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My overall experience at Langston University was interesting. Being my first college experience I'd say it has given me a pretty decent look of how to prepare for the next step in my book of goals. The professors here care about your future, and will do their best to help you carry out your goals. This university offers a great learning environment to help you obtain the proper education you desire. Off the books, the campus lifestyle is good aswell. The students and faculty for the most part are really friendly. Everyone wants to see everyone succeed. If you need any information, they're ready to assist in any way they can. This is a great college and I recommend this university to any and all who's interested in a brighter future.
Langston has many more opportunities than I expected. I would love to see more students, especially freshman, use their resources on campus and join clubs such as sga, wop, ambassadors, etc.
Langston has created a family-oriented environment. I know once i graduate, I can always come back to my home away from home. Langston University does their due diligence to hire staff that want to see their student succeed and thrive in their desired career path. With a motto "Education for Service", LAngston has enstilled the values of giving back to your community. Organizations are encouraged or even required to participate in community service activities at least twice a semester. As the only Historical Black University in Oklahoma, Langston University give minorities and the academically-challenged an an equal opportunity to recieve a bachelors degree. Langston University was established to allow African Americans to recieve a degree in teaching for Black children to recieve a proper education. Langston works hard to produce graduates that will continue its legacy.
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Regarding Langston University, I find this institution to be very beneficial and resourceful. You must take the initiative and do the research but the valuable resources are definitely available. The only downfall is that it is limited outside resources for off campus life.
Langston Is a good school because it’s small and family oriented. Everyone knows everyone and the people here are very friendly. Langston could improve in a lot of things housing, cafeteria, and safety of our campus.
My experience was good at an HBCU i love oklahoma and what it has to offer. My school is full of beautiful smart people and i couldn’t have picked a better place for myself
What i like about langston is that everyone is nice and respectful for what others do, everyone encourage eachother and positive vibes everywhere, what i would like to see change about Langston is the exciting things i want more excitement
Langston University is a family orientated college. You feel right at home. Everyone including the staff are very friendly. They have many events that are very active and fun. Let me not forget about the parties. They're also fun. You meet new people everyday. I love Langston University and I would recommended this college to everyone.
I love my HBCU because it's made just my type of ppl , everyone's alike. They could have more student events & a better living environment & food but overall I enjoy being at Langston
Hi my name is Pierre Langston university has been okay. My first week at Langston I met new friends, and people who I would’ve one day call family.I️ think Langston university is a great university for black African Americans I️t give us tho little push that we need to get over the overall I think langston university is a good school and more young high school students should look into langston university in the future.
One thing that I really enjoy about Langston University is that it is really small and personal . The professors know you by name , major , and even the sports or clubs you are in . Langston is like a family and everyone tries to look out for one another . The only bad thing I would say about Langston is the housing at the beginning of the semester . However , they have been working to solve this problem.
Well as Second year student it’s a lot to experience when you are at a HBCU it’s a lot of people that come from different places around the world .
Langston University is an amazing school but because of low funds the school hasn't been able to do many things.
I like how Langston is like a family, you feel welcomed, but I would love to see more diversity. There are a lot of people from all over the world coming to langston to take on college, but just not enough different cultures, and colors. I think that the campus is great for people who want to feel independence because there are different types of dorms you can get which are traditional and apartment styled. You meet lots of new, friendly people here at Langston and they make sure to make sure you love your stay!
I Love how Langston is a big family once you get settled in and actually attend stuff you would understand what I mean. I Would fix the food & the activities around the clock because it does get boring sometimes
I love Langston University it’s still a divers college. I love how family oriented it is how loving it is.
I would like for more food choices the food that we have is terrible we eat the same thing every day of the week. Also I wish the workers for the housing could make things faster with the process that we are going through without air and heat in our dorms
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Langston Tulsa is an OK campus. The campus is clean and very nicely built, however I wish they had a functional library and functional computers that worked. I wish more professors at the Tulsa Campus cared about their students more like Dr. Sassion. Other than those things the Langston Tulsa campus is pretty decent.
I am a new incoming freshman at Langston university. I live about 35 minutes away from my house. I love the atmosphere here at Langston because I can relate to being around African-American students who love to learn. As being the only Hbcu in Oklahoma we have multiple parties and events going on every week. There going to be time for a lot of fun, but you also have to manage your on time to be successful. Therefore, the change I willing to see Langston university is to be more active with influencing incoming freshman to study more and less partying. The more you study the easier it is to focus on just yourself.
I love Langston because it is a campus full of African American people looking to make a difference in themselves. Of course they have their issues here and their but this campus overall is great.
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