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I really loved my math teacher. I don't even like math but the way she taught it made it my favorite class. The Countdown Café is kind of pricy though. The library is also a little sad and pathetic. The college is cheap and good for your gen. ed. 's
I really appreciate certain teachers respect for the kids. It is really important for kids to know that they are heard just as much as the adults are, this is how it should be. There is an open atmosphere and incredibly nice and helpful people making things easier to figure out because college can be a confusing time for anybody.
I love how kind everyone is, how willing the teachers are to work with you. The activities going on through the school such as bowling, and pol tournaments. The food the culinary kids put out is truely good.
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I have had a wonderful experience with this school. Currently a nursing student. They have given me the opportunity to learn and grow while working and taking care of my family. I have loved the library there, great resources. Everyone is helpful and wants you to succeed. So lucky to have this college in my community.
I think lakes region Community college is a great school and have many great programs like the GM asep, T-ten, fire Saftey.
I'm just a freshman right now, but so far I have been quite impressed with the school's focus on making an environment where I can learn. All of my teachers have been extremely helpful, and they are very nice to work with. I'm glad to be here.
The professors are really there to help bit just say they are. They take top priority for the safety of the staff and students. The housing is also exceptional. It's not just a dorm but an apartment. The campus is well maintained and the staff is right there to help in anyway they can. It is also very affordable and has a excellent graduation rate which is very important to me.
LRCC is an amazing, vibrant school for those who don't start at a 4-Year university. The professors are very friendly and readily available to answer any questions you may have. The campus hold events regularly to help encourage community among the students and boost their motivation to study hard. Not too far away from the campus is the Student housing building. It’s a very pleasant place to live to be near school and friends. You don’t have to bring too much from home to feel at home. Everything you need is nearby. You’ll even want to spend most of your time at school.
I like the locality of the college and the small classes. I would like to see them add a nursing evening program.
I like that I am getting a similar education here as I would at a University for a whole lot cheaper. I also like that most of the teachers are great and care for their students.
Beware if you are thinking of going here for nursing. I was warned by my guidance department that their second year teachers don!t help the students and the failure rate is over 50% from this program. It was recommended to me by my guidance department to either attend NHTI or Plymouth for nursing as the pass rate was much higher and they had better instructors.
Thus far, the teachers, staff, and volunteers alike could not be any more helpful or encouraging. The Automotive Technology Program (GM ASEP) specifically is very well balanced between technical intensity and ease of material absorption. I recommend anyone who is interested in automotive technology to enroll.
Experience has been a great journey. I've made it the best that I wanted to be,and you can too. Every personnel that works at the college is there to help you to be a successful person and have a super career.
The online courses are just as good as the classroom courses but can allow a more flexible day.
The academic flexibility of Lakes Region is perfect and has allowed me to design my schedule to exactly the way I want/need it to be so that I can also sustain a job throughout college.
The career center makes sure to provide students with many job opportunities if they are willing and prepares us for what is going to happen in "the real world".
The class sizes are very manageable with a good student to professor ratio. The courses are amazing and some are ranked very highly in all of New England. The style of teaching is also very great and easy for students to handle and adapt to.
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There are always many job opportunities being shown to us at our school. Professors are ready and willing to get their kids out into their prospected fields and make sure they succeed there.
The Fire Sciences program at Lakes Region has a very high success rate and has a unique contract with the Concord Fire Academy that allows us to receive the best training possible at all times. The work load is manageable and yet we are constantly learning.
This is the first college I've attended but it's the perfect fit. All the staff are willing to help at any point in time and the teachers are incredible. The school may be small, but it feels big because there are so many specialized fields of study. The community aspect of it is amazing because the school is so small, everyone makes friends with everyone.
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