can talk to and ask questions. I am enrolled in the GM ASEP program and the instructors are great when it comes to answering questions.
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