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The teachers, the dean, were just plain ignorant to me. I wouldn't socialize in a class so I was forced to withdrawn from the class, I had to take a step back in my studies, and I'm thinking you go to school to learn not to socialize. It was not worth the loans I had to take out to go there. I'm bipolar and I take medications which makes me tired, so tired that sometimes its almost impossible for me to talk, which is why I never socialized and I didn't have to. I was not there to make friends and socialize, I was there to learn and the only thing I truly learned was how ignorant people really are.
I think this is a really good school for students who don't want that college experience with parties and stuff and they just want to learn.
The process at LSB was fairly good. I met with three different people; one to discuss classes and two others about mainly financial aid. The first person I talked to was a man that was not a great "people person" and he confused myself and my mother quite a bit. Then I have a second person that was a woman and she was wonderful. She explained everything to me that I needed to know and took her time to explain stuff to us if we didn't understand. She also was very helpful with talking to me about scheduling classes around my hectic work schedule.
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Good School for a 2 Year Degree – The professors I have had so far have been very hands on and approachable with their students. They are willing to help each student. The classes are small so this helps with this setting. It has terms instead of a full semester so 2 terms equals 1 semester. I like it this way because it is accelerated.
Small school but it does have a nice student resource center/library, lounge/cafe, and classrooms.
There is internet wireless access. There are computer labs. I do have a personal computer but do not need to take it to school since there are computers there to use.
It Has Its Own Spa! Although it is a small school, it has great programs, and the spa that the intended massage therapists work at helps so much to get the idea of being a massage therapist.
It's Great for Someone Who Knows What They Want – i am going to this college in the Spring for Massage therapy. All of the people there are really nice, and its only a 6 month program! Awesome!!!
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