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Other community colleges have more intelligent students than the people who work here. The counseling office it pitiful. They don't get financial to their students. It's completely ghetto. The school does everything it can to impede students from getting an education, not help. It's a travesty and absolute joke. Administration is completely corrupt (no wonder the school keeps getting audited). Don't go to Peralta colleges, go to Diablo Valley College (DVC). It's worth the trip, and they have money coming into that school to hire better professors. There's an actual cafeteria at DVC, and the atmosphere isn't a ghetto prison. DVC makes a student feel like school is a place to learn, not like Laney where one is reminded they're with the lowest of the low.
The culture at Laney is one of a kind. The instructors invest in community transformation and bridging gaps for many individuals from all walks of life. I believe Laney is a good campus for those just starting out looking to propell themselves forward academically or those looking to sharpen their skills.
I think Laney is a great environment for all race, color or creed. A great campus for everybody. I like coming to class, it's a lot of sights to see. The teachers also work with you and are not mean.
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I would like to see laney add at least one or two bachelor programs or at least a dental program as a career option. Find funding for a mens or co-ed track/basketball team. Continue having more diversity with teachers within math/science and art classes. Love the culture within the campus and the overall location being so close to various transportation spots to get to campus.
There aren't very many good teachers that I took that are good that I know of. There is pretty limited resources into the major that I wanted to major in, which is Computer Science. They do not have tutors for this field, which was not helpful and they only have less than 15 professors teaching all the Computer Science courses. You are also very limited in many things since not all classes are offered all the time compared to a 4 year university they have more staff to teach. I suggest be mindful and research your professors that you take.
I like Laney a lot it’s very diverse and the staff are as well. A lot of the teachers a very created be with their curriculum and they actually put energy into teaching. There is a wide range of age groups and ethnicities. The community is welcoming but hard to make friends if you do Jt already know people
The professors here vary in quality, but the mathematics department is excellent! You are bound to make friend with other students. Oakland Chinatown is a few blocks away, so good cheap food isn't hard to come by.
I've had an incredible experience at Laney college. The counselors are amazing, the teachers and staff are super kind and they want to push you in the right direction. Everyone is very helpful, and they all want you to succeed. I could not have asked for a better community college experience.
Overall it has been very good. I like the campus and the variety of classes they offer and the online courses are just as good as the classroom. I have had one teacher that seemed to be phoning it in but overall the staff seems very dedicated.
My experience at Laney College has been fairly decent. In some classes, I would learn something and in others it was more of me teaching myself. Other than that I feel like taking classes at Laney, or any community college in general, is flexible with anyone's schedule and is an easy way to earn credits that will help you closer to attaining one's life goals
It's very important with any school to make sure you personally have all your affairs in order because you can't rely on the counselors 100%. If you can fins an instructor that cares (they have them) and learn what you can from them, as well as keep the major and minor and transfer requirements in line for your future, Laney is a good school to help you along your education journey. However, it's just like most other cc in the fact that it is run more like a semi functioning business as opposed to a school of higher learning. It was still my first choice, though.
Laney has a good math department. The teachers are passionate and the classes are offered in the evenings as well as day time. Before I was able to succeed as a math major I had to learn how to learn math. My instructors at Laney held my hand and also gave me the necessary push to become a focused, diligent student. I’ve been accepted to a very competitive actuarial science program, which I see as a success not just for me but also for the math department at Laney.

The morale on campus is high. Students at Laney are mostly poor and otherwise disadvantaged. Many students are homeless. It is a miracle that there is a place like this where motivated students can come, apply themselves, get the support they need and achieve real, build able academic accomplishments.
For someone who has attended various community colleges in the Bay Area, Laney College by far sets itself apart from many. My instructors have all been wonderful, having left some of the biggest impressions on me. My courses have all been challenging and I leave them feeling well prepared for the next level. The student body is multiculturally diverse, which I find to be an important aspect for any school. Laney College offers an array of courses to take within many fields of study. I enjoy meeting student that are pursuing other fields and find I am always learning something new and interesting from them. One of the best things about Laney is its location-easily attainable from many cities around the Bay Area because it is literally across the street from Lake Merritt Bart station! Laney College takes pride in its students. Go Eagles!
Every teacher I have had at Laney has been top-notch, inspirational, and knowledgeable. Their math department is stellar. If it were not for Fred Bourgoin and Derrick Smith, who are both excellent and supportive teachers, perhaps I would still be a physics major. I took physics at other Peralta schools (Berkeley City and Merritt) before the last course of the 3-course sequence, when I was able to take Dr Neil Nicol at Laney. He is hands-down the best physics teacher around. Maybe if I had had him from the get-go, I wouldn't have switched to math! I must also laud the music department--I took two semesters of music theory there, and they were great. I wish I'd had more time to take more music classes. Do not be fooled by the tired facilities and buildings--the education and educational resources available at Laney are excellent.
Over the last 2 years I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Laney College. The campus itself is quite large with so many resources available to students. I have spent much of my time in the Math Lab getting tutored by a few of my fellow students. The lab hours are long and they have many tutors available all day. Without that place, I don't think I would have done as well in all my math classes! Also, Laney is located incredibly close to a Bart station, so getting to school was very convenient.
On the down side, once you start getting into the more advanced math classes, there are far fewer classes available. This makes it very difficult if you are a working student who has limited availability.
I like how diverse the campus is and how small the classes that I have taken are which really helps me learn.
Really great teachers. I really loved the teaching style and the fact that they have intensives for high schooler to join their summer classes.
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Laney College in my opinion is a great resource to better your future. The faculty is helpful when you need questions answered. it accepts financial aid and i think that is improtant because not everyone has the money to go to a four year.
Cool people! Laney is very diverse and open to different kind of students and you have access to many activities. There are many areas to go to outside campus as well, you're never bored!
It's a community College so there's not much to offer. Counselors are not helpful at all! I can't wait to transfer out to a 4-year.
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