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The school is okay. Most faculty is difficult though. A friend of mine was denied his PTSD support animal for three weeks. The has gotten better but not still good enough to eat. The class offered are good and so are the professors.
Lake Superior State University is a great choice if you are looking for an affordable campus and tuition! I love this campus not only because it's beautiful, but because it is a close knit community. you know not just faces, but names of almost every individual within your program. There is a lot of one on one interactions with faculty and classmates that make it incredibly easy to acheive your goals and be successful!
So far so good. It has your horrid professors like any college, but they are small and have a lot of programs to help you graduate on time. Its like privet school class size for public school prices.
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amazing college, with an extremely beautiful campus. When it comes to academics you do need to be scared. The professors here are trying to make sure you pass. They have many study opportunities to help you when you are struggling or even if you would just like some extra practice. Friendly people and located in a gorgeous town.
Its great because its small and the teachers are here to help you achieve greatness. I love the ability to walk to a profs office hours and they know who you are.
I am starting LSSU in the fall. So far my experience has been great. I have been welcomed by the academic advisors and the campus life staff. They have assisted me in picking out my classes and have been happy to answer any questions that I have. I am excited to be a Laker
I like the food and overall experience I gain from just being in the campus. The classes are small which is perfect for a person like me/student to professor ratio and how small the campus is. Osborn Hall is cute and small but the bathrooms could be redone compared to how Brady Hall looks, but I don't mind too much.
Lake Superior State University is a wonderful place to learn and grow. There are many opportunities available to make new friends and share ideas.
I loved the small campus and getting to know my professors and colleagues! I was given a lot of opportunity for hands on experience and I think that really helped me in my program of study. The area is small, but it is a beautiful place!
Lake State is located on the border between Soo Michigan and Soo Ontario. We have access to hundreds of acres of nature and also get free skiing at Searchmont Ski Resort in Canada. The professors have real world experience and the class sizes are small enough that they get to personally focus on you.
Lake Superior State University has given me the opportunity to make life long friends. Some of the professors go above and beyond to help their students succeed.
The faculty here are very attentive. They make sure you have everything you need to pass the class. Some professors are better than others but they try and accommodate. The campus is nice, not too long of a walk for building to building. The food here is not that great but it is edible.
What I like about Lake State is the campus and population size. All of your classes are less than a 10-minute walk. Because of the population size, it made it really easy to make friends. I also like our university's activities. There is usually always something to go do on campus. Such as paint, watch a movie, see a comedian or performer, etc. That is why I really like Lake State.
Overall, my experience at Lake Superior State University has been good, or as good as expected. The dorm rooms could use some work to or renovations, the professors are great, especially with the small atmosphere and the student body is very supportive.
Lake Superior state university was the only college i considered going to after I visited, the smaller campus size was my favorite thing about it.
The professors are very welcoming and helpful. One of the worst things about the university is the weather, and lack of plowing and deicing at some points. It seems like a very friendly university with a diverse range of programs to choose from. There are plenty of programs and evens to go to, from sporting events to movie nights, and craft nights, there is an event for everyone. Also, there are plenty of resources for students to succeed in their classes, if you're struggling, there's free tutoring and all of the staff are very helpful. There are also tons of perks from becoming a student, anything from free tickets to sporting events, to free access to the SAC, and discounts to the majority of the businesses in the area.
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I love the area. The professors are amazing and very encouraging and want you to succeed.Being so close to Canada opens you up to so many amazing opportunities. I have made s many great friends during my short time here.
Safety doesn't seem to be a concern with the school, whether it is dangerous weather conditions or anything dealing with harassment. The school is lacking in safety and doesn't seem to be concerned about safety.
It’s a great campus and the teachers actually care. The campus is a great environment for learning and bonding with others. The academics are pretty good; and I fell like I’m always learning. Very glad I picked this school even if the winters are terrible
The dining and dorms could be improved but other than that I enjoy going to LSU; I’ve had a very good experience thus far in my education. And I would recommend the school to many others