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Lamar University was gracious to accept the transfer hours that I accumulated while obtaining my Associate degree in San Antonio College.
Something that I enjoy the most about Lamar is the sense of community among the multitude of organizations there. One thing that I would like to see change is the amount safety precautions being upgraded.
I had a lot of help in my English class from my instructor. She was very helpful and seemed to cared about her student. I like that the university have a lot of degree to choose from. I lived nearby and I can attend class while living with my parents.
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I liked everything about Lamar University. I liked the positivity, the people’s willingness to help others, the fun sports to watch, and their great communication. I also liked that there were so many opportunities available. I wouldn’t like to see anything change. In my eyes, it's perfect.
so far I have had a good experience with lamar university. I am able to easily contact them and get quick replies. they so far have received all the document I have submitted without a problem. and they have very good communication.
Lamar University is exceptional with their academic program, easily navigable online library, and outstanding resources available to find valuable information needed to fulfill assignment requirements. The Professors, advisors, and assistants want the students to succeed and are encouraging and helpful in guiding students to meet their goals.
I love Lamar University because the students are so engaging. There's always booths in the quad waiting to tell other students what's going on with Greek life or events with different sports. The involvement is through the roof.
When I went to the university of Lamar I noticed the diversity of the university and how the campus was so diverse. I also like the food very much and since I will be going to the campus I have to know what the food that I will be eating everyday or so will be good.
Very calm campus and friendly. Good college for those who want a smaller town location. The campus is very quiet and all locations are within near distance of each other.
Professors at Lamar are amazing and give you there undivided attention when you need it. Lamar has great leadership opportunities whether it be in greek life or any organization on campus. It has great opportunities.
I've visited Lamar University, on a tour from my high school. It's way bigger than I thought it was, they have a lot of space and different areas on campus. Including the cafeteria, it has a lot of varieties to eat from. People greeted us and showed us rooms and different areas at the University. I spoke with one professor and she was so nice and about her business, I could tell I would genuinely learn in her class, if I was to have her as a professor.
Lamar is a great school!! Professors truely care and are very helpful. The student center and food options have recently been upgraded and are great and super convenient!
I liked the atmosphere, and the people i was surrounded by at the university. Lamar students were very nice and helpful.
Lamar University sits in the middle of Texas and Louisiana and is close to home. Lamar isn't a huge campus and it also have the home feel as well. when I visited the campus the students and the tour guides was very welcoming.
The ease of having online graduate classes are great. Teachers will work with you on deadlines. Classes are 5 weeks long and have a break in between sessions. There are some classes that are more intense than others. Once you get into the later part of the graduate program there is a lot more face to face interaction that you will have to make with community members depending on what program you are attending. Some professors really do not understand the reason why we chose an online program at lamar and expect insane cooperation with getting work done.
Easy and convenient in an on-line atmosphere. Advising counselors are very attentive to students and accessible when needed. Tuition is a bit more doable than most universities. Professors are more available and helpful when needed.
I am a first time graduate student at Lamar University and so far my experience has been great. There is a diverse population of students, faculty and staff on campus. The cardinals activities board and other campus organizations hosts educational, fun and FREE events all the time.
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When i went to a tour for my law enforcement class junior year i was amazed at the school. It looked like a legit university like in the movies. It has everything dorms, gym, buffet. I went to some of the classes and were pretty good sized, about 30-40 in a class. Also the cost of tuition is average.
It's beautiful, and has a great feel. The employees are wonderful. The administration is very patient and attentive. The professors take the time to explain and elaborate. They also meet the needs of their students in a professional and efficient manner.
I love the on line programs and the staff is very friendly. I have the most knowledgeable advisor, she makes sure I am choosing the right classes and gives me very informative input. There is always some one there to answer the phone, no matter what department you call. I love they way they keep you updated with all the recent events, the weather and even the news. I would highly recommend Lamar University to any one looking to pursue a degree with the up most comfortability.
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