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Lamar has an amazing Greek Life. Our classes are small so your peers are easy to get to know. There is a lot of construction. Not many professors so one teacher may teach 3 of your classes in one semester so you do not get many perspectives.
What I loved the most about the Lamar campus are the spacious dorms and outstanding scenery. If I was to change anything about the school it would be the application fee.
The campus itself does need a bit of improvement. The professors are very good and connect with the students more then usual since it is a small campus.
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The teachers took time to explain and help students out, they were very understanding towards students especially when Harvey struck. The food places are pretty good and I enjoy that the library has study rooms.
Lamar was convenient. It offered on-line courses that were accessible across the US. It was also affordable, and I wasn't paying for services that were not provided.
I liked that Lamar was a place for me to solely work on my athletics and my studies and there weren't any distractions. If I were to make any changes to Lamar, I would make the campus have more activities for the people on campus and for there to be more restaurants for students.
Great university with good flexibility in their online graduate programs. Many online graduate programs available. There isn't anything that I would like to see changed about the university or its programs, they are great.
Lamar University makes it easy to register for online classes. Teachers are very helpful. It’s a do at your own pace schedule which is nice. I would recommend Lamar University to anyone needing to either start off in college or returning to college. My experience so far has been great. Financial aid is fairly easy to get through Lamar. I will be continuing my education there until I graduate with my Bachelor Degree in nursing. It has been very convenient and works well with my job and family life. The advisors and registars are super nice and available when you need them.
My experience at Lamar University was a 3/5. I give it this rating because it was a mediocre college experience. The pros of this college were the on-campus apartment style dorms, the close walks and the good nursing program. However, the cons was the campus being so small, the un-safe surrounding areas, and the many hardships one has to deal with according to questions with anything from FASFA, grades, and academic guidance. My overall experience wasn’t too bad, but I now know I will not be graduating from Lamar.
I have been at Lamar University for a year and a half and so far I have had a very good experience overall. I have had my bad experiences with a professor or two but you can not avoid that no matter where you go. I love the residence halls! You have your own bedroom share a living room and bathroom with one other person and they heavily work with you if you want a particular roommate. Dining hall has its flaws for sure but they are taking steps in the right direction making their food fresher and tastier. Overall I have been happy with the classes and living conditions.
What I like about Lamar is the location. The town is very small with little to nothing to do so you have no choice but to study. Sure people have parties but they're not really worth wasting a study session over. Everyone for the most part is friendly and everyone knows each other. The classes are small and the teachers know every students names. Most of the vicinities are open pretty late, such as the library or Papa John's so whether you want to study or eat late at night you can. What can be improved is the school itself. Because it is so old, the neighborhood across the campus is not ideal, and the buildings are pretty old. Although they have recently been renovated and look pretty nice, some dorms could use a little help. Overall it is very livable just like any old university.
After going on on an official visit to Lamar University, my overall experience was amazing. I loved the women's soccer coach as well as team. The campus was great as well as the students. I loved the computer science building. The dorms were great, in addition to the food.
Good educational system but i am in a situation where i am being threatened multiple times by the same students over and over again and the universities students affairs office still would like them to stay on campus not only after my incident but 2 prior to mine so I’m guessing that they would have to follow through with their threats in order for something to be done about the situation which is absolutely ridiculous when they shouldve been gone
Lamar University has small classes which is something that I enjoy the most about. The Professors are very nice and are very open to help their students
I love their Theatre and Dance program. All of the teachers are very helpful and make sure you understand everything about the subjects they teach.
I am a graduate student in the Educational Administration program. I like that it is completely online and provides a good degree for what I am needing
I am a rising freshman at Lamar and I love it here. The atmosphere on campus is very friendly and home-like. They offer many different organizations in religious backgrounds and extra curricular activities. This beautiful campus is always clean and catering to the greater community outside of our campus walls.
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This is my first time going to Lamar University. I currently transferred from Lamar Port Arthur, so this sure is a step up from a small campus. I have heard great things from friends that have attended the campus and it makes me feel welcome. I have visited it a couple of times and the people there look friendly, when I had a question they were never hesitant or rude answering. The campus looks lively and clean, and I can't wait to start attending.
Overall Lamar is an awesome university. They work with you and truly care about your progress. Glad I have the LU team behind me.
I enjoy the environment and quality education. There is a good ratio of students per instructor. The probabilities of graduating are high. You will get a job when you graduate.
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