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Computer labs are used mostly in the composites and yacht design courses as the other courses are hands on work. Everything is very reliable though as I've had no problem contacting or being contacted by anyone involving the school and its resources. It is a very modern and accommodating environment.
It's a full time school so class/curriculum flexibility isn't much of an option as they are courses not classes and are the same schedule as an average 40 hour work week. This is the least hassling or frustrating part though as there is no juggling of schedules, there is a set schedule and has given me the opportunity to work around something definite instead of something ever changing.
I'd personally like to complete most of the courses offered by the school, but my main course interest is the yacht design course. It's not found in many places, it's unique that way in itself, and through this school there are great opportunities to pursue higher education and more specialized schooling in this field through study abroad programs as well.
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Professors are all great there, all easy to get along with and teaching what they love. Class registration is the simplest I've ever seen, its a matter of getting information in, knowing what course you'd like to take and that's it, you're done. It was a very good experience as I was expecting much more stress to come with it. Workload doesn't feel like work so much as a real job which is a great experience as the skills taught are put directly to use the same day they are taught.
Literally everything you need to complete what it is you are there to work on is right there on campus. Aside from the tools, books, and programming you are required to invest in all of it is there and ready and easy to use. Campus activities are less campus activities and more an entertaining few individuals getting together and going and doing something they're interested in which is how I'd rather it be anyways.
Basically every student leaving the school has found a job in almost no time pertaining to the field of the marine industry they were studying in. Its a smaller school so the personalized learning helps to prepare you for more real world interactions with other people in the marine industry. Also attending job and career fairs has many times led to job offers long before graduation of courses was completed. The prospects of all the courses upon completion are incredible and allow you to pursue opportunities in fields not just relating to the marine industry but many other industries as well. For example the composites and plastics course can land you a career in any company or industry that uses or specializes in them as part of their business foundation. The building and design courses can land you in any field that enlists the help of design programs or those with drafting experience and the marine systems course can lead to opportunities in most fields requiring the understanding and function of engines, their designs, what makes them tick, and also that of electrical workers and plumbing and heating specialists.
The academics of the school is helpful. The compilation of classes into 10 month courses to gain a diploma then associates with room to even jump up to a bachelors in an abroad program through the yacht design course is a really interesting and helpful element as it allows for the choosing of a specific course and the follow through is all the areas that course in the working world might encompass. Also the opportunity to go on to the bachelors in the yacht design abroad is impressive as its an opportunity at one of only 2 schools in the world that offer a bachelors in that specific field.
I haven't actually attended any classes yet, though tuition fees aren't too overly expensive, everyone has been incredibly helpful with all questions and concerns, and class tours had without a doubt left one of the most positive impressions on me of any campus school or company tour I had attended preceding the one I attended at the landing school.
It's a smaller school so the interaction with the financial advisors in the financial aid office is very personal and setting up appointments or holding conversations over the phone is easy, helpful, and not time consuming. They are very straight forward and will assist you in any way they can and will also take into account more personal information that information such as the FAFSA form and cannot tell them. The value of education received at my school given tuition costs is exponentially better than some marine systems and design schools I had looked into as it is cheaper, a much more personal experience, and offers the same degrees and alleys of expansion in the courses I was looking for as larger more well known marine industry based schools had.
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