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The online program they use is very simple to understand and operate. I believe anyone would be able to use it.
I went here to get my generals done and I had very easy classes with a lot of nice teachers. Recommend if you're going for generals.
The online learning experience is not bad. The professors are usually good about answering their emails and about being specific in what they expect.
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College has been decent. The classes are good size and the teachers have been good. I wish there was more help for people who don't have the option of working less.
I have already took 4 online classes the professor is very helpful and are always trying to help us figure out how get things done through online learning.
I love Lake Superior College everyone is so helpful there from admission to financial aid and also most of the professor are the best they focus on our grades always wants us to do our best. The best college for me.
This is a great college, especially if you’re looking for one on one learning and great teachers who want to help you succeed. They have a variety of classes and programs to apply into.
I have had nothing but good things to say about the online classes. So far every class I have taken from LSC was an online course and the teachers have gone above and beyond my expectations.
I just started taking a few classes here this semester and so far, all I can say the teachers are great. They take time out of their busy schedules to help, rather than my last college where they barely made the time to help me. The student life is amazing. The students are amazing and welcoming, they encourage you to get out there and join clubs to be an active student.
Lake Superior College is an excellent college in northern Minnesota. I am attending LSC for Aviation Mechanics and I could not be happier. The facility that the school has provided is nothing short of exceptional. They provide tools and an abundance of airplanes for us students to work on and experience what we are learning hands on. The staff that is employed at LSC are great people who do their jobs well. I have called many times with questions, and they are always so polite about redirecting your call and getting your questions answered quickly and correctly. I have had nothing but a great experience at Lake Superior College, and I hope is continues that way!
Love this school! Always clean and quit. Teachers are there to help and so are the advisors and business office. They try and help their students succeed!
Was the first college I went to. Met people who I believe will become lifelong friends and was able to understand what it's like to be a college student in a good college close to home.
The nursing program at LSC is top notch. Its difficult but I know Im being prepared to be a skilled nurse ready to face the challenges of the work confidently.
As a current PSEO student and high school senior, I can confidently say that my LSC experience has been the best. Most of the professors I've had are amazing and are easily accessible outside of class. They take the time to make sure that you understand the information. The resources LSC are easy-access and very straightforward. The advisers are knowledgeable and willing to go above and beyond to help you succeed.
LSC is a solid community college. There are few frills, but the staff and professors do care. I recommend it as a jumping off point for further studies, one can't understate the advantage to completing an associates degree before jumping into a 4 year university.
Very friendly and welcoming! I went to a 4 year college before LSC, I did not get the help I needed, like I did at LSC.
I absolutely love this place! The staff and faculty are extremely nice and won't brush you off when you have a question. I never had a negative experience with anyone there. The atmosphere is really nice and welcoming too! It's also an amazing place to focus on your studies and make new friends along the way.
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Lake Superior College excels at ensuring its students needs are met. The professors are accessible, well educated, and exceedingly friendly. There is an abundance of information and help available for students and there is always someone available to help answer any questions you may have. The campus is also incredibly environmentally conscious with easy access to recycling and composting for students.
I think it's great and close to home if you still live in the Duluth area. You have freedom to choose whether to live on or off campus. The classes are nice. The teachers are too.
I decided to start my education at Lake Superior College my senior year of high school by doing PSEO, and now I am soon to be entering my last semester until I recieve my AA. My experience throughout these years have been unforgettable between the classes that I have had and the people I have met. There are some professors that I would never reccomend to others, and others that I cannot speak highly enough of. I enjoy the fact that you are able to recieve your AA degree within 2 years at a very reasonable tuition rate, and to also explore quite a few different career options.
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