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Lake Tahoe Community College Reviews

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LTCC is a great institution. There are expansive programs to help break barriers and an impressive variety of classes for a small institution. I was able to pursue my educational goals with free tuition.
Lake Tahoe Community College has been incredibly helpful with helping me achieve my goals. I've been fortunate enough to receive free tuition to get my AA in history, in order for me to transfer and receive my BA.
If you want to be taught to agentically follow orders, than LTCC is the place to become a good societal slave.
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This college is great for learning and has a friendly and easy going atmosphere. The teachers are also very nice, friendly, and accommodating if you have disabilities.
Lake Tahoe Community College offers unique and accredited courses:
I took all of my general education courses her prior to transferring to a state college. I have also taken certificate programs here. This college has outstanding professors who are passionate about the community, their subject, and the students.
Lake Tahoe Community College is very small it has not had much attention since it opened in "1975" but as of the last few years with my generation graduating high school they have a bigger student body than they ever have before and they are adjusting quite nicely to all of the needs of the students and staff.
Lake Tahoe Community College has been the best experience. It is great to be able to get my pre requisites done so close to home and with such low tuition.
The location of the college is tucked in a beautiful forest. There were more trees years ago but it is still beautiful. The air quality is better than surrounding counties. Public transportation comes to the college. Housing isn't the cheapest but it is affordable with a roommate (1 Bedroom 750-900) or (2bedroom $950-$1220) on average. The college has a great Art department and University hybrid building on campus. The soccer team is successful and rich people donate often to the community college.
Lake Tahoe Community College has a great location, beautiful campus with mountains in view. Education here feels very personal because of the small class sizes. Instructors are amazing always willing to help students. I wish they had a better program for pre engineering students. They have the math and science classes but not the engineering classes such as introduction to circuits.
Great school! Small classes and beautiful surroundings. Take advantage of everything Tahoe has to offer from school to the slopes!
It is an amazing first school to attend to with a great curriculum. With a diverse setting for all kinds of students, there's absolutely no lack of an off day. I would recommend this school to everyone.
i love ltcc, it has given me the tools to succeed in my educational goals and the skills required to be an effective professional - thank you lake tahoe community college!
So far attending Lake Tahoe Community College has been amazing. playing on the women's soccer team has taught me so much as a player and as an individual. the professors are amazing also they are very one on one. I wouldn't chose to go anywhere else straight out of high school. The campus is beautiful and the city itself is amazing. It's a perfect start for those coming from high school. The junior college is surrounded by beautiful nature and looks even more stunning in the winter time because of the snow. If I could change anything it would be the amount of construction that has been going on but I know the end result is going to make my school even more irresistible.
I love how helpful the entire staff is. They truly try their hardest to get you where you need to be for your career choice. The staff is constantly thinking of how to get you to the next level. Also, the staff treats you as an equal. In addition, the campus is beautiful so the instructors definitely use that to their advantage in order to enhance your learning experience.
The only difficult thing sometimes is going from semester to the quarter program, luckily I transfered from a quarter program. The counselors are really helping with estimating credit amounts.
Most of the online classes I took were great! Very convenient.
Popular place to transfer from. The career and school fair is pretty good, and the school has agreements for some schools in Nevada because it is close to the state line.
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There is a good variety, but enrollment is down so classes are not offered as often as I'd like. Apart from that, the quality was very good for a community college.
One can only expect so much of a mountain town. However because Tahoe is such a popular place, there are some more high caliber proffessors that work at the CC simply because they want to be in the mountains.
I ended up with incredible science instruction and I got lucky with my instructors. My anatomy and physiology teacher has since retired, but had worked at a medical school and was the most passionate and engaging instructor I'd ever had. After transfering out of UC Davis where my science classes were packed and impersonal, it was engaging and economical to switch.
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