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This is a great school to attend if your trying to get a degree in an exact field. Lanier Technical College offers internships at the end of your program of study to make sure you get yourself into the profession your going to school for. I attend classes at the Forsyth Campus and i love the classrooms. The environment is very clean, and the administrators there are very helpful. I would recommend this school for mothers like myself. It can be difficult going back to classes when you are raising a child. Lanier Tech. has an entire schedule you can choose from to help suit your needs. I was lucky enough to find one of my classes offered online.
My experience at Lanier tech was good, the campus was nice and kept clean. The teachers were very helpful.
I enjoyed the teachers I had at Lanier Tech. Courses are available on multiple campuses to make it more accessible as well as a lot online.
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For a technical school, it was not bad. The most difficult part was communication there. I felt like I wasn't really part of the school because it was difficult to get involved. However my classes were good, I learned a lot and did good on all of my exams.
I enjoy the way the teachers show the class. They don't give up on the students. I once had a problem i couldn't resolve on my own I then asked my teacher for advice, so he sat next to me and went through it step by step. Not a lot of college teachers are willing to actually do this most simply give the assignment and not help the struggling students.
My major is not offered, however icannot transfer until 30 credits are reached therefore im wasting time and money
Every teacher i have had, has strayed from the syllabus. Has not taken the time to email students back.
The school it's great, the teachers really try and do their best to help you from core classes to getting into your degree.
I like going to Lanier because it's a small school, you don't feel like just a number. People are always there to help you and the classes are fun. I would definitely do it all over.
I am currently not working so my classes are very flexible and my schedule is great!
I love my school, all the faculty here makes me feel important and they're just the best!
Professors are very strict and sometimes hard to satisfy. Other than that I love my courses.
I can't really rate it because I haven't gotten nor asked for any career prospects.
I love my student body, it's very diverse and I can say everyone gets along, so far. Also what I love my classes aren't to full
Very good tuition compared to other schools. My financial aid process wasn't easy though.
I believe we have good job prospects, but I'm not very aware of any of the other things.
My program of study currently helps us get jobs in day cares, it doesn't offer many good jobs.
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All these things are very well organized and are very well processed.
The library is great, I love how anyone can use it and benefit from it! Our student center is a really good place where students can hang out and relax. As for the activities, I'm not very aware of those.
My professors are very reasonable. They are always reminding us of when their office hours are (tutoring/help sessions) so that each individual can succeed.
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