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I like Lamar because of the small atmosphere, and the home feeling of the campus. The Professors are nice as well, I have taken many cmmunication calsses and all my professors are very down to earth and extremely understanding. The accessibility of the campus is also very convienent, everything is close together and easy access for most of the campus. Some things that i would like to see change, are how late they keep the food stores open, and the dining hall. College kids are up very late and are alwasy busy, I know there were times when I was up late studying and there would be nothing to eat because all the stores on campus are closed and none of the dining places would be open either. I also think it would be a great idea if the library was kept open later, instead of closing at 11:40, students need time to be able to get things done in a tinmley manner and making them leave a place where their work is suppose to be getting done is not a very productive plan.
What I liked was that there is plenty of things to do in campus. For example you can play pool, basketball, run, work out, and activities like that. Overall it is a good experience.
The staff is very helpful with everything, especially the financial aide staff. I plan on attending the school after I graduate high school to finish and major in biochemistry.
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Well my experience here is good so far. I took this year off to focus on my academics other than doing orgs and work study etc. This campus physically is really nice after all the construction.
As far as I've seen, Lamar has a really diverse community with different types of activities for everyone. The teachers and doctors are nice and willing to help you in what they can. I'm really looking forward to this year.
Their online graduate program has been rigorous yet enjoyable. The professors are highly qualified and are eager to see their students succeed. I am confident that I will be prepared for my career as an educational administrator.
The programs at Lamar really are great, and the professors are alway very willing to help and meet with you in order to better understand the material!
I appreciate how diverse the university is. There isn't one gender specific or ethnicity specific. Everyone is also friendly and outgoing.
What I like about Lamar is that it’s close to home, a real simple university. Something I wish would change would be the diversity on campus. To include more hispanic related programs, or clubs, or organizations that unite different types of diversities.
Campus is easy to get to. Food not too bad. The professors are ok, some are good, some are bad. make sure to check ratemyprofessor.
I am enrolled in Lamar as a graduate student through an online program. I have not been able to see the student life, housing, or other campus experiences, but I will say communicating with the school and the staff has been an excellent experience. The staff, faculty, and professors are all very friendly and are willing to work with you to accomplish your goals. Everything is very organized, well-explained, and they continually check in on you to make sure you are not struggling. The program is set up for you to succeed, and they always make themselves available when needed.
The experience has been a good one as far as online classes go. They have a really good Academic Partnership program, however, there is only one adviser. Admission can be a little hairy, but if you stick with one liaison per dept you should be ok.
Love the average size campus , small classes so you can receive one on one time with teachers . Great location in beaumont texas a fast growing city with much upside . Athletics at lamar university are not so great at the moment but are for sure on the up and coming side as the Lamar women basketball team just took first place in their conference . Lamar also has very nice facilities on campus with a huge 7 floor library that comes in handy . Also making renovations to many places on campus , so in the near future Lamar will have one of the best campuses in the state .
Lamar University is mostly a commuter school. There are lots of ways to get involved on campus, since it is a small school.
I am a graduate student taking online classes. The classes are 5 weeks and the professors are readily available to help with any questions. It's an easy online program to manage if you're not computer savvy.
Lamar University is a excellent school to attend. They have excellent Counselors, Professors and Academic program. I will refer Lamar University to all my family and friends to attend.
Lamar has an amazing Greek Life. Our classes are small so your peers are easy to get to know. There is a lot of construction. Not many professors so one teacher may teach 3 of your classes in one semester so you do not get many perspectives.
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What I loved the most about the Lamar campus are the spacious dorms and outstanding scenery. If I was to change anything about the school it would be the application fee.
The campus itself does need a bit of improvement. The professors are very good and connect with the students more then usual since it is a small campus.
The teachers took time to explain and help students out, they were very understanding towards students especially when Harvey struck. The food places are pretty good and I enjoy that the library has study rooms.
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