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They have helped he find a path that I would like to follow. I am now ready to transfer to a 4 year college.
All of the professors are extremely helpful. They have given so much time and effort to make sure the all of the students are comfortable and able to learn in this new online environment. Also I took a few classes before 2020 that were online and each one of them was well thought out and had tools that could help me learn with the online environment.
Good education, bad atmosphere. Most professors are fine. Rarely great and often bad. But it is cheap.
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Online classes are usually formatted nicely. I'm disabled and did a lot of distance learning. Once you can navigate the Canvas app, you are good to go.
Friendly and welcoming. Good work ethic and motivating environment. Nice staff and wide selection of classes to take.
Summer classes online and semester classes online, good way to get credits done! Very easy to navigate and helpful in many ways. Friendly staff that is willing to help, very easy to register, many options of classes to take.
I’ve had a wonderful time at Las Positas. I really threw myself into my academics and tried to stay on top of things that transpired at the school.
My online experience at Las Positas has been great. Easy to navigate and not hard to adapt. I must say that I really like the ability to see all of my grades. The professors stayed on top of that for the most part. I also appreciated how the professors responded to emails. I am very pleased.
Online classes have a large capacity and multiple choices so that it is easy to get into classes that you need. Most teachers are still really engaged with students in online classes. I had a few teachers who weren't very present but majority of them keep in constant contact and availability if students need help or have questions on assignments.
Lots of room in classes so it's easy to get into the classes you need to stay on track. TONS of resources and help to make students successful such as reading and writing center, free tutoring, free farmers markets, math help etc. Teachers here really want students to succeed and they are always telling students about extra help that isavailable. If I could, I would take all 4 years here because I truly dont want to transfer elsewhere! Also, the campus is BEAUTIFUL.
Las Positas Community College is an amazing place to get an education. It has amazing resources to make sure every student succeeds, the most helpful and kindest staff, and a hardworking faculty.
The online learning experience has been an easy adjustment thanks to the faculty and staff, they have shifted their resources online and made more tools accessible online. They have provided students with computers and internet as well.
The professors really care about you passing their classes and will do everything in their power to help you succeed.
Going to Las Positas College was a great experience. The professors were very good and always offered resources to help their students succeed. The campus, as well as the surrounding area felt very safe. There was also diversity among students which is great. The school also has a lot of clubs and organizations including ones that are major related or hobbies. Personally, joining the business club was really beneficial! I made a lot of new friends and it helped me develop skills that are applicable to every day life.
I love Las Positas College. It carries a great atmosphere around the campus and holds a safe environment. All the professors in my opinion are great and all want you to succeed. The entire staff provides many resources so that you don't struggle. There is a library, computer lab, math labs, and English labs where students can work individually or in groups. There is also staff and professors there so that you can ask any questions you might have.
Las Positas is a really pretty campus and I've had great experiences with many of the professors. I'm not crazy about the counselors though A few of them seem to care, but the other counselors I've seen just fill out paperwork and aren't super approachable. I've been told some things from counselors that were not true, and then when I approached another counselor about it I was told that it wasn't possible. Overall it's a nice campus, lots of diversity, feels safe, and the teachers are great. Nice place to get some gen-eds done before transferring.
The Veterans First Program is amazing. A true welcome home environment for Veterans and their families.
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Las Positas College - My experience at this community college has shown to be very enticing and eventful. This college has a variety of beneficial and opportunistic courses; tying in the environment and staff allocates a superb learning environment. For me, the most decisive and helpful assistance I could have received was from the Student Counselors. These Counselors have put in a lot of time into aiding, re-looking, and assisting in any way possible; I know that I would have had a significantly more difficult time with my education planning, without their guidance. The Instructors/Teachers have delivered high-quality education; also giving ample time and communication to individual students who need additional assistance. I have thoroughly enjoyed continuing my education at Las Positas and I am excited to still be continuing my education in nursing at the facility!
I enjoy studying at Las Positas College. They have a great curriculum and professors that help students reach their goals. They also care about their students at Las Positas College. They have free health care services such as TB tests, physical tests, counseling, and have free women health care for students. Also, the tutoring center is helpful if you need help. Lastly, there is also a free grocery for students every month. Thus, my experience at Las Positas has been great!
Las Positas College offers great academic resources and support. Through my involvement in clubs and learning communities I have been connected to relevant internship opportunities to my major. Beyond this, the campus offers many tutoring and proofreading services that have been immensely helpful to excel in classes. The majority of the professors at the school are also great and obviously care about the well being of their students. I have heard from some students that say that finding help and counseling services can be difficult at this school but I have found that this has not at all been the case for me. It has only taken me a quick search through the school's website and connecting with professors to quickly find amazing support communities resources. I would highly recommend the Hispanic Serving Institution to any student on campus because they are an example of a learning community that has contributed greatly to the success of many students.
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