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It is a small school, which I like! There is a lot of diversity and I don't feel like I have to change to "fit the standard".
I love Lane. I love how affordable it is and all the wildlife close to us. The only thing I would change is the accountability for online instructors.
Pretty campus with a few food options and a beautiful library. There are tons of nooks and crannies where people can study as well as quiet rooms and group study rooms available to reserve. Most of the staff is kind, though some are bored. As long as you keep to your program of study, you can get everything you need done. There are tons of groups and clubs to keep students active, and other students are generally open to creating study groups.
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I've found each of my instructors passionate about their subject and willing to assist the students to succeed. I have greatly appreciated the direction of honoring and supporting our veterans (which I am).
Lane is a great place for first time college students as well as students returning from a gap. The teachers there are nice and offer many resources and groups to work with. I appreciate the quiet study areas to work on homework or online classes between classes. However the walk from buildings can be quite grueling in the cold wet Oregon winters.
The teachers are amazing, the class sizes are the perfect size to get the extra help you may need while giving you the space to browse on your phone. Best art program I have experienced (much better than U of O.)The advisors are all on a different page though, I ended up taking unnecessary classes and not understanding all that I needed to graduate.
The small class sizes . The more opportunity for 1 on 1 connection between students and teacher . Professors having a good deal of open office availability
The enrollment services and financial aid departments genuinely care about the students here. There are so many resources available to students. The atmosphere is inviting.
LCC is a great college! It’s easy to navigate, and there are great events and places to hang out. The food there is really good too!
Overall, the instructors and students create a place of understanding, compassion, and motivation. It was definitely different than a university experience, but I almost preferred it. I feel like the students at LCC are more focused on their work, and I enjoyed the mentorship I received from older classmates, many of whom were at a much different stage in life and pursuing a second career. The instructors care about you first and foremost. They want you to learn, not to just turn in assignments and receive a grade. Some of the best teachers I have ever had were at LCC.
I experience Lane to be a a great school because of its natural setting. The teachers are very willing to help along with the staff in other departments. I am in the dance program and I absolutely have loved the staff, they all seem to be really inspired about what they are doing and their teaching really reflects that. I’ve actually liked all of my teachers. It was easy to talk to the financial aid office and I found great help in the TRIO department, along with scholarship help. I am a new student there and am very happy to have chosen Lane to restart start my education.
It is a amazing college with a good environment and very friendly people. I like how the staff help with anything that you need help on.
My experience at Lane Community College has been good, the staff there is all really helpful and willing to work with you after school if needed.
I like that the campus is a small. Also that there is a lot of resources to help with question that I might have. What I would like to see change is how teacher set up some of their test.
This being my first college experience, I have nothing to compare. I do know that when someone reaches out for help. If the place being asked is not able to help, they should point me in the right direction. The employees have a better idea of the policies and procedures then any new student would have. There should also be easy to understand directions for all things. Such as "FASFA for dummies" I am not the only person that did not go to college at a young age just because it is like jumping into a foreign world with no life vest.
Advisors are alright but resources are available if you know where to look. Not a bad place to get educated although. Its a place to learn not have fun.
I enjoy the choices in courses. Taking some of my required courses online has helped allow me to be home more for my family and continue working while I attend school.
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Very good for a community college tons of ways to get involved and teachers of different educational styles are present, all just want to help you do you best.
Lane has been a great experience. They have many resources to help guide you through your major goals.
All of my teachers at Lane that I have had have been great! I learn so much in my classes and the available tutors and study rooms are great. The cafeteria/eating area is pretty good as well. The Titan store food is not the best as the food is fast food or pre-prepared; fresh food is much better.
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