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I like Laredo College because it is a beautiful school. It is a Community College but it is well kept and buildings decor is nice. So far my professors have been good and have been extremely helpful. The campus is not too big but it is not small either. The college also has a gym and weight room that students are allowed to use, which is really neat. Although, food options are scarce, the Cafeteria area is huge and really pretty.
It is a great college ! I am currently enrolled in the ASE auto mechanics program right now and I am amazed how much detail and thought went into the program and I would expect the same for all courses .
Some of the classes are easy to take and the professors are helpful and understanding. Some advisors don't always help when you want to transfer out or ask what classes you want to get because they try to want to keep you there.
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Laredo College is perfect for those who know what they want in a degree. For those who don't it is also perfect for you to take your basic's and figure out what you want in life. Overall Laredo College is a great school for you to get your start on life.
It is a great place to bond with others and achieve your educational needs. The professors are extremely helpful and understanding when it comes to teaching their classes. I really recommend when looking for a great and affordable college.
Laredo College is a great school to start your career. It has many different resources and a variety of careers to choose from. Professors and administration are by far the best at helping you achieve your goals in your career.
Laredo college is super fun, I feel like I’ve made a lot of relationships throughout this first semester! Being on the softball team is super fun as well because I get to play the sport I love! Making friends was something I thought was going to be hard but it seems like I fit right in! It is also a beautiful college and I like to explore around the college such as the environmental center because of the animals. Overall, Laredo college is the best!
I really enjoy my experience here in Laredo College! Especially with the new renovations and constructions, this place continues to look better and better!
For student life to be a bit more inviting with students, and for the athlete program to be present and active around school so students could be supportive for their schools athletic programs. With that also looking into expanding the extracurricular and athletic programs for the students on campus.
Laredo College is a great place to learn, it has great professors that will always help you in whatever it is that you need.
What i like about Laredo College is the enthusiasm that all members at LC have to succeed and have an education. Since it is a small community, everyone is encouraged to attend events held by the college which brings the community closer. At LC you feel at home and a part of something.
Laredo College is a place where students like you and me can feel at home. Students who attend our community college are very welcoming and are always willing to help each other out. The advisors are committed to helping you join the program that best fits your major or current situation. This college has been acquiring many opportunities to expand, for example, it is currently under construction for a building based solely on the nursing program. It has further expanded the idea that a small college can be the key to further success and many opportunities that benefit you while transferring to a university!
I have been there for two years and everything is amazing. The teachers, the advisors, the friends you make. I truly loved my college experience an I cannot wait to get my university life.
Its the usual two year college that everyone has been to. There are a lot of things like a small section or zoo with animals. There is a walking trail next to the river and its beautiful.
Great atmosphere. Professors really like helping their students. They have excellent tutors for whenever you have questions or need extra help with any type of subject your having trouble with.
This College is Great for students to finish their basics, it is affordable and it is a smooth transition from High School to College.
Laredo College is a beautiful campus filled with history and wonder. One change I’d like to see is student involvement in classes and extra curricular activities
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Laredo College is a great place to start your undergrad education because of the affordability and the opportunities Laredo College is now offering to improve the campus and education opportunities for the students.
Laredo college is an outstanding university for me for the reason that it is right in my hometown. I took a summer class at the college and the professor was amazing because he explained every lesson with great detail. In addition, I took online classes at my high school and each and every professor was very good in explaining everything and keeping us up with all our assignments through the course.
Lc is a great college because everything is very easily found and people are very helpful and friendly.
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