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Landers community is very welcoming. The campus is a good size and feels relatively safe to walk around at any time. The visual arts area is very much like a family and I enjoy being an art major very much for that reason. The professors care about the students and often do activities with groups of students. I enjoy the small college atmosphere.
Lander has been a great place to view as a first-time college student. Whenever I came to the campus, plenty of students were friendly enough to help me find where I need to be. They give great tours and have a beautiful atmosphere.
Lander university is a small college in Greenwood SC. It is very pretty and the walk from each building is no longer than a 10 minute walk. The teachers truly love Lander and their students and go above and beyond to help kids succeed!
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Lander is a great university. It is small, which mean smaller class sizes. Having small class sizes is an advantage because the professors get to know you and help you one on one. My experience at Lander has been a great college experience so far. The people are nice and friendly. I like all the activities different organizations host. I like that the community of Greenwood is here for Lander. Lander has so much to offer and has great opportunities.
This is a really good university but the staff some time can put you in all of these classes that you don't need and it can hold you back from graduating on time.
I am going to attend Lander in the fall of this year and I can honestly say that this was the only school I intended to attend and the only school I applied to!!! It is a beautiful school, has small class sizes, and was the best fit for me! Although they do not have football, Newberry or Presbyterian College are easily 30-50 minutes away and they both have great football programs! I can not wait to be a bearcat this fall!!!
As an international student, I have found it a very welcoming place with good facilities. It has made such a large change easier. The campus life and the campus itself has been very pleasing. Overall, i have been very pleased with Lander and look forward to pursuing my education here.
I went on a tour to lander with one of my friends the other weekend. I have a ton of friends that go here and parents that go here who will vouch that this university is one of the best around!
One of my favorite things about Lander is the size. It's not big, yet it's also not too small. The class sizes are really good for me and how I learn. I'm always able to contact my professors and get help and talk to them when I need it. All the people are so nice, everybody's always willing to help you out with anything.
I like that Lander is a smaller college. It really allows for a depper conection to the other students abd professors.
I absolutely love Lander so far. I never run out of things to do because there are always so many things going on! The small class sizes are wonderful, and everything is very academically based. I finished my first semester with all As so I couldn't ask for anything better!
Awesome school with awesome faculty. Not too big that you get forgotten but not too small that you're the main event
I am a student at Lander University and for me, it is a great school. Lander has friendly staff and students that help students through school. The faculty is friendly also and are willing to help students who are struggling with classes or just to pop in and talk. Also being a resident there are resident assistance that show they care about you and help you in any way that they can. One thing I would like to change about the school is thier variety of meal choices in the cafe. I would like them to have a broader variety to home cook meals.
Lander University is a great institution academically that has many qualified professors who have a passion to not only teach students but to also see their students pursue their dreams, expand their knowledge and perfect their talents with any given majors. I would love to see more activities throughout the year so the students are not as bored and in their rooms so much. Also the fraternities and sororities are not as involved with the campus as much as they could truly be.
What I like about the college is the friendly atmosphere. Even though I'm a sophomore at the college, my first and second year has been good. The teachers are helpful for any concerns you have. Also the teachers care for the students along with, having that guaranteed one on one time if I need help. The only thing I would change, is to make it bigger. Like save up enough funds to create a actual football team, or increase the popularity of rugby. The reason why is so it can bring more attraction and fun events to go to on the weekends. Also some more dorms too.
I really enjoy the atmosphere here at Lander. The people are nice, the housing is comfortable, and the cafeteria is pretty good. So far, most of my professors have been pretty great. They are really helpful and easy to get along with, not to mention knowledgeable. I'm not really sure if I'd want to change anything; maybe more single-room housing?
My experience has been very good so far, however, the students were not as academically inclined as I thought they were going to be. The Honors College was very easy to get into, and as such the people are really no more over achieving than the average populace. The teachers have all been very helpful and knowledgeable and they seem genuinely interested in my success, which is a very big plus for the college itself. The sports games are free, however, I am not a big sports person so having to pay for it out of a part of my tuition is very frustrating.
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Everything here is amazing except for the fact that it is a suitcase college.
Seems interesting. I might even join one.
I just transferred so i'm not sure about everything just yet.
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