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Have welded there they have a good welding program. I have Learned a lot there and plan on learning more.
Lamar was a very good place to be. The staff was very friendly and I learned a lot. I am transferring however because the company of the people was not the best.
Lamar has been good, it is good to meet new people and go to activities on campus. The sports teams are very involved in the community especially softball. For athletes at the school there is no free time when you’re in season. You’re either in class or practicing and then coaches schedule study hall for all of their athletes.
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Great college to attend especially when you want one on one with the teachers. They are always willing to help you to succeed.
The nursing program is amazing! Great instructors. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in nursing.
What I liked from my experience from Lamar Community College is I loved how friendly the teachers and students were. Everyone just made me feel welcomed when I went to visit. I also loved how if you ask a question, they are more than welcome to answer and will do what they can to help you out. The coaches are also very nice and helpful. I am hoping to play volleyball or basketball in college so I love the help I am getting from them to try to achieve my goal.
My over all experience here at Lamar Community College has been interesting. I am a college athlete and I have been going non stop. the people here are very nice and the teachers, are very welcoming and helpful. Not every college gets Fridays off but this college does. This is helpful because I can get more things done, like homework, get my oil changed, etc.
It's great here! Everyone knows everyone teachers know you by first name. Also they have so many activities for us to keep us busy through out the week.
I am not a big fan of school and if I didn't know what I was going for I definitely wouldn't be in school, so I didn't think I would like college very much but at LCC they know how to make it fun. There is always something to get involved in and all the staff at LCC help all the students out as much as possible in any way. They also have an adopt an athlete program where someone from Lamar can adopt a couple athletes and have them over for dinner or just family nights and such. It makes it nice so that you still have that at home feeling and another "family" you get to see.
There are several different ethnicities, religions, and sexual orientations present at the school. There is plenty of diversity.
I think the tuition is reasonable. There are scholarships and financial aid options available also.
There is a horse training program and barrel racing training program offered. Most schools don't have these programs available to students. The academic programs are average.
It could be better, but it could be worse as well.
The resources on campus are about average. They're not outstanding, but not inefficient either.
There is average flexibility offered through the institution.
There are many opportunities available. It's a broad field and there are many job opportunities as well.
The classes offered and the professor's that teach them are great. There is flexibility available, study options, tutoring, etc..
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I've had nothing but good experiences with my online classes registration processes and professor student relationships.
The services are satisfactory, not exemplary.
I am in Lamars Equine Business degree program. In this program 3 out of the 4 semesters you are riding horses and taking classes live reproduction, production, and managment along with you basic classes required. If you know something about horse it is a firly simple program when it comes to the horse classes. The other classes it just depends on the individual. Our barn is on campus and we have many oppertunities to ride and be involved in the program.
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