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Langston University is the only HBCU in Oklahoma. I chose to attend this college because the visit felt like home. It’s sureounded by people you are familiar with, and is like one big family. You have small classes so you can pay attention, and get the extra help you need from your professors. The environment is great and the atmosphere is what I love most. Some things I would like to see change is the way things are organized. Add more things around school like better food, and more resources we can need.
I am Oneka Cayenne. I am a senior at Langston University in Langston, OK. I was born and raised I Brooklyn, NY. I originally came out to Langston because of my mentor receiving a job offer here. Langston accepted right away and every since I step foot here, I fell in love. This was my first HBCU, from the friendly students, faculty, and staff, to the Greeks hosting events, to the outstanding tutors, I knew this school was it. Although, it is my last year and like other other seniors I cannot wait to graduate, but I will miss this school dearly, and the hard times of being stressed and crying my eyes out from all the work I was receiving including the work I volunteered to do around the campus. I was in the University's concert choir, apart of the production team recording graduations, honors day and such. I will forever have a place for Langston University.
I loved the way they welcome you with open arms as if you were already family. The way the staff takes their time with you and gets you all of the needed information you, guidance, courage and unconditional love.
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Langston is an easy school, nothing really too bad about it. It’s a small school so you can actually have one on one time with the professors
As a current undergraduate student at Dear old Langston University, my first year experience has been great! I love the hospitality and the joy, we as first time freshman have recieved from the staff and students. They offer a very broad choice of organizations for everyone to choose from. Getting around campus wasn’t difficult and there were people to help if we needed it. I can’t stress the issue enough that this was a great choice of school for me and many others.
I love the support system at my school, there always someone there reaching out to help when you need it.
It's a pretty good school and rich in culture. It being an HBCU, you have the chance to meet people who have the same complexion as you do, but have a different background and a story to them. People are very welcoming here and you grow into a family pretty easily.
I love the culture and the environment here at Langston University. Langston University gives you a really at home feelin. Everyone here is so friendly and it feels good being around genuinely caring people who want to see you succeed.
I went for a visit and it was fun and informative. I loved the atmosphere as well as the Physical Therapy program is awesome. I look forward to being a part of a HBCU and the historical experience. I do hope to pass this experience down to my children one day. I was impressed with the small classes. It really put my mind at ease.
My experience here at Langston was very rocky in the beginning coming miles away from home to a state i didn’t know without a car. Enrolling into a school with nothing very close around everything is further out and towards the city. I did enjoy the school parties the classes and the games. Our campus isn’t that big but it’s a good size. I like that the classes aren’t all big some are small, how our library is open late nights and early mornings. I Love that our school professors and administrators interact with us on campus. I don’t enjoy or cafe food, that’s one thing i wish the school would invest money in and into the schools WiFi. Academically the school is great with teaching and you’ll learn something new every day.
Great school! I love my HBCU, everyone is welcoming and relatable. A family like environment. Much love
My experience at Langston is very enthusiastic, you have to come out of your shell and be sociable. I really enjoy going to an HBCU I learned new things about our culture everyday. We are very welcoming to any race. I would like to see more people getting out and contributing with events. Also the main reason why Langston feels like home is because we are a big family and we are always looking out for each other. Especially when we have rivals against other schools you would never knew how many fans are rooting for you.
My overall experience at Langston University was interesting. Being my first college experience I'd say it has given me a pretty decent look of how to prepare for the next step in my book of goals. The professors here care about your future, and will do their best to help you carry out your goals. This university offers a great learning environment to help you obtain the proper education you desire. Off the books, the campus lifestyle is good aswell. The students and faculty for the most part are really friendly. Everyone wants to see everyone succeed. If you need any information, they're ready to assist in any way they can. This is a great college and I recommend this university to any and all who's interested in a brighter future.
Langston has many more opportunities than I expected. I would love to see more students, especially freshman, use their resources on campus and join clubs such as sga, wop, ambassadors, etc.
Langston has created a family-oriented environment. I know once i graduate, I can always come back to my home away from home. Langston University does their due diligence to hire staff that want to see their student succeed and thrive in their desired career path. With a motto "Education for Service", LAngston has enstilled the values of giving back to your community. Organizations are encouraged or even required to participate in community service activities at least twice a semester. As the only Historical Black University in Oklahoma, Langston University give minorities and the academically-challenged an an equal opportunity to recieve a bachelors degree. Langston University was established to allow African Americans to recieve a degree in teaching for Black children to recieve a proper education. Langston works hard to produce graduates that will continue its legacy.
Regarding Langston University, I find this institution to be very beneficial and resourceful. You must take the initiative and do the research but the valuable resources are definitely available. The only downfall is that it is limited outside resources for off campus life.
Langston Is a good school because it’s small and family oriented. Everyone knows everyone and the people here are very friendly. Langston could improve in a lot of things housing, cafeteria, and safety of our campus.
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My experience was good at an HBCU i love oklahoma and what it has to offer. My school is full of beautiful smart people and i couldn’t have picked a better place for myself
What i like about langston is that everyone is nice and respectful for what others do, everyone encourage eachother and positive vibes everywhere, what i would like to see change about Langston is the exciting things i want more excitement
Langston University is a family orientated college. You feel right at home. Everyone including the staff are very friendly. They have many events that are very active and fun. Let me not forget about the parties. They're also fun. You meet new people everyday. I love Langston University and I would recommended this college to everyone.
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