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I am currently a sophomore at Landmark College and coming here was the best decision I ever made! I struggled in high school and wasn't even diagnosed with dyslexia until I was in my junior year. Since coming here, I have learned so many valuable skills, like self-advocacy. I'm finally happy to go to classes and don't dread them like I did in high school. Plus, I've met so many people here with similar stories to me and have made so many friends!
As a student entering her fourth and final semester at Landmark, I find Landmark to be ok. The academics are brilliant and they have helped me a lot, but you have to make the effort to do well academically. Socially, Landmark is interesting to say the least. The Campus Activities Board can do a better job promoting events, but they do their best. There are some students who are drama queens and will start drama when they have the opportunity. My advice to a prospective or new student about this is to stay out of the drama as much as possible. There are some students that are extremely socially awkward. For example, there are other students who will just stay in their rooms all day unless they are going to class. Overall, Landmark is a small and interesting school. Not much to do during the weekends and if you don't drive or know somebody who has a car, then your only option is to take the shuttle to Brattleboro or Keene and they only run at certain times of the week.
I am currently a student at Denison University, but came here to work on things. However, it is not helping in the way that I thought it would. It makes me miss my other school, the classes are easy. I found their summer program to be helpful to a degree, but the bridge semester is not worth it. There is little to do unless you bring a car to campus or have a friend with one. This school is also extremely strict and lacks with social events.
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Landmark college is great for students with an LD that otherwise would not have been able to succeed in college.
There is definitely a lot of negatives to this school but it's the place to go if you need to work on your skills to go to a real college. Most of the professors are knowledgeable, but a lot of the students will ruin the class and make it hard for the teacher as they are always disruptive, or asking too many questions. The school tolerates a lot of behavioral issues, however this is a school for kids with LD's and having kids who might make a lot of racist remarks or be extremely anti-social comes with the LD factor. Come here to get college skills and to learn more about your LD and how to deal with it, but don't come here for the degree or social life. And do not get a bachelors unless the program is comparable to other schools. You will not be challenged enough in the Bachelors programs to make it in the real world. If you are someone with an LD who is uncertain where to go, check out Landmark, as long as you can be sure you can pay for it, don't go into debt over this place.
Landmark college was very.. boring. not many people go at all, and i think that they should advertise better.
I went to Landmark College two years after I was diagnosed with a learning disability my senior year of high school. I was kicked out of prep school and had many personal struggles before I bounced back and realized I wanted to learn again. Landmark has helped me achieve my potential. You will get out only as much as you put in here.
I am a current student at Landmark College, going on my fourth semester.

Landmark college is an amazing place. I can understand some of its negative reviews- especially when talking about the high price, but all in all this is an amazing college for students with learning differences. I myself am just diagnosed with ADHD, and landmark changed my life. I've made many life long friends- and Its given me the confidence and experience I need to transfer to another place, that fits my area of study better.

Student life- Honestly, Landmark College tries its best to give the students lots of events and clubs. Emily North- the leader of the Campus activity board is one of the nicest people I've ever met, and will listen to any ideas for events and will put her all into making it happen.

Diversity- There are rooms dedicated to diversity. There's the Center for women and gender, the Rise up center (for students of color), and the Stonewall center (for students identifying as LGBTQIA+)
Honestly the credits transferred much better than I ever anticipated. A lot of courses are Landmark specific, since their focus is on LD students' needs, and I was pleasantly surprised by how many credits I could transfer.
I have not really been in a position to deeply investigate the post-grad career services through Landmark, as I am still completing my Bachelor's Degree.
Some of the courses are unexpectedly difficult to students coming from highly rated academic backgrounds. However, Landmark students are all the better for that because it forces them to try new study methods that can maximize their performance while minimizing procrastination. The professors, for the most part, are extremely willing to get to know their students and address their learning needs. I encourage each student to develop a strong rapport with their professors, as their recommendations will be very valuable when applying to other schools or jobs.
I am not under the impression that the Landmark College alumni network is particularly strong enough to procure internships and jobs that easily upon graduation. I have had better luck using prior networks that I have established separately. However, I think that a recommendation from a significant faculty and/or staff member carries weight on a resumé when at a four-year institution.
The school does the best with what resources it has. The reality is that it serves around 300 students with excellent technological resources, and teachers who are extremely well versed in the needs of LD students. Many complain about the high tuition, but with only 300 students and without state funding, it's only logical. For students who cannot afford the tuition, there are definitely ways that they will help you afford the school, provided you have displayed a high work ethic and desire to succeed. At this point, Landmark is not meant to be a place where students go to have fun and the full college experience. It is a two-year school with an Associate's Degree offered. They put their money back into the school, in order to constantly adapt to the evolving landscape of higher education as it concerns LD students. If a student goes in with a strong desire to learn about themselves, and a willingness to make improvements in their academic approach, they will leave her prepared for long term success in education, and in their careers. I recommend this school to parents with LD children, whether high or low functioning, who have just graduated high school and not yet applied to college. The high cost will undoubtedly be worth it in the long term for your children.
I made great friends, had a couple great dorms, and made some good friends. I hated a lot about Landmark, some of the students, some teachers, most administrators. Go there for the degree, but don't go there for a regular college experience.
It varies, some teachers are great and care about students and want them to pass. They were my favorites. I had plenty who were the worst, and high school teachers were better then them. My advice if you hate the class and teacher, get out as soon as possible.
The students are diverse, but weird. Some are very friendly, but others are not friendly or very strange. It's hard to make friends there, but the friends you do make are great. The students are a rich bunch, but very few people flaunt the money in clothes. There are more white students, but the school is not racist. The school is a little homophobic, but it depends on the student, but administrators are kinda homophobic. Religion is very accepted though and so is politics. The school is far more guys then girls.
I didn't use financial aid, my friends had mixed experiences, the tuition is very high.
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It's barely existent, but it isn't the point of the school.
Depends on the teacher, and the material.
I am a student with several learning disabilites and I am on the autism spectrum so Landmark is a great school for students like me. i am currently on the Deans list for my midsemester, but my tuition is very expensive for my family, so i would like to help any way i can and a scholarship would be great.
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