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I love the intimate one on one class room experience at Lamar State College Orange. The teacher are down to earth and very knowledgeable in their trade or field of study. There is a phenomenal Allied Health Department. One thing that I would change about Lamar State College Orange is the structure of their financial aide department.
To be honest I have no complaints with Lamar State College Orange! I'll be starting in the Vocational Nursing Program in January. I'm excited to be doing what I've dreamed of since my childhood! Thanks LSCO for helping me make my dreams come true!
So far my degree plan has been easy goin. And flexible and I have a schedule that works for me!
Review Lamar State College - Orange
I've only had one online summer class and I really enjoyed it! Lots of discussions and easy going at your own pace kind of work.
My experience with my teachers has been amazing! They're so involved in students lives and interactive, they have the capability to bring students out of their shells!
Admissions is easy, it's not difficult to get accepted into LSCO, and the process was easy.
Once again the teachers know what they're teaching, they're passionate about teaching and they are so willing to help with every field that a student is in. They want to see students succeed and graduate, they're willing to do what they can to ensure a student will pass.
I absolutely love Lamar Orange. It's not a typical college experience, it's more. The professors WANT to help students achieve and they know what they're teaching. The smaller classes help with succeeding and getting help from professors. The campus is also beautiful, and the water front is right across the street from some of the buildings and it's a beautiful sight. I wish LSCO had bachelors degrees because I would love to continue going there rather than transferring to Lamar Univeristy.
The nursing program trains awesome nurses that are ready to immediately step into their field. Many are very successful at their jobs because of what they learned here.
Right now I'm working on my prerequisites for the program, but so far it has been enlightening, engaging, and really fun.
I love it! I love learning and knowing my professors will help in anyway they can! The advisors are also very helpful and encouraging.
Online classes have went well.
It's been great so far
I absolutely love my school!!!
The professors are amazing. They are willing to stay after class or schedule sessions for free tutoring which is very impressive to me.
The value of a degree from the school is great from the stories i've heard from recent graduates. I haven't heard of anyone struggling to get a job and the instructors get plenty of phone calls to send nursing students to apply for jobs.
The workload is pretty similar to all of the stories told at every nursing school, however, the instructors help a lot to make that workload a little easier. The curriculum is well thought out.
Review Lamar State College - Orange
Lamar State College-Orange is absolutely amazing. The nursing program is awesome and the instructors does everything in their power to help you in any and every way.
Fair credit transfer rules. I was able to transfer 100% my credits from another university and able to waive some classes by passing some tests.
Professors had their own unique ways to teach in the class. It's not always traditional.
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