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Lawrence is the most incredible private school, offering everything that you could hope for. The academics are rigorous and pristine with the trimester system allowing for students to achieve more. The liberal arts education is incredibly valuable in crafting well-rounded individuals. In terms of catering to interests, Lawrence's countless clubs, athletics, and musical opportunities provide something for everyone. A prestigious, impressive, invigorating, and rewarding school, Lawrence University is the greatest option for intelligent, multi-interested students who want to be treated as individuals, not just as a face in a crowd or pit class.
Lawrence is a wonderful, nurturing, challenging, and kind university on a beautiful river in friendly Wisconsin. I was a double major in foreign language, and didn't decide till the end of my sophomore year to go to veterinary school. I believe that the close relationships I had with my professors, and the multitude of fantastic opportunities I had at Lawrence made my dream possible. I am forever grateful.
When I first arrived as a freshman, I was disappointed by the old dorms, remoteness, and lack of diversity, but I was willing to give Lawrence a chance. After struggling through 4 years of courses taught by professors that were hit or miss, in which I would often be the only person of color, I was finally ready to get my degree and go back home. However, the administration - particularly the registrar's office - did anything but make it easy for me. It's been almost a year and a half since I left Lawrence, and I still don't have my degree: and I won't get it for another 4 months at least. The only reason I didn't give a one star rating is because of the few friends and professors that supported me while I was there.
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I love the close-knit community that supports you through the rigorous academics and pushes you to be active and passionate about what you love.
For someone who wants a small college experience, Lawrence University is great! There are a lot of opportunities to get involved in leadership, research, and other educational and extracurricular activities. Even though it's in a small town, there are a lot of opportunities to see incredible speakers and artists! A lot of people also develop personal relationships with staff and faculty, who can be very helpful and supportive!
I love Lawrence University. At LU I am never just a random student in a class of over 100. All of my professors care about my success and growth. As an undergrad Music education student I get more opportunities to teach AND perform than I would at any other college or university. While the student body is considerably small, the positives far outweigh the negatives in my experience. Lawrence is an amazing place of inclusion as well. I feel as though my identity as well as my fellow students’ is respected and celebrated. This is so important to me. Lawrence cares about who I am, what I want to do and become, and how they’re going to help me get there.
Lawrence is a very open and welcoming campus that offers a lot of opportunities for advancement. While at Lawrence I have met an amazing array of different people, each with their own background that brings a unique perspective to the campus.
Snotty professors who are not particularly interested in student success. Campus is filled with mental health problems, social isolation, and 18 year olds trying to sound smarter than each other. Student-faculty interaction is branded as being the 'Lawrence Difference' and is one of the major selling points for this $50,000/year hellhole, but in reality professors are selective in the students they help. Don't waste your money, time, or sanity in dealing with this school and go out and get a proper education.
Lawrence gave me an opportunity to explore my wide-ranging academic interests. When they didn't have a major I was looking for, I was able to design my own!
Lawrence has offered me the perfect environment to learn and grow as I work my way into the world. Even as a part of two fairly small departments, Linguistics and Classics, I have learned a lot and felt supported by my professors and my fellow students alike. Most of us seem to share a contagious enthusiasm for learning and exploring, whether in the classroom or at a concert or just sitting around in the dining hall and chatting. Throughout campus, students are known for their "busy culture"; they are determined to find more to get involved in or accomplish. This can sometimes create a stressful or even competitive environment. However, both students and faculty members are doing their best to promote balance and ensure that this busy-ness doesn't reach unhealthy levels, and I have felt a campus-wide camaraderie and concern for the whole community's well-being.
- The intimate relationship with Professors
- Accessible academic assistance from tutoring services
- More discussion based classes that allow room for creative thinking
Lawrence is a small school, and diverse for it's location in small-town Wisconsin. The professors are always invested, providing you with plenty of tools to be successful, and by the end of the first term, I was already calling it home.
I like the liberal arts approach to education, I was able to explore many different areas of study and double major. There is a wide variety of clubs to choose from. The university also has an excellent music conservatory so the intellectual and creative minds can flourish.
Lawrence is great! The professors very obviously care about their students and want to make sure everyone succeeds. Students are supported, yet challenged to improve in all areas. Our dining hall has great food!
Lawrence is a rigorous, respectful, open-minded university. All students are required to take Freshman Studies where they have to explore unfamiliar texts which challenges and brings the best out of everyone. Since it is a small school, there are lots of opportunities to talk directly to professor and build strong relationships. Everyone is welcoming and friendly which makes the transition to a new place very easy. There are many local clubs that engage students from all across the world and the president is very active in meeting students which makes it a very close-knit environment.
I love Lawrence! From the community to the professors to the food, I do not regret my decision to attend Lawrence. There are always tons of things to do both on and off campus, and the people you will meet will change your life for the better. Every opportunity is open to all students and you can really take your education in any direction you would like.
Lawrence has a unique, close-knit campus community because of its small size and the fact that most students live on campus for their entire time here. The professors are truly exceptional in how they go out of their way to meet with students and encourage them in their individual academic endeavors. At Lawrence, every interest is encouraged and treated as legitimate regardless of whether it is a student's major or something that they want to pursue outside of their academic course. Lawrence has provided me with countless opportunities to grow both academically and socially in an environment where I feel supported but also encouraged to grow independently.
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Lawrence is my home. Sometimes home is not your favorite place at times, but it always has that special place in your heart. Lawrence has been there for me whenever I need it, professors are there when I need academic support, friends are there to keep things interesting and fun, organizations are there to keep me involved, and the food isn't half bad either! I wouldn't trade my Lawrence education for anything in the world.
I recently just got admitted but I spent a week there this last summer of 2016 for College Horizons and i completely fell in love with the place. It is an amazing small little campus with such beautiful scenery. The classes also tend to be small and are discussion based.
I like the help a student can receive from professors because of Lawrence University's low student to teacher ratio. The conservatory really is a hidden jewel of the music world, with the quality of musicianship only limited by how much work a student invests. I do believe there could be more diversity in professors and faculty, but these needs have been voiced and at least some in the administration have listened to them. I have heard of problems related to the school's administration, and I know that offices like campus life and financial aid can be difficult to deal with. I believe however that this is more than counterbalanced by a supportive and receptive student body and faculty.