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Lakeland is a very small community college and you can get a lot of one on one time with teachers when you are struggling in a certain area. People are very helpful at lakeland. The only small fix is parking can be terrible sometimes.
The professors are amazing 8/10-9/10 times. Many classes, majors and minors are offered. The guidance staff is amazing, but all o the service desks are very out of the loop. The environment is very friendly.
Love Lakeland! Offers a variety of online and in person classes. Very reasonable tuition and students are generally friendly. Small class sizes too.
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Friendly helpful instructors, easy access to classes, cafeteria and book store. My concealer has always found the time to council and advise me. As an Ohio resident the cost is well worth the education you get.
I liked the atmosphere and most of the teachers, but I would love to see a change in utilization of technology. The worlds becoming more of a connected place, and most of the teachers at this school neglect the need, or even the want to invigorate tech because they assume it can be distracting... when in reality it will only help more. After they implement technology I feel it would be much much better... after all, in class we’re all on our phones anyway.
Many professors are great. Beautiful campus. There are a lot of good things about this college. However, the biggest problem is that this campus is not smoke-free.
For the most part I have enjoyed my time at Lakeland and feel it will prepare me well to transfer
It is hard to get to know students here however
Most of my professors have been awesome as well as the support staff
Lakeland Community College offers teachers who know their subject. They teach their subject well and answer any questions that you may have. The campus is beautiful and the experience is enjoyable.
I graduated from LCC as a PSEO student in high school and I had a great experience. Math is worst subject and I was able to get free tutoring and passed my classes with A's. I would suggest anyone in high school to take advantage of PSEO full time if they are able to. It helped me greatly with my nursing degree from Kent State University!
I love the teachers at Lakeland! The only my thing I would change about lakeland is the cafeteria, the food is not that great and it is so expensive.
Lakeland Community college is an excellent college to attend. There is so much diversity, that makes the learning experience that much great. The teachers involved and they care about the students success. you can approach them after class if you have any issue with the assignment or just need a better understanding. The campus is beautiful with a lot of resting and studying areas and a court yard to hang out. the tuition is affordable and worth it. overall Lakeland is an very good college if you want to save money but have great academic success.
I went to Lakeland when I moved up to Ohio with my family after I graduated. The courses are very affordable and allowed me to gain college experience while finally deciding on a fulfilling career. While it's been a minute since I last attended, I'm returning this fall to enter into the Welding program. Everyone I've spoken to has been so helpful and I would most definitely recommend Lakeland to anyone seeking an education that's affordable and excels in excellence.
The school is very big but it's easy to navigate through. It's always nice and clean and it has spacious classrooms. The professors are always professional and helpful. They're available on campus and even after hours. The workload is easier than what I imagined. Sometimes it can be time consuming but you'll always have help when needed.
Professors all have good experience in their field. Classes are small, and well taught. Cost are way lower than other colleges. Allows for you to meet and interact with many different people, high school students to parents going back to school for the first time since high school.
I have been attending Lakeland since January of 2016. It is a very good begin school for college kids just starting. Its cheap and affordable, and their credits usually transfer. Some teachers are okay, and some are amazing; but it is like that with every college.
My experience so far has been absolutely amazing! I am truly loving receiving my education here. Teachers are easy to contact and work with and the new renovations make the environment nice and comfortable.
I thoroughly enjoy it there. I am taking advantage of the dual enrollment system, and the possibility of receiving college credit while in high school is highly appealing. Some of the professors are not that nice, but that's to be expected. If I had to change anything about the school, maybe make information easier to obtain for those who are dually enrolled, because, obviously, the college is much more geared towards the actual college students.
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I really enjoy this school. The professors want students to learn and will help out anyone who is struggling. The students are generally easy going and there is a diverse group of students. Campus is well kept.
LCC is a pretty great community college. All the professors I've had are invested and engaging and care about both their students and their subject matter. Also, they're very flexible with CCP students as they have a lot of them going there. I've had a great 3 years at Lakeland!
Overall, Lakeland Community College has been a great experience. I am only in my first year, however all of my teachers so far have been incredibly helpful. Additionally, they all seemed genuinely interested in and excited about the subject they teach. The campus can be very confusing to navigate because of the way certain buildings connect, and some areas/technology is outdated. Despite that, i have learned a lot, and Lakeland has been a good first-college experience before i transfer to a 4 year college
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