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What I love about Lake Washington is that I get the education I want, and learn a trade that I'm excited about turning into a career. The Instructors are amazing, and go out of their way to help you succeed! I would highly recommend Lake Washington Institute of Technology to anyone!
My first two years of college has been an experience that no other college could have possibly provided. Because of this school, I have received state and national awards and am currently working with analysts in D.C. to help spread the word that continuing education within community colleges is crucial. There are few things I would change, but most of them are mechanical and have nothing to do with the staff inside the school. The instructors care more than anyone else about their student's success.
Lake Washington offers incredible opportunities to remain fluent and flexible with your studies and out of school life. I love all the courses they offer and they really help you plan for your future and give you steps to make those goals happen! I couldn't have picked a better college to attend.
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Lake Washington Institute of Technology has been an amazing experience for me. The academic support is phenomenal and the class sizes are made for optimal learning environments! I feel vert confident in the skills these professors have fostered in me
I have found the professors and staff to be incredibly friendly and helpful as I am working on getting my degree. Much better than my last school
I like the extreme hands-on atmosphere, my course had me working side-by side with the technology we studied. I was taking machines apart, putting them back together and learning every piece of equipment and the functions along the way. I believe this approach was instrumental in me becoming as proficient with computers as I am today. The faculty is very helpful and their overall goal is to help you succeed, this mindset enabled me to get my best GPA yet!
I am in the Bachelors of Science: Transportation, Logistics, and Supply Chain Management program. And so far it is an excellent program. I am learning a lot and it's becoming evident within the things that I do within the field. I am looking forward to taking more classes and learning more at lake Washington Institute of Technology and finishing the program.
Wonderful place for education. Everyone cares about you and making sure you succeed. Staff is friendly. Lots of chances to participate in current events. The study center has amazing resources for tutors and writing help.
Lake Washington institute of technology is a very diverse school. The teachers are amazing, and the programs are all up to date. Definitely a happy student.
I love this school! They have a great atmosphere, are very involved in the students and community, and have TONS of resources for many things.I had a great experience while attending LWTech! I met some great friends and some great instructors which made the entire experience worth the time and effort.
I'm glad I braved the odds and did it!
Lake Washington Institute of Technology doesn't just make you feel like one student in a sea of thousands. This school employers great staff, advisers and educators, and you can see the affect this has on those that attend. For a smaller, more personable feel (with education as great as any university, but perhaps more opportunities for practical, hands on experience to help you in the workforce - LWIT might just be the school for you!
I have been to a few community colleges and Lake Washington is great. Their campus is new and up to date. I am going to be in the Dental Hygiene program and their clinic is one of the best I have seen. Their teachers are great and really want to make sure the students are succeeding.
I began going to Lake Washington Institute of Technology as a Running Start student during my senior year of high school, and I am currently finishing up my final class requirement to obtain their Business DTA. Overall, I have been highly satisfied with the experience that I have received at LWTech. The smaller class size allows for greater interaction between students and instructors, which I believe has helped me and my classmates to get a better understanding of the subjects we are learning. Most of the teachers here have worked in the industries they are teaching about, and many of them have also taught at other colleges and universities. Their experience has allowed them to enhance our learning experience and to provide us with career advice. LWTech has many helpful resources, including tutoring and financial assistance opportunities. I think that LWTech does an excellent job of making sure that every student has the resources and support that they need to succeed academically
Wonderful experience my first time around. I received a great education and looks forward to continuing my education here.
I have access to all help needed everyday.
certain classes should not be done online. such as math.
I did go to this college before and they had trouble finding a place for me to do internship and find a job.
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If I could not see my teacher for tutoring she would refer me to another teacher or the TRIO program.
I have enjoyed the staff, teachers and students in Lake Wa Inst college.
Because I am in a cat program; I am required to have full time credits.
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