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The advisors and staff have not been helpful in my experience. The instructors, however, are AMAZING. I have learned a great deal in every class I have taken.
I am a student in the music program at LCC. The teachers are passionate about their subjects, and very willing to go beyond the call of duty to ensure success for each student. The students themselves are an amazing collection of community members, who enjoy working with each other in their pursuit of musicianship. There are also patrons who sponsor music scholarships for students, enabling many of us to receive an education that we wouldn't otherwise get. I highly recommend LCC's music program.
I liked the environment of Lane, the people are so nice and there are so many people to go to for help. The center building is full of resources. Teachers are always willing to help you with what you need and are invested into their students and want them to learn. There are many class options, and you can make a schedule that fits a busy lifestyle. The atmosphere is fun, and all year long you're guaranteed to see turkeys everywhere. There is a lot of places on campus to enjoy the outdoors, and walk around. Mt. Pisgah is right by, so you can go hike there when you're done with class.
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I liked the teachers and unique activities and teaching styles in different writing classes. The campus student activities are always fun and engaging, plus there are many resources for low-income students like myself.
The small class sizes make it easy to connect with your professors. The transition is smooth from high school to Lane Community College. Eugene is a convenient place to go to school because the size of Eugene is very manageable and it is right off of I5. There are many different routes to take (2 year and 4 year programs). I would highly recommend LCC to those who unsure of what they want to major in.
I enjoy Lane because the professors are easy to talk to and they are well informed about what they are talking about.
I like that it provides education for a variety of degrees. You can start at LCC and transfer a lot of classes to other schools and there are friendly staff and professors on campus all of the time.
I've only been enrolled in Lane Community College for the past week, but it has certainly been an overall pleasant time so far. I'm finding that the professors here are passionate about what they teach, and I believe that that is what makes a satisfying learning experience. I've found that the school in general could improve on the tact with which they answer their phones, whether it be the enrollment services or financial aid departments, but aside from that, I've found in-person assistance to be of great help.
I have had a great experience at Lane. It's my second year there, and I've done a lot more than I would have ever thought possible. I can mostly endorse the theatre arts side of the college because my major is acting. However, I have taken many prerequisites as well, and I can tell you that there are so many teachers who are excited to teach you their subject, whether it's math or computer programming, writing or theatre. If you don't know your major just now, that's okay! Lane offers every prerequisite that you can take at a four-year college, without the pressure or expense. I highly recommend coming to Lane.
I'm relatively new to college after restarting my education after 24 years, but my first full time term was a success. I found my teachers to be quite entertaining, understanding, and well prepared. I used the Science Resource Center daily and found it to be a huge asset to my education and development as a new student. I found tutors who could meet me on my level of understanding and elevate my understanding with orderly methods and learning styles. I look forward to continuing my education at Lane Community College over the next few years.
Right out of the gate LCC was difficult for me. They were changing their systems back in 2010 and getting in touch with counselors and instructors was much more difficult. Now that they have integrated the myLane system and Google tools, Lane is a much more student friendly environment.
Lane is a good school to start a college especially for international students. Lane offers small class size which help students to interact with teachers more easily. All the teachers are happy to help students out
LCC is a small school with small class sizes and great instructors. The learning environment is positive and comfortable.
The best community college in Oregon!!!! I have never had any issues with taking classes at LCC. When I have a question, they answer my question in a timely manner. I am about to start my paramedicine degree and am already deciding if I want to get another degree from Lane Community College in the future.
i liked how willing they are to work with you, im a single parent and they help me any way they can.
I have been a music major at Lane for 2.5 years now, and since then the staff have continued to push me and inspire me to learn and to become a more effective leader in all aspects of my life.
Lane is very good at helping non-traditional students find a program and get the classes they need. The staff and professors make it very clear that they want you to succeed. There are free resources available that will help you study, write, and understand.
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This is my first year at Lane Community College and I find it a really nice place. There are a lot of facilities here and the staff here are also really nice. There isn't much choices for food.
Supportive instructors. Small class size. Friendly environment. Students from all walks of life. Great vocational and non-traditional programs as well as Associates and transfer programs.
Professors here are very helpful and want you to succeed, the food is good and the selection of classes is diverse.
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