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Lancaster Bible College - Capital Seminary & Graduate School Reviews

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I love LBC!! The faculty and staff really care about the students! The campus is small enough that you don't feel overwhelmed and the Christian community on campus is very strong. You feel like family at LBC!
My experience with Lancaster Bible College has been excellent so far. I would recommend this school to anyone wanting to study in school that teaches everything in a Christian perspective.
Lancaster Bible College is a great place to receive an education. The Philadelphia campus brings a family atmosphere, and the professors and staff are very knowledgeable and approachable. They also give listening ears, support in whatever area where there is a need. Lancaster is a friendly environment.
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I love attending Lancaster Bible for the community that exists here and the family-like atmosphere!
The staff are friendly and helpful. The online and in person classes are great. Contact the school and learn more or visit their great website. Also, visit their campus and attend the orientation for prospective students to learn more.
I am in a biblical studies online bachelor program and really like it. Everyone I have encountered has been very helpful, the professors are great, and it is very organized.
The Business program at Lancaster Bible College has a lot of local connections and provides resources to build further connections. The student body seems to be content with the academic offerings at LBC. The one downside is that the biblical studies component of the academic track adds significantly to the course workload. Also if you like to party, go elsewhere.
Lancaster has a reputation of offering excellent academic courses that are rooted in the Word of God. It is refreshing to see a school remain committed to the truth of the Bible, while staying at the forefront of online education!
I love the school I go to. I am so proud to be a student there. My growth with the Lord and academically has been great since I transferred from my other school. While I've had hiccups, like anyone anywhere, it is my dream school. The staff and faculty is just wonderful.
Campus is in the middle of nowhere. So if students don't have cars, it is very difficult to get off campus. Campus is dead on weekends. A lot of fake people. Not many majors offered.
This college has provided me with good resources and talented professors who care for those they instruct!
LBC is a great school! I am part of a gap year program there called One Life, which I would absolutely recommend to a friend. It has allowed me to travel to Israel, the Grand Canyon, and countless other places along with living in a community type environment and earning 30 college credits. As for LBC it self, it is a smaller, Christian school in Lancaster, PA. LBC is made up of like-minded individuals that are pursuing Christ. In addition, although this campus is very small (with plenty of room to grow), every part of it is gorgeous. And with Lancaster city close by, there are countless options to be entertained. One change I hope LBC will make is to grow their campus. Although their sports teams perform at a high level for a D3 school, they only have one basketball court that must be shared with other sports teams throughout the week. They also should have a larger more weight-lifting facility. Ultimately, I would recommend LBC/One Life to anyone searching for a college.
The environment at LBC is incredible. I was very hesitant applying to Lancaster Bible College, as it seemed like the place everybody (Christians, at least) went. But from the very beginning in the admissions process, to my professor's and financial advisers, everyone has been incredible! The biggest reason I would recommend LBC to someone is because of the environment the faculty creates.
My experience at LBC has brought growth and great experiences. As a Freshman I often marveled at the campus community and the professors that genuinely cared about each student. As my four years are coming to a close, I look back and think about all of the wonderful memories and growth stretches that LBC had given me. I can think of a better school to pursue my counseling major because of the Biblical worldview that is etched within counseling ethics. The courses I have taken have all been beneficial and needed in order to qualify me as a graduate in the counseling program. The only thing that I would change my experience there was that I would be more involved in student activities. The activities that I did participate in changed me the most.
LBC is a great place to get a degree and grow in your relationship with Christ. The professors and staff are incredible and serve the students in every way possible. LBC is the perfect place to get a degree and when you’re not studying head to the city for lots of fun coffee shops.
It has a very strong Christian environment, and while the student body isn't all equally passionate about God and the Scriptures, the overall atmosphere is focused on Jesus.
The professors not only care about you for academics but they truly care about your life and want to make an impact in it!
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I love Lancaster Bible College! The environment is very good. Students and faculty are always encouraging each other. The campus is beautiful. The academics require you to strive to work hard and do your best.
I really enjoy the high level of academics here. The professors are brilliant and the classes prepare students for a successful career.
The community is great, the professors are amazing. It is definitely the school for you if you want to keep your biblical worldview the center of your education.