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Im glad i chose to attend im also looking to add a few more classes to my schedule and try to finish early
The workload is full you go to class for 3hrs a day Monday thru Thursday Friday is lab where you catch up on work you might be behind on and you also can go back and review what you learned that week and get prepared for next week.
They have very enthusiastic instructors you also are assigned a rep who calls faithfully every-week to make sure you are doing well.
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They work around your schedule and if you miss a class the record all of them and you can go back and view it
Its great your grades are accessible 24-7 and the teachers are caring
Such a great feeling i didn't want to get cheated and i feel i am getting a good education here can't wait to graduate
Its a great environment they make it easy and flexible for you to go to class around your schedule we have a tech guy who will assist you with any need they also have tutoring on Friday
I was very nervous about having to take a loan out but David assured me it was worth it and it was, you have no obligation to attend if you get the loan you have 2mo to cancel with no fee assessed to you which i think is fair
They have a website called purple brief case which is dedicated to helping you find a job
They have online library and Fridays are for tutoring and everyone seems focused on helping you succeed
Teachers and classes have been ok it the administration!
Very unhappy

Told me I needed to enroll in Professional to get what I wanted free. Then told me I should be okay covering my tuitions from the pall grants and FAFSA but now I still have not received the courses I wanted and am 15 thousand dollars in debt.
I had no trouble with teachers or courses. It was administrations and deceiving to get you into the school.
was ok I am disabled so needed to take the online coarse.
Teachers are good and easy to work with.
When I signed up with this school I explained to them that I was disabled and on social security and working on a workers comp case and need to make this work without taking out loans because I couldn't afford it and didn't want to be in debt doing this. I also told them I only wanted to do the medical transcribing and billing. They told me that if I sign up for the Business program that the medical billing/transcribing would be free. I have been in school over a year and have done nothing toward what I want. I asked them to let me know if the federal grants don't cover everything then to let me know or keep me informed if I start owing money because I couldn't pay for it, they said it looks like I should be ok. But not! I just learned after attending this college that I am now (after over a year in school) that I am in debt over 15 thousand dollars. They offer nothing for scholarships only loans.

I am very upset and don't know how I am going to repay any of this. I don't bring in that kind of money and they never held up their end of informing me when I owed money so that I could talk to them about it instead they got me in and signed the papers then they never told me another thing. I don't know what to do now. They are telling me that they are not going to let me attend the 2 or 3 more classes I have left to do before I finally get to the medical transcribing that I originally wanted in the beginning and have never received.
My school Laurus is unique because of the flexibility,great timing schedules for class, and they work with each student to gain knowledge.
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They work with each student to and I love my school... It's the best choice for my life. I'm able to upload all assignments and hold a great relationship with my peers as well as professor. THE REGISTRATION was a ease because they walk me through each step.
My school is great.... Love it & can't wait to attend the next quarter!
Jose has provided information to assist me, and has walk me through the FASA step. I
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