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I have been to a few community colleges and Lake Washington is great. Their campus is new and up to date. I am going to be in the Dental Hygiene program and their clinic is one of the best I have seen. Their teachers are great and really want to make sure the students are succeeding.
I began going to Lake Washington Institute of Technology as a Running Start student during my senior year of high school, and I am currently finishing up my final class requirement to obtain their Business DTA. Overall, I have been highly satisfied with the experience that I have received at LWTech. The smaller class size allows for greater interaction between students and instructors, which I believe has helped me and my classmates to get a better understanding of the subjects we are learning. Most of the teachers here have worked in the industries they are teaching about, and many of them have also taught at other colleges and universities. Their experience has allowed them to enhance our learning experience and to provide us with career advice. LWTech has many helpful resources, including tutoring and financial assistance opportunities. I think that LWTech does an excellent job of making sure that every student has the resources and support that they need to succeed academically
Wonderful experience my first time around. I received a great education and looks forward to continuing my education here.
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I have access to all help needed everyday.
certain classes should not be done online. such as math.
I did go to this college before and they had trouble finding a place for me to do internship and find a job.
If I could not see my teacher for tutoring she would refer me to another teacher or the TRIO program.
I have enjoyed the staff, teachers and students in Lake Wa Inst college.
Because I am in a cat program; I am required to have full time credits.
There is plenty of tutors, access to computers, and teachers at this college to help you succeed.
Very accessible and easy to use
Finding great job opportunities and internships
Wouldn't change anything about it at the moment.
It's challenging, emotionally. But worth it.
I couldn't have found a better school for me.
If you apply for classes when your suppose to, any type of schedule is available. They even provide help in signing up for classes, before you can even sign up for the classes. I'm impressed with their flexibility and how well i can plan out my schedule. I live far away so i try to compact my days into long and few days of the week, and I am blessed to have that opportunity to do so at Lake Washington Tech
I haven't had experience through the online courses yet, all my classes are on campus. We still use the website, and use canvas for all our classes, and that alone is pretty straight forward and helps keeps us organized, i believe. A lot of my homework is done online, and very efficient, straight forward at where to turn assignments in and what needs to be done.
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Lake Washington tech has an awsome variety of professionals that know many other professionals, so the post grad services are constantly renewing. I'm vice president of a design group, and we get so many opportunities to work for others and design for them, its such a rewarding aspect brought by the school. I'm extremely impressed with their post grad services.
I'm extremely impressed with the professors I've had the chance to encounter so far. They know their subject on a professional level, and seem to know others in the profession, which is the best way to get people into the right careers out of college. They are passionate about what they teach, and sometimes really hard on the students just because they expect the best.
Before attending, I know people that have left lake Washington tech with full blown careers, so i was excited to see myself. I'm pleased to see my drawing teacher actually studied with current artist and has the ability to show other artists what shows up in his class. The teachers have many opportunities and are capable of giving careers to students that advanced, simply by knowing professionals that are looking for workers. I'm excited to work hard and possibly get acknowledged, because careers are very possible from lake Washington tech.
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