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The faculty, staff and administrators are very supportive. I transferred from Spartanburg Methodist College in Spartanburg, South Carolina and it was a 2 year institution. I decided to go there first because I wanted to get the feel of college life. I had a great experience. I decided to further my education by attending Lander College in Greenwood, South Carolina where I also found the environment to much the same.
Lander is a small school but it is very friendly and feels like home! It offers many different clubs and activities! I couldn't imagine being anywhere else other than Lander!
I loved the landscape and how they ensure that you are placed into a classroom with your designated major that you wish to pursue.
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Lander University is a great school! The people are polite enough and the professors really do care about your wellbeing and health (my lit professor asks me every day how I am). The only downside is if you're a freshman (or any class) and you don't have a car, the weekends are miserable! Nothing is open before 10 am really and everyone else goes home.
The size of the university is great, it is large enough to meet new people regularly but small enough to be involved with multiple groups of people. For the most part professors are great and really care.
This is my second year at Lander and being away from home this has really helped me branch out more. I know what my focus is and most of the professor are always helpful. With me having dyslexia I was a little nervous having to take the test to see of the school would accommodate me with my need. Of course, the accommodation are not like the ones I had throughout my high school years but I do get quite time away from other to take test and extra time and that's appreciated. I just desire to be successful in everyday possible just wished more assistance was available and it would have improved my first semester verse me failing Chemistry no matter how hard I tried my mind and focus is different for others so this took me out of a few scholarships that was needed financially for me and my family verses student loans.
I loved my time at Lander! As a home schooled student, the small class sizes made it easy to transition into college. The professors are always accessible and there are various resources on campus to assist you for free. If you're willing to learn, Lander faculty and staff will ensure that you get a quality education without the high price tag. The school of business is AACSB certified and the science faculty is highly recognized in their field. The Art Department has ties to a variety of other opportunities and study abroad is available for all students and is surprisingly inexpensive due to the incredible agreements Lander has arranged.
Lander university is an amazing school with classes that are limited so it's easier to learn. The school is increasing in numbers and students are doing excellent here. My experience with Lander is very good meeting people through expo making friends and having study groups. Lander has events almost everyday full of fun, desirable, and educational things. The professors also motivate the students and that encouragement helps along the way. I'm glad I made the choice of attending Lander University.
I love my department and my professors. The diversity in the school is great, but we could always have more diverse activities.
My first year was difficult, because I had to essentially start over socially, but the students here are varied and friendly. The Honors Program is excellent, and they truly made me feel like knowledge, and acquiring that knowledge, were important parts of life. The festivities at Lander are always enjoyable, and the campus' usage of FALS events (Fine Arts and Lectureship Series) gives me the added motivation to get out of my room and go do something fun and meaningful with my friends. More accurately, they're how I tended to make friends. The events can range from concerts and hot chocolate outside in the plaza to a movie presentation in the auditorium to a voice actor's presentation about why a student might want to consider becoming a voice actor. I've thoroughly enjoyed myself at this university so far, and I'm happy to be returning here next semester.
So far I have only been to orientation, I move in in a couple weeks. It was one of the best experiences of my life. Everyone there was so nice. The campus is smaller so it is easier to go around and find stuff. The professors that I met seem to be understanding, but that does not mean to slack off.
My freshmen year was a trail. I had problems with my roommates. There was a lot of guy traffic, and as the year progressed they seem to get dirtier. Also when I was studying they either had loud company over or loud music on. On serval occasions my roommates would wake me up at 2 or 3am from going out. But despite my roommate problems I made the Deans List both semesters. What I love about this school is that all my professors wanted you to succeed and they would love to help you. Also their tutoring center and writing center was amazing. I loved my tutor's and we became friends. Another thing I love about Lander is the beautiful campus and a plus is you can get anywhere in 10 minutes. One of the things I would like to see change is the cafeteria menu. For people who only eat fish and chicken as their meat the menu was very limited. I lived off of pizza, salad, and fruit. Also their pizza needs some improvements because the bottom is always wet.
Lander is a great school. It's very small and you can make friends easily. The classes are small and the teachers are nice and they know what they're doing. Not only can you befriend other students, but the connections you make at lander can help you in the future.
Lander University has an excellent Nursing program that is ranked highly in the state and also is very competitive with a very high NCLEX passing rate and 100% chance of getting a job after graduation.
Landers community is very welcoming. The campus is a good size and feels relatively safe to walk around at any time. The visual arts area is very much like a family and I enjoy being an art major very much for that reason. The professors care about the students and often do activities with groups of students. I enjoy the small college atmosphere.
Lander has been a great place to view as a first-time college student. Whenever I came to the campus, plenty of students were friendly enough to help me find where I need to be. They give great tours and have a beautiful atmosphere.
Lander university is a small college in Greenwood SC. It is very pretty and the walk from each building is no longer than a 10 minute walk. The teachers truly love Lander and their students and go above and beyond to help kids succeed!
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Lander is a great university. It is small, which mean smaller class sizes. Having small class sizes is an advantage because the professors get to know you and help you one on one. My experience at Lander has been a great college experience so far. The people are nice and friendly. I like all the activities different organizations host. I like that the community of Greenwood is here for Lander. Lander has so much to offer and has great opportunities.
This is a really good university but the staff some time can put you in all of these classes that you don't need and it can hold you back from graduating on time.
I am going to attend Lander in the fall of this year and I can honestly say that this was the only school I intended to attend and the only school I applied to!!! It is a beautiful school, has small class sizes, and was the best fit for me! Although they do not have football, Newberry or Presbyterian College are easily 30-50 minutes away and they both have great football programs! I can not wait to be a bearcat this fall!!!
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