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Overall, the classes are small so you get the individualized attention. It's been a great reintroduction to education for an alternative student.
LCCC is very concerned with the success of their students. They have excellent advising, and tutor programs. My advisor has helped every step of the way with planning, and transfer and scholarships. Most of the teachers I've had have been available during office hours and very accessible especially for an on-line program.
My experience at Laramie County Community College has been excellent so far. The professors are more than willing to help if there is a problem or misunderstanding. The campus is beautiful and safe for the students. One thing I would like to see change is the athletics department. I believe that they should add more programs such as football, baseball, and/or track.
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What I liked about LCCC was the teachers and also having an amazing Nursing program. The experience is great you get to connect with people who go through the same courses that you applied too. Also the teachers are amazing and extremely helpful they want to make sure that you are successful and have you being confident in the line of work.
My last two years of attending Laramie County Community College have been great. I am currently majoring in Mass Media and my professor Jake Sherlock is a great teacher and now a great friend. He truly cares about the students and wants to give us all the necessary skills to make it easy for us to move on to a four-year college without any problems.
It's a great college,they want to help you succeed by pushing you to continue with your education,t hey make your dreams into a reality!!
I have truly enjoyed being apart of the LCCC community and taking classes here, I like the smaller classrooms and being able to converse with your teacher and them having flexible office hours. I think the one thing I would like to see change is the chance at having more scholarships awarded to those who don't receive financial aid, but still need financial assistance.
This is a GREAT experience my first year. The instructors are caring and kind. There are so many things to help you succeed. The atmosphere is relaxing and a great learning environment. I also took online classes, my instructors have been so helpful with any questions I have. I love college better than high school because of the resources and caring attitude of my instructors.
I finished my Associates degree at LCCC. The faculty was amazing, always helping students to succeed and pursue their dreams. The education I obtained at LCCC has set me up for a very bright future. I loved that they always had fun activities planned for the students to help with engagement and socialization. Overall a wonderful institution!
The courses I am taking is full time and in class. There wasn't much flexibility but it is worth it for just the next 2 years.
It is nice to have the option of online and the convenience but I don't feel I learn as much as I would in class.
There is 100% job placement after graduation.
The professors want you to succeed. They are helpful and friendly. They very very knowledgeable.
The Sonography program has a great reputation in the area. Employers are always calling to recruit students.
The teachers want you to succeed. They are always available to help. They are very knowledgeable and great to work with.
Everyone is very helpful. They care about me and my success.
Here at my school they offer any type of help you need. My first year here I wasn't sure about what I wanted to study. But I was ale to meet with one of the career services people and they were able to help me figure it out. I decided that it was best for me to get my Associates in Spanish so that I can move on from this school to a university with an Associates in hand.
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Classes and professors in my school are great. All my classes have been small sized classes and I feel that I learn better and more when I have smaller classes. It gives me the opportunity to get to know my classmates better and to get to know my professors. They are very caring and have always been there when I need their help. Whenever they can't help me I get a second option of going to the tutors available at my school for whatever class I need help with. Most of my teachers here have been very detailed when teaching and are able to answer all questions that we have for them.
The major that I am trying to d is not available at the school that I am attending right now. Since I am in the soccer program and it's just a 2-year program I will be transferring to a university where I will be able to study my major. The classes that I am taking right now at this college are just generals. But I believe that if I study physical therapy at the university that I ill be transferring I will be having a lot of workload. This major will give me a lot of open job opportunities. Not only that but I will enjoy helping people get better and have better lives.
This is my second and last year attending this community college. The classes that I have taken here as well as living on campus have both prepared me to transfer to a bigger college/university this Fall 2016. The reason why I love this school is because this is where my college soccer life started. Thanks to God, soccer has given me the opportunity of this school to offer me a scholarship to continue my education and attend this school that is 2 hours away from home. The reason why I would chose this college again if I could do it all over is because of the soccer program and small classes. The Women's soccer program is great and competitive. Also, in my opinion having small classes gives you the opportunity to learn better and get to know your instructors better.
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