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Lamar State College - Port Arthur Reviews

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Great instructors, easy application process, and a great place to earn a degree. Always willing to help with anything and look forward to achieving your career success.
The classes are very manageable and the courses are very understandable, campus resources are amazing
I like how much that teacher care about students, they are available when needed. I would like to see a salad bar, I’d eat on campus with a salad bar there.
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I liked the program in which I enrolled in. I'm grateful for the advising staff. The financial aid office left little to be desired. My instructors in my elective courses were phenomenal. My senior instructor is going to make a great teacher. I have learned a lot from her.
I graduated from a small high school and I didn't feel ready to go to university LSCPA gave me an opportunity of small classes and the experience to meet students from different backgrounds
The music department is awesome. The office staff as well as professors are more then willing to help you any time you need help.
Very small so its more hands on learning. More one on one with Professors. Great for students who doesnt like big crowded classrooms, great for students who know themselves and know a bigger college wouldnt fit them or benefit them in any way.
I went to Lamar State College Port Arthur for a total of 2 years and graduated on time with my associates degree. I had an excellent experience there , classes were small, resources were availiable , and professors were helpful.
My experience at Lamar State College- Port Arthur was amazing they had a lot of nice things. They had the sport that I play which is softball and they have my major that I am thinking about doing.
Lamar State College Port Arthur is an affordable way to further your college career. Although it’s only a 2 year college, you are able transfer your credits to a 4 year university. However, if you’re looking for the college experience, such as spirit, sororities, clubs, internship opportunities, etc., this place is not for you. There are people who encourage the students to be more involved and they also have clubs but it’s still lacking. Help academically and financially is easy to get, they are happy to assist and they are very easy to talk to. In conclusion, LSCPA is a place to further the college career but not for the experience.
I like it just the way it is there is noting to change about it in my opinion others may say different but everyone is in titled to there own opinion
My overall experience with Lamar State College Port Arthur is great! I chose to attend a local community college, straight out of high school because it was closer to home and I am more aware of my surroundings since I started co-enrollment here. I love the professors because they aren't lenient by any means, but most try to work with the schedule we have because they also understand life sometimes has complications.
I love Lamar State College Port Arthur the classes and teachers. It's close to my home and the campus are filled with professors who actually care about you and can get to know you on a personal level.
I like that because it is a state college it's fairly small. The location is all that great but the staff is very helpful and I feel safe on campus
Courses are not scheduled conveniently. My 3rd level process classes were only offered at 2:30. They should have been wither early in the morning, or in the evening if the were only going to pick one time to offer the courses.
Instructors for online courses are too picky about assignments. If they are not completed to the tee of what they expect, even if they did not explain what they precisely wanted, your grade is affected.
I have not been able to utilize post-grad services at my school.
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Quality of the technology instructor I had was great. He was a little quirky but got the job done and could relay messages proficiently. Course work was relevant to real-world situations.
I did not gain employment prior to exiting the course, so I am continuing my education.
Experience was great. Instructors are able to relate ideas and concepts to real world conditions.
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