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free tutoring, what could be better than that! they want everyone to succeed here and I'm glad to be apart of that.
Overall this college has helped me become a better person. The learning atmosphere is always wonderful. The professors all want you to succeed and enhance your learning experience if you put the work in!
As an Asian American, I feel very welcome at Lakeland Community College. Lakeland strongly supports diversity and all the professors wholeheartedly want their students to succeed and are accommodating. Free tutoring sessions along with walk-in math sessions are provided. Activity fairs are regularly held to encourage involvement around campus. Lakeland's Campus Police Department keeps the students and staff safe around-the-clock and new mobile apps have been created to provide quick access to help and guidance. A brand new health building has been built and I wish that Lakeland would update some of their other programs.
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I love how helpful everyone is when you first apply and might be a little confused on the process. I love that there are online class options, but I would like to see more of those, especially in the psychology and philosophy field. They are very helpful for people who work full/part time or have a busy life in other ways. I love my professors. They really make you interested in learning, even when taking online classes, and are always there to answer any questions you may have. My favorite classes so far have been my English classes. I love reading and writing and the professors in the English department at Lakeland know how to pick interesting and thought-provoking books to analyze.
Money and Time well spent. The staff and the services the college provides are fantastic resources. Very helpful at helping with career planning, and in other such matters.
Very affordable with great professors who try their best to help you succeed. There are counselors that will help with any questions pertaining to CCP, scheduling, or financial aid. This college really makes it their goal to help students achieve.
I loved attending Lakeland Community College. I was a CCP student and went to Lakeland full time and it was the best decision I have ever made for my academic career. Almost all the students just want to get in and get out which is always nice. The teachers are very helpful and most respond to email within hours. There are many sites to be able to keep up with homework and courses, plenty of tutoring for just about every course, and overall very nice people.
Lakeland Community College is a quick way to get the degree you are looking for, it is cheap and very welcoming. Lakeland offers lots of help for the students that need it.
Lakeland community college is a pretty nice college for students who plan to start their career and taking two years to study it is a very good size school for everyone. The classes are a great size and makes learning better and a comfortable environment. I believe that Lakeland is a good school and the teachers try to help as much as they can for the students. The only thing I would want Lakeland to change would be to have more programs for students and learning experience.
At Lakeland, the professors often teach students more about a subject than many other schools do. I wish there were not as many high school kids though because there were not as many people my age to hang out with.
I absolutely love Lakeland Community College. All of my teachers here have been extremely helpful. Many of them are willing to meet with you during free time if you are having trouble in their class. The overall building itself is very nice too. Always kept clean and sanitary. The students here are also very kind if you need a hand in anything. I would recommend this college!
The teachers in my program are excellent. There is not much of a college spirit, but that is not unusual at a 2-year college.
I was at Lakeland for a year during my senior year of high school and have really enjoyed my classes there. The school always feels safe and welcoming and I would recommend it to anyone who isn't ready to go into a four year university, or wants to get some college classes in during high school.
Lakeland Commuity College gives various opportunities to those who may not be able to afford a 4 year public college. The professors are very committed to making sure their students achieve their most and become successful in their future.
There's not anything i would like to see change everything is good there, I have no complain at all.
Lakeland is a good experience because it is affordable compared to other colleges. It is a nice campus that is constantly being improved. Most of the professors are passionate about their subjects and are readily available to help students individually when they are having trouble. The food is good but a little expensive.
The college is what you would expect from a community college. The price of tuition is fair and most of the textbooks can be bought at the campus bookstore. The professors I've had were kind and knowledgeable. Some of the staff at the front desk can be rude but overall they try to help the best they can. The campus is clean and in good condition. Safety on campus is emphasized but I have rarely seen a campus police officer.
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Lakeland is a very small community college and you can get a lot of one on one time with teachers when you are struggling in a certain area. People are very helpful at lakeland. The only small fix is parking can be terrible sometimes.
The professors are amazing 8/10-9/10 times. Many classes, majors and minors are offered. The guidance staff is amazing, but all o the service desks are very out of the loop. The environment is very friendly.
Love Lakeland! Offers a variety of online and in person classes. Very reasonable tuition and students are generally friendly. Small class sizes too.
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