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Its my first year at Lassen College and I overall realy enjoy being there, its cozy, a great place to start of at. Im majoring in Biology and the only difficulty I really have is the expenses of books. The professors that I have had are all great, the environment is great aswell.
I liked that all the students that I met were friendly and helpful with what I needed when I had any questions, also the staff was very helpful with helping me when I was stressing or needing something done before I could continue. they always made time for me whether it was over the phone or in person.
Lassen Community College is a great place to continue education. They are very helpful in finding the right classes needed for the career I wanted. Nursing has been a passion of mine for a very long time and now I am finally doing what I love best: helping others and making a difference! All thanks to God and Lassen Community College!
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Faculty and staff were excellent. Curriculum awesome and friendly people. I enjoyed the location and the care of all involved.
When I first came here in 2015, they had a really great graphic design program, but then they got rid of her (bad on them) and got this new teacher who is just way too lax and casual. I've been ahead for my last three projects. what does that say?
NEVER rent from the dorms unless you like noisy people who act like they're from the hood.
Eglish is pretty good, try to get Mr. Owen's classes. Psychology teacher is amazing, math teachers are beyond pricks. The new library isn't much of a library as it is a great study place.
The online courses are very easy to navigate
They try their best and an effort is made
The professors are very personal
The workload is not overwhelming and the curriculum is exceptional.
It is adequate, the staff is very helpful.
I have never heard of post-grad services
Most instructors are kind and helpful, and others aren't so much
The only real thing is work study, and unless almost all of your units are towards that it's hard to accomplish
They have a ton of degrees, and work with your needs to help you graduate according to your timeline.
Its a small town, so there isn't much to do. But the school is pretty, and the classes are small and personal.
I think it could be better
It was average and not too large.
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Because i get to advance my knowledge
The teachers are actually pretty cool
its decent, you're definitely gonna be busy to a reasonable degree if you're a full time student.
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