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The selection of majors and the various ways to obtain a degree are great. Whether you are right out of high school or an adult learner, academic guidance if very important. Paying for college is very expensive. Some students may require 30 minutes of guidance, and others may require one hour. In my opinion, more time should be given to the individual student based on her/his needs regarding academic guidance. It is a serious matter, and expensive.
I really like going to this school . There is a lot of diversity here . But when I first arrived I feel that I wasn’t welcomed. The other kids that were here weren’t very friendly and there was a lot of drama
I have enjoyed the course work at Lamar University. I have four courses remaining in my current graduate program. The online course work is beneficial, not busy work and has truly benefited me in my current role as well as preparing me for my future. The only issue I have encounter was with the Veteran’s program. It took them a year to tell me that the program I was in was not yet approved through VA. I wish they would have told me soon as this caused much undue stress on my family. The staff at the University VA Department kept telling me I was missing paper work and only after my calls to the director and ombudsman did I finally find out that in fact the program was not approved.
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I love how energetic this school is! the faculty and staff make sure that there is something to participate in every day and there is always something for everyone.
I have enjoyed the diversity and the atmosphere with puther students. I enjoy the small classes and having teachers know me as a student personally. I would recommend that they work on school spirit which is something that is coming along now.
Currently an undergraduate in SPHS field. I absolutely love it. I love the campus, teachers, and atmosphere. I hope to continue my graduate study here so that I can continue to enjoy college.
Lamar is a great school. They have been very helpful in the process of enrolling as it has been awhile since I have been an active student.
I have fallen in love with this school! Perfect example of a small town community university! I'm personally from this area and love the opportunities this university offers not to mention it is very known for their engineering and nursing programs! I am honestly so lucky to have such a great university with spirit, community support and high education so close to home!! go big Red!!
The campus , atmosphere dorms athletics and coaches are perfect. It is 45 minutes from Houston airport. The people are really friendly. At the dorms you have your private room. It is definitely B+ university.
I think that my school is doing a great job at being a great college experience. I am learning so many new things all the time and I love my group of friends and all of the people I have met so far.
Lamar University is a very involved, energetic, and safe university. It offers many positive opportunities and experiences for any college student, and is a great place for college freshman to begin. It provides a safe and healthy atmosphere from conversations to the overall environment. The only downside to this university is that the advisors don’t feel as engaged and encouraging as they could be, and I hope to see that change!
Love the fact that they offer a completely online Master's degree. The professors are very supportive, and work is spread out enough to maintain a full time job.
At Lamar University I really like the professors and new undergraduate student. The campus is nice where there are many places to relax and eat at.
The campus is big and small at the same time. It's the perfect size for someone who's anti-social like myself.
I'm an online student. The experience has been great. The student advisor assigned to me is always in constant contact and checking to see how things are going. I would recommend this school.
The initial process with Lamar U - Beaumont has been hard. Communication has been inconsistent and the overall experience hasn't been what I've heard. I'm hoping once I start classes next week, it will improve.
What I like about Lamar university is that it is cheap and diverse with majors, for those in Texas it is closes to home it’s near the coast so if you wanna go to the beach then it is right there.The college is kind of small But that just makes it easier for the professor to connect with you
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Great support!! Love that the Master Education Technology Leadership program is completely online. I have just completed week four of my first class. I loved that I would receive calls to make sure everything was going well. Professor response to emails were often very quickly respond. I went to go visit the campus and it is awesome, for me it was just so much better to to the online course. Blackboard is very user friendly and the classes are only an 1hour, lectures are short and easy to follow. I love the fact that I only have class Monday night and that most assignments are due Thursdays or Sunday evening.
I transferred to Lamar University my sophomore year. I came from a very small private university and at Lamar, I get to truly experience the "real" college life. There is always something going on at the university and I have met some really great people. I love the diversity and the campus life. I'm glad I made the right decision, not just because my parent's went to Lamar and my mom is an alumni, but I am having the time of my life at this moment!
I would give Lamar University 4 stars because they have many great events on campus that help students network with others. I have gained many friends, and learned from many wonderful professors. The professors are really engaged in wanting to see their students succeed, and achieve any goals they set forth.
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