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The best experience you could have at a community college. All the professors I have been lucky to have are wanting you to succeed and there for the students. The clubs and programs there are inclusive and amazing.
Las Positas College has offered many educational experiences that have helped with me being able to apply for Universities and also help with choosing classes that will be useful for my future major.
I love my experience at Las Positas College. The school has taught me so much and leads to new experiences. The teachers really care about your success. You get what you put into it so always meet your teachers half way and they'll make the same effort towards you!
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It is a nice 2 year community college to complete your general education requirements at a low cost. Everyone is very friendly and the professors are extremely friendly as well. The curriculum is well taught. There is a lot of diversity at this campus. It is a safe campus with security on campus. It has a nice program to transfer and the counselors and teachers are very helpful.
Las Positas is a very nice college, nestled in beautiful Livermore. It offers a lot. However Livermore is a very agricultural town. So its disappointing that they do not offer agricultural programs.
What I like about Las Positas College is that the professors are always willing to help. They are there to support you, help you succeed, and help get you where you want to be such as transferring to a 4-year university. The students are also quite friendly and the campus is quiet and definitely developing.
Las Positas College is a beautiful college surrounded by vineyards and fields. The college is located on a hill away from the busy streets and town. If students commute to Las Positas College, the off ramp is right down the street from the college. There is a lot of parking, which allows students to arrive to class on time. The professors are great, I have never had any problems with them. The food on campus is delicious and there are different varieties so you never get bored of the food choices. One thing I would watch out for is the counselors, make sure you go to two different counselors because sometimes you will get the wrong information about the classes you need to take. Its better to be safe than sorry! Everything else about the campus is great!
I had a great experience at Las Positas! The music department is fantastic and gave me so many opportunities to explore my passion of music by playing with many talented musicians and the impeccable teaching by the professors. I had great experiences with other departments as well and the tutorial center. The worst part about my experience were the academic counselors who unfortunately did not know the answers to my questions most of the time.
Attending Las Positas was one of the most amazing choices I have made. Entering the Fire Service Technologh program changed me and steered me towards a path of success. I have not been more greatful for this opportunity. Things that could be changed would be if we had our own tower to work skills close to home.
My school has a wonderful community and conveniently designed campus. The programs and assistance provided by the educators here are fantastic. Everyone is kind and willing to help the students.
Las Positas is a great community college. They have very flexible and accommodating staff as well as amazing counselors. Whether your goal is to get a certificate, an AA/AS, or to transfer they will help you along the way.
I find the professors at Las Positas to be very tribalistic and to encourage identity politics above all else. I don't think that ethnicity is the be all and end all to my identity or to my human relationships but the professors here are reductive and simplistic in this way. Isn't there more to life than my ethnicity? Not according to these professors who identify with their ethnic tribes.
Las Positas is a great place to complete your GE requirements before transferring to a 4-year college. The professors all want to help you succeed and everyone is very friendly.
I enjoyed my education at las positas. Even though one can not really make friends, as a student I was able to find the help I needed with my studies and be successful in my classes. This isn't a social school since most people go to campus and leave campus after class. But the professors I have met in college were really helpful with extra help outside of class. They even offer a free program called math jam for students who want to prepare for a math class before a semester starts. Math jams is also helpful for who placed in a remedial math course and want to retake the placement test.
I really liked the teachers! I had some great teachers who really engage with students and make sure that we get what we are learning. I use, a website to search for teachers to see if they are the right kind of teacher to your specific kind of learning ways. So far all of my teachers were rated high with positive comments. I enjoyed my classes, and I actually liked going to school. My experience there was great! The students are nice and the staff is very helpful. I would recommend this school to every one that I know!
It's a great two year institution which has allowed me to attend college without worrying about the costly tuition of most universities. I completed two years of general ed and major prep course work and have been accepted at UCSD as a junior biology student. I highly recommend this school to anyone interested in the transfer program; there are many helpful and experienced professors here.
I really enjoy Las Positas! Everyone is very friendly and the staff is very helpful. The only reason I am not giving Las Positas 5 stars is because some of the professors I have had are not exactly the best. They don’t explain things very well then expect you to just know everything they have taught 2 seconds after they’ve taught it. Aside from those select few professors I’ve had, Las Positas is great!
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Las Positas is an excellent community college, I have made a lot of friends and have met a lot of great people, including professors. Many of the professors are very helpful and passionate about their subject, which I think is rare to find. However, there is a downside, not every professor is like this, but I would say that every school is like that. So in a way, Las Positas is average but a little above that. I would give Las Positas a B. There is always room for improvement. One of the things Las Positas should work on is better, healthy food in the cafe.
Great campus and definitely challenging! The students are all very friendly and the majority of the teachers push their students to their limits.
Las Positas College is more than your typical community college. The staff is driven to help students succeed, and the students are passionate in their education and studies. We are given many resources to help us thrive in and out of the classroom. Las Positas College is a school where students can take what they've learned within the classroom, and apply it to the real world.
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