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The favcilities are always clean and groomed. The classrooms are well equipped with everything you need and if you’re struggling financially, they’re willing to help.
I have not had the privilege to take classes yet but I do know that the experience I have had with the staff and teachers have been phenomenal. They are very understanding, caring and attentive. They are a great example of what a school should be. I hope to attend very soon.
There is no career center, no alumni network, and I'm nervous about perusing a job with a license from here for fear of not being taken seriously
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Too many students and incompetent teachers. Would not recommend
A license is the only thing I'm taking from this school. They don't offer career services, the employees hardly know what they're talking about, and I feel like I have no help here.
Medical programs here seem to receive the short end of the stick. The fees go up at random and we do not get the clinical time we were promised.
You need extreme patience to attend this school.
The workload isn't that much especially if you have a job while attending school in the culinary program. If you are currently looking for a job in the food industry while attending the program though there are jobs posted up everyday and the instructors can recommend you for any of them.
Lake Technical College is the best place to get started at if you are looking to further your education at a higher institute in the future. They are more hands on than The Art Institute in terms of culinary arts and you finish with a certificate in no time.
The staff has done everything to assist me in following and completing my lifelong dreams.
They were easy to complete in a timely manner.
They provide networking in the Fire service so you get the opportunity right out of the gate to start a career.
Everything is easy to learn if you are willing to learn it.
Everyone at Lake Tech has a very kind and caring perspective on life.
Hands on training combined with situation training, prepares you for career like experiences.
My experience at lake tech has been beyond exceptional. The staff is great, and the courses are easy to manage and learn.
Classes are Tuesday and thursday nights and every other weekend. With class and clinical hours 7-3 on Saturday and Sundays, courses include anatomy and practicals and hand on practices.
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Its a small school with a personal touch and they make you feel like you are part of the team.
Best school to learn a lot fast, and start work
So far they give you the best hands on training, I've gotten. They actually prepare you for the real world.
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