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I like that the campus is a small. Also that there is a lot of resources to help with question that I might have. What I would like to see change is how teacher set up some of their test.
This being my first college experience, I have nothing to compare. I do know that when someone reaches out for help. If the place being asked is not able to help, they should point me in the right direction. The employees have a better idea of the policies and procedures then any new student would have. There should also be easy to understand directions for all things. Such as "FASFA for dummies" I am not the only person that did not go to college at a young age just because it is like jumping into a foreign world with no life vest.
Advisors are alright but resources are available if you know where to look. Not a bad place to get educated although. Its a place to learn not have fun.
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I enjoy the choices in courses. Taking some of my required courses online has helped allow me to be home more for my family and continue working while I attend school.
Very good for a community college tons of ways to get involved and teachers of different educational styles are present, all just want to help you do you best.
Lane has been a great experience. They have many resources to help guide you through your major goals.
All of my teachers at Lane that I have had have been great! I learn so much in my classes and the available tutors and study rooms are great. The cafeteria/eating area is pretty good as well. The Titan store food is not the best as the food is fast food or pre-prepared; fresh food is much better.
Lane is a great school with many excellent degree options that will create great career options for your future. In my opinion a huge amount of teachers and staff want to help you succeed in your education and beyond. The school has a very diverse student body, which I find enjoyable in the classroom.
Small classes so getting a teachers attention isn’t hard. Very easy to get help if you need it with plenty of resources available. Food is relatively cheap and good.
My general classes at Lane were great- the teachers were extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The campus is very nice overall, it seems they are regularly expanding and updating buildings. It has a nice community feel and lots of friendly students and staff. However, the age range is more in the 25-35 range so I felt a little out of place going straight from high school. I think my favorite aspect of the school is its tutoring labs where I often did my math homework. At no extra cost you can hang out in a tutoring lab for math/science/English, etc. and ask designated students for help as needed. If you're looking to save some money and transfer to a university, Lane is a great choice. As for their career pathway courses, they vary a lot depending on the program. I took their non-credit pharmacy course and credit internship which was just okay. I would recommend a more thorough track, like their dental assistant program, if being job-ready is your goal.
I have been enjoying my time at LCC. The advisers are easy to talk to. They explained to me in simple terms what I need to do to earn my associates degree. The teachers are also easy to get ahold of and talk to. I'm ion the ECE program and it's nice that they have an child care center on site for students work at to gain skills and experience in their field.
Lane is an excellent school. They offer a lot of classes, and thier academic advisors and counselors are always willing to help. The campus feels safe, however it would be extremely beneficial if it was not out of the way of major cities. I personally have to commute three hours each day I have school to get there and back, but that's just me. Overall LCC is a great college.
Lane Community College has been amazing for me as a middle-aged student. There is help at every turn. The campus is easy to navigate and has helpful resources like the Business Resource Center, where you have access to tutors, computers, a printer, and much more.
The advisors and staff have not been helpful in my experience. The instructors, however, are AMAZING. I have learned a great deal in every class I have taken.
I am a student in the music program at LCC. The teachers are passionate about their subjects, and very willing to go beyond the call of duty to ensure success for each student. The students themselves are an amazing collection of community members, who enjoy working with each other in their pursuit of musicianship. There are also patrons who sponsor music scholarships for students, enabling many of us to receive an education that we wouldn't otherwise get. I highly recommend LCC's music program.
I liked the environment of Lane, the people are so nice and there are so many people to go to for help. The center building is full of resources. Teachers are always willing to help you with what you need and are invested into their students and want them to learn. There are many class options, and you can make a schedule that fits a busy lifestyle. The atmosphere is fun, and all year long you're guaranteed to see turkeys everywhere. There is a lot of places on campus to enjoy the outdoors, and walk around. Mt. Pisgah is right by, so you can go hike there when you're done with class.
I liked the teachers and unique activities and teaching styles in different writing classes. The campus student activities are always fun and engaging, plus there are many resources for low-income students like myself.
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The small class sizes make it easy to connect with your professors. The transition is smooth from high school to Lane Community College. Eugene is a convenient place to go to school because the size of Eugene is very manageable and it is right off of I5. There are many different routes to take (2 year and 4 year programs). I would highly recommend LCC to those who unsure of what they want to major in.
I enjoy Lane because the professors are easy to talk to and they are well informed about what they are talking about.
I like that it provides education for a variety of degrees. You can start at LCC and transfer a lot of classes to other schools and there are friendly staff and professors on campus all of the time.
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