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Anyone who gave this suck salad a five star probably works for the college. It is awful

Financial aid department full of unhelpful people devoid of knowledge (see dozens of similar reviews on here that preach to that)
Veteran representative is an unhelpful.
Costs for the school are exuberant
Classes are being slashed. If you're going for your AAOT good luck getting classes that aren't "female directors" or "thumb twiddling 101" as any remotely useful or interesting classes have been slashed from the budget.
If you're attending summer classes you'll struggle just finding any classes.

A good deal of the teachers are actually motivated and care about their classes.
The new facilitates are amazing and the campus is beautiful and remote. The staff is helpful and the teachers are very experienced in their fields. The administration kind of sucks though. Overall a great community college worth attending.
Lane is a large and well-supported community college. There are so many helpful resources, transportation is easy to manage, and the campus is attractive.
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What I liked the most about the college was the student to teacher ratio. This helps for those who need more attention and I found that I excelled in my classes because of this. I would like to see the college work on their staffing issues in order to help students.
My time with getting registered with classes and getting my financial aid figured out proved way more difficult than attending classes themselves. The financial aid department has continuously been debating me this entire academic year over my account. I was attending a different program in Colorado (advertising). I'm now studying political science here at Lane. However the school refuses to see these credits as not part of my program. So now I am stuck on my last term at the college with no financial aid. I will more than likely end up having to drop my spring term classes before the deadline as I cannot afford this without my financial aid. It's awful because it conflicts me. I've experienced great teachers and classes here, but it seems as if the administration does not want to allow my education to continue at their institution. I've already decided to transfer to the university of Oregon one year ahead of originally planned because of this issue. Don't be fooled by this place.
Lane Community College is a good sized community college just outside of Eugene Oregon. I currently attend LCC as a first year Nursing student. I enjoy my time at LCC, however it could be much better. Amenities are scant, and staffing and class options seem to dwindle each year. I would love to see the school elect a new President, as our current one ha been there for too long. Night classes and extended learning options have been cut, as well as several of the trade or technical programs. At the same time, the general education classes have become larger in class size and cater mainly to transfer students or those who are dual enrolled at the University of Oregon just over the hill in downtown Eugene. The health professions and several of the automotive programs are still top notch at LCC, however quite competitive.
As an older student I am enjoying my college experience at Lane. All the students are treated equally. There is a wonderful mix of ages and experiences to be found at this college
I was in the dance department at Lane Community College and let me tell you, I had an amazing experience underneath the direction of Bonnie Simoa, Sarah Nemecek, and many other faculty members. I learned much about the world of dance and was given opportunities to perform, create my own works and pursue my generals with much support. Great school for transfer students!
The staff at Lane doesn't really seem to care about what you're wanting to do, they just simply want to increase numbers in order to get more funding. Some teachers are okay, but most are rude and act like you're an idiot who should really know what you're doing. Financial Aid takes forever to get through, as they took my information and FAFSA and didn't get back to me until 3/4 of the way through the first term and allowed for minuscule amounts of money to go towards classes while having a pretty high amount that needs to be paid for classes, not including books. I'm already transferring after my first term.
Some great professors and others don't want to help and make you feel dumb for asking a question. Almost like they get off due to failing their students.
During the process of trying to transfer my credits from the previous college to Lane, it became a huge hassle, from getting wrong paperwork by being sent to wrong person time after time, waiting the countless hours to meet with advisors/Counselors thinking they would have the right info. The run around got old so I decided to start Lane as a student with no credits, as a new beginning. Even though I wasn't able to transfer my credits from my previous college, I'm glad since I've learned more information and have retained. Lane has been a great college, couldn't be happier with this college.
The online classes I have taking I've enjoyed very much, they had just the manageable workload to keep you busy but not overwhelming your not able to finish the work assigned. The classes I enjoy the most are the hybrid class that is classroom and online because if you get stuck on an assignment at home you'll have the chance to talk to the teacher to get more understanding and clarity on what to do.
when most students graduate if the school is hiring in the find they typically come back and fill the position. Most of the professors, counselors are Lane alumni.
I would say my college has some majors that have popular classes so they are more class available to keep the class size becoming overwhelming; that the students are able to learn and retain the information as well as having more opportunity to interact with the teacher to get more one on one learning.
Most majors have internship programs that lead to jobs other majors have outside recruiters that recruit the top students out of the class to come work for them after graduation.
With my major, as well as many other majors it has a good size workload of assignments from essay papers, researching informational material, ext. I wouldn't say it's a hard curriculum, however, it is challenging and it tests your patients and how much heart you have your major. In my major, you have the opportunity to intern into the human services field giving you first-hand reality knowledge to see if you are on the right career path.
Since starting at lane I've had the opportunity to come across different types of professors/teachers, each with their own teaching technique all trying to achieve the same outcome; for their students to pass their class and obtain and retain the information taught. Overall, i couldn't' be happier with my time at Lane Community College.
Review Lane Community College
I love LCC's moodle system. Although each instructor can customize their moodle page, it is relatively easy to navigate and find the information that you need.
I am not aware of many post-grad services at LCC
I wish more courses were available. However, the instructors are generally very helpful and tutoring is readily available. Most class sizes are small, allowing us to easily get to know our classmates.
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