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This college is located in a small and laid back city. Currently, there isn't a whole lot to do in the city but it is growing thanks to our current mayor Marian Orr and there are two other cities just 45 minutes away so it wouldn't be hard to find something to do if you have a car. It is a city currently going thorough and oil boom, so there are oil pumps in lots of places and has created many jobs. Over all, it really isn't a bad place to live.
Being able to go to a college where you feel supported and comfortable is important, and that's exactly how LCCC has made me feel.
They made it easy to find and adviser that actually helped me through the process of enrollment, something I did not get at my previous college. They also offered a really useful first generation seminar which helped ease a lot of my worries about going back to school.
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I really enjoyed my first year at Laramie County Community College. They are upgrading buildings and always making it better. Also, all the professors are great to work with and all want you to succeed.
Go to the Wyoming Tribune Eagle website. Search each of the following titles. Click on the title at the Wyoming Tribune Eagle website. Set up an account to view the entire article. Sad Truth.

LCCC censors story by WTE

Group investigates LCCC

Laid-off teacher claims LCCC violated its policy

LCCC board trying to find interim president

LCCC employee discipline policy is being rewritten

LCCC faculty form PAC in response to campus strife

LCCC Faculty Senate requests organizational review of school

LCCC hears a different view on morale issues

LCCC modifies credit card procedures

LCCC morale mixed

LCCC president should not attempt to hide the truth

LCCC trustee-elect wants free-speech policy on campus

LCCC trustees approve settlement with Cook

LCCC's leader not sweating election results

Healer-in-chief needed for morale at LCCC

LCCC policy would require permission for second job

LCCC presidential search moves on a bumpy path

Embattled LCCC president resigns
My biggest regret is that I hadn’t enrolled straight out of high school. I began my college career at the University of Wyoming but going into my junior year I, unfortunately, was informed that my degree had been dropped due to budget cuts leaving me stranded and confused back at a freshman standing. I transferred to LCCC to attain my associate’s degree and it was the best decision I made for myself. The staff has been amazing at reaching out and becoming familiar with their students, as well as keeping them “campus involved”—showing the support of peers, friends, and professors. I have also had people reach out on numerous occasions to make sure that the mental health of each student is not suffering, and offers multiple resources AND follow ups to any and all questions. The “student hub” is patient and knowledgeable with questions concerning registering, deadlines, and financial aid. They provide sheer support, including clapping when I found out my graduation date.
Laramie County is a wonderful place to get an education. The people here are wonderful and extremely helpful. I have met some of my best friends only being in Cheyenne for a year. Cheyenne isn't a big town, but it is big enough that it gives people things to do such as go shopping or hang out at the movies. Many people enjoy this area because of how close it is to Colorado. This provides people with an even bigger city to visit and explore in their spare time. Personally, I decided to come to Cheyenne because of the great soccer program that they have. The women's soccer team has been very successful over the years, and so it interested me. The location of Cheyenne is also nice for me because it is far enough away from home that I can be independent, but it is also close enough to home that I can travel back on the weekends if I want to. Overall, LCCC is a great school to begin your education at.
Not a good school for students with disabilities. I have been marginallized and treated poorly by DSS and some teachers because of my disability. Very disappointed in LCCC’s general failing of understanding and support for students who need up to date technology.
Everyone at the college is so very helpful. There are so many opportunities to help you get through anything at the school. Also, the campus is small enough you never get lost which is wonderful!
Small classes and helpful teachers give students a personable and friendly environment to succeed in college. All the professors are helpful and give an abundance of time and effort to ensure you succeed. The small classes allow students time to ask questions and interact in class without the unfriendly environment of a few hundred uninterested students.
Laramie county community college is a smaller college that still has everything that a larger college needs. Lots of clubs and activities. The professors are always willing to see you in their office hours and help you with your topics
Overall, the classes are small so you get the individualized attention. It's been a great reintroduction to education for an alternative student.
LCCC is very concerned with the success of their students. They have excellent advising, and tutor programs. My advisor has helped every step of the way with planning, and transfer and scholarships. Most of the teachers I've had have been available during office hours and very accessible especially for an on-line program.
My experience at Laramie County Community College has been excellent so far. The professors are more than willing to help if there is a problem or misunderstanding. The campus is beautiful and safe for the students. One thing I would like to see change is the athletics department. I believe that they should add more programs such as football, baseball, and/or track.
What I liked about LCCC was the teachers and also having an amazing Nursing program. The experience is great you get to connect with people who go through the same courses that you applied too. Also the teachers are amazing and extremely helpful they want to make sure that you are successful and have you being confident in the line of work.
My last two years of attending Laramie County Community College have been great. I am currently majoring in Mass Media and my professor Jake Sherlock is a great teacher and now a great friend. He truly cares about the students and wants to give us all the necessary skills to make it easy for us to move on to a four-year college without any problems.
It's a great college,they want to help you succeed by pushing you to continue with your education,t hey make your dreams into a reality!!
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I have truly enjoyed being apart of the LCCC community and taking classes here, I like the smaller classrooms and being able to converse with your teacher and them having flexible office hours. I think the one thing I would like to see change is the chance at having more scholarships awarded to those who don't receive financial aid, but still need financial assistance.
This is a GREAT experience my first year. The instructors are caring and kind. There are so many things to help you succeed. The atmosphere is relaxing and a great learning environment. I also took online classes, my instructors have been so helpful with any questions I have. I love college better than high school because of the resources and caring attitude of my instructors.
I finished my Associates degree at LCCC. The faculty was amazing, always helping students to succeed and pursue their dreams. The education I obtained at LCCC has set me up for a very bright future. I loved that they always had fun activities planned for the students to help with engagement and socialization. Overall a wonderful institution!
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