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The professors not only care about you for academics but they truly care about your life and want to make an impact in it!
I love Lancaster Bible College! The environment is very good. Students and faculty are always encouraging each other. The campus is beautiful. The academics require you to strive to work hard and do your best.
I really enjoy the high level of academics here. The professors are brilliant and the classes prepare students for a successful career.
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The community is great, the professors are amazing. It is definitely the school for you if you want to keep your biblical worldview the center of your education.
It is a great community of Christian believers that love and support each other in all areas of life. I love the fellowship that we have while at school.
Lancaster Bible College is one of my favorite places on the planet! I'm always itching to go back! The students are so friendly and loving, the faculty are invested in your everyday life, and the campus is beautiful! The only thing I would change about LBC is that I wish it was closer to home.
I enjoyed the Athletic experience, the small class size with one on one help with professors, and weekly chapel worship time with close-knitted community.
This college is tailored to the students, from the education you receive to the little details they provide, such as free doctor visits on campus, to $5 haircuts. The not only look at the big picture for the students that attend, but also the small details, which make such a huge difference.
Lancaster Bible College has been a great place for me to grow academically as well as growing in Christ. The professors there make it such an important value of theirs to invest in students. I never thought I would experience such a great student-professor relationship. The community is one of a family, and I am so blessed to be apart of it.
Lancaster is affordable and has an excellent degree completion program for adult learners. LBC is highly recommended to anyone seeking a career in Christian ministry.
I have had an amazing experience with LBC! The admissions counselors have been spectacular in contacting me regularly, seeing if I need any help, etc. I really appreciate everything that LBC has done for me so far!
Most colleges today seem to make you choose between academics or community life. Wither that's parties, trips, or even just opportunities to connect. Yet even when community is chosen over school, the relationships rarely seem anything more than superficial. That's where I think LBC is unique, because there I've never had more chances to grow genuine relationships that might just last instead of fizzling out, and all the while no academics needed to be sacraficed. Though there are always those 'special' few we could do without :). So while no college has it perfect, I think the potential for lasting is there, so long as LBC continues to strive towards fruitful growth and change over tradition that many bible colleges fall into.
I like the athletic program a lot and I enjoy the community it provides
Lancaster Bible College is a wonderful school. I enjoy the classes, and the professors are very genuine and I know they want me to learn and grow closer to God. The campus is small, which I love, I can get to know people more easily. I would recommend this college to any Christian student who is looking to strengthen their knowledge and relationship with God.
I love LBC and the professors that they have. They are experts in their fields and they will do anything to help you achieve success.
I think that the quality of classes is good. They teach a lot of good practical things that we will actually face in the workplace. They take time to make sure that we understand what is being taught.
There are rarely any incidents that occur on campus.
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The dorms are very close to the academic buildings. There are new dorms being built and updates are being made to the older ones. Decent size rooms but not great. Rules are enforced too heavily at times but overall pretty solid.
There are none of these establishments on our campus so I do not have interaction with them.
Playing baseball at LBC has been great. The students are always there to support us and we have brought our program a long way in the past few years. Our team is quite literally like a family to me and I wouldn't trade my experiences with them for the world.
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