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The best community college in Oregon!!!! I have never had any issues with taking classes at LCC. When I have a question, they answer my question in a timely manner. I am about to start my paramedicine degree and am already deciding if I want to get another degree from Lane Community College in the future.
i liked how willing they are to work with you, im a single parent and they help me any way they can.
I have been a music major at Lane for 2.5 years now, and since then the staff have continued to push me and inspire me to learn and to become a more effective leader in all aspects of my life.
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Lane is very good at helping non-traditional students find a program and get the classes they need. The staff and professors make it very clear that they want you to succeed. There are free resources available that will help you study, write, and understand.
This is my first year at Lane Community College and I find it a really nice place. There are a lot of facilities here and the staff here are also really nice. There isn't much choices for food.
Supportive instructors. Small class size. Friendly environment. Students from all walks of life. Great vocational and non-traditional programs as well as Associates and transfer programs.
Professors here are very helpful and want you to succeed, the food is good and the selection of classes is diverse.
The instructors, advisors, and counselors at Lane are amazing, they really want you to succeed. The main campus is large compared to other community colleges, although everyone there is very helpful when trying to find classes. The resources around campus are incredible from math tutoring to science questions. And most important the food is fantastic.
Don't let it's nationally recognized nursing program fool you -- Lane Community College seldom meets benchmarks of excellence. A struggling college with majors for every person, Lane Community College excels compared to other schools in only two things: diversity, and a great medical program. Lane has been known to cancel programs, misuse funds, and raise tuition of students. Their financial aid office is less than moderately okay, and their teachers are overworked and underpaid. If you get the opportunity to study elsewhere, take up the opportunity. Don't feed the college who's only existing for the money.
Lane has a beautiful campus, nestled between giant rolling hills and big sky. Wild turkeys roam the campus and everything is very accessible. The instructional staff is highly qualified and make great efforts to push their students toward success. It is very diverse with a big mix of both traditional and nontraditional students. The provide a lot support through advising staff and campus communities and events.
It's a good environment with good faculty and lots of stuff to do food is great academic are wonderful and athletics are great
Lane has been helpful in aiding with workshops, counseling, and other resources that benefit my college experience. Other resources they have are, on campus healthcare, bike load programs, equipment checkout for computers and cameras. There's so much at this school to help students.
Situated on the outskirts on Eugene, Lane Community College has a really good reputation for a community college. It works closely with University of Oregon and Oregon State University facilitiating transfers to said universities.
The big selling point for LCC are the professors, they truly care about you both as a student and as a person. It is not easy, it requires hard work and committment (especially for 200 level classes) so don't underestimate the time needed to succeed. The Math and Engineering Departments are also expanding which is always a good thing to see when it comes to STEM development.
I liked that LCC offers a more diverse mechanical classes and is more focused on the student to teacher ratio. The next thing I liked was that all the classes are closer together so you as a student have to run to your next class , so this makes it easier for the student to be in class on time.
The teachers are dedicated, caring and helpful. The campus is constantly being updated and is aesthetically pleasing. It is surrounded by a beautiful landscape and close to the interstate.
Anyone who gave this suck salad a five star probably works for the college. It is awful

Financial aid department full of unhelpful people devoid of knowledge (see dozens of similar reviews on here that preach to that)
Veteran representative is an unhelpful.
Costs for the school are exuberant
Classes are being slashed. If you're going for your AAOT good luck getting classes that aren't "female directors" or "thumb twiddling 101" as any remotely useful or interesting classes have been slashed from the budget.
If you're attending summer classes you'll struggle just finding any classes.

A good deal of the teachers are actually motivated and care about their classes.
The new facilitates are amazing and the campus is beautiful and remote. The staff is helpful and the teachers are very experienced in their fields. The administration kind of sucks though. Overall a great community college worth attending.
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Lane is a large and well-supported community college. There are so many helpful resources, transportation is easy to manage, and the campus is attractive.
What I liked the most about the college was the student to teacher ratio. This helps for those who need more attention and I found that I excelled in my classes because of this. I would like to see the college work on their staffing issues in order to help students.
My time with getting registered with classes and getting my financial aid figured out proved way more difficult than attending classes themselves. The financial aid department has continuously been debating me this entire academic year over my account. I was attending a different program in Colorado (advertising). I'm now studying political science here at Lane. However the school refuses to see these credits as not part of my program. So now I am stuck on my last term at the college with no financial aid. I will more than likely end up having to drop my spring term classes before the deadline as I cannot afford this without my financial aid. It's awful because it conflicts me. I've experienced great teachers and classes here, but it seems as if the administration does not want to allow my education to continue at their institution. I've already decided to transfer to the university of Oregon one year ahead of originally planned because of this issue. Don't be fooled by this place.
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