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Lakeview College of Nursing Reviews

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The staff is great and extremely helpful. The professors genuinely care about your success and the classmates are great to work with and make study groups.
Not enough diverse clinical experiences. Felt fairly confident going into first job with classroom knowledge but hands on learning experience was pretty poor.
They are trying to become more technologically advanced. I appreciate the effort, but do not necessarily like being the guinea pig for future students.
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N/A Someone was shot and died at a bar a couple weeks ago though.
Has nice computer lab, free wifi, free printing, what more could you need?
Does not have campus housing.
Plenty of Parking. Though it's shared with the hospital, so sometimes spots fill up quickly.
Not much to do outside of school. Danville does have quite a few restaurant and shopping accessibility though!
This winter, we've missed more than usual, but it's usually not a problem
feel very comfortable and safe
The financial aid lady is extremely helpful and knows a lot, however, the scholarship "hand out" is an unfair process--I've never received any LCN scholarships
There's no extras at our school--eiu is close by and we're affiliated with eiu.
mostly Caucasian, a few African American students, a few Asian students, does have diversity, but limited
I'm learning a lot and love my classes and most of my teachers, but the school is very expensive.
live about 20 min away from campus in a house--it's close enough and far enough away at the same time
i was rating eastern illinois university not lakeview college of nursing!
people like to party and have a good time. I never did drugs so im not sure how easy they are to get. its just like anything if you want something bad enough you will find a way to get it. i know people are doing it but it wasnt something i saw often or went looking for.
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there are several places in town to eat at off campus, there are also several places to eat at in the town just down the road. its about a ten minute drive. but there are several cost efficent places to eat. majority of places in the college town give discounts.
its definitely a townie place. its a small town but there are things to do in and out of the town. sometimes you have to find things to do or create your own fun. there are several parks/trails that people can run or walk on. if you like nature there are lots of things to do outdoors in the local parks.
luckily the class buildings are all very close to the dorms which permits easy commute to and from class. however sometimes class is still being held when weather provides risk of commuting to class.
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