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Everything is convenient and very accessible.
We have a lot of IT people readily available should there be any questions or concerns. The internet speed is right on and wireless access is perfect.
The facilities on campus are very nice. The faculty is extremely caring and helpful. Way better then when I attended WVU. The faculty seem to truly care about their students.
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The school has a small but decent library. There are several rooms with computers that can be used for research. You can even use them if another class is in there and you can work quietly. There are several student organizations.
I find the curriculum a rival to any full size college. The teachers have the knowledge and the background to properly teach the courses. The financial office wants you to be able to leave the school with the least amount of debt possible.
After many years working terrible jobs, I decided on a career. Laurel Business offered me 2 associate degrees in the time most schools offer just one. The classes are serious and designed to give you the most information in the shortest amount of time. After starting, I was pleased to find the teachers truly do care about you and your school experience.
The financial Aid office has been outstanding in helping me. They are always available when I have questions and have guided me through the process.
Very diverse in all areas (age, race, sexual, etc.). From the first time students straight outta high school to the returning alum and people coming later in life to change their careers.
They offer many ways to get financial aid and loans. They are very helpful with filling out anything that needs done or is confusing.
I previously attended this school and my previous credits would help with current classes. It is a very well ran and maintained school. Also, I am comfortable knowing that if I need help with anything I will always have someone willing to help me.
Not everyone is a traditional college student. A lot of the students have families and jobs that they have to take care of on top of going to school. Its nice to know that you aren't the only person with a full plate.
Everything that you learn in the program if exactly what you need to know when you graduate. You are never overloaded with nonsense classes. You mainly take courses for your specific lighten but you have a few electives. Overall a great program
They only good thing is they have a parking lot so we don't have to pay to park. There is a kitchen for students to sit and eat lunch or study. There are a number of computer labs but only certain ones have computers that aren't super slow. There is also a library and the librarian is very helpful.
For certain programs the tuition is extremely high. For those who have clinicals they don't include the price of parking in the tuition. The school does not offer very much assistance for people who can't qualify for grants or scholarships. The school does not have wireless internet which is a big thing for a college/tech school should have especially in 2012/2013. I enjoy my program but the tuition price is ridiculously high and they raise it each year.
They Helped Me All They Could – the school did the best they could considering what happened at my last school that ripped me off of most of my finacial aid(MORGANTOWN BEAUTY COLLEGE)
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