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The majority of the faculty are very helpful, friendly, and nice. It is rare to have a bad encounter with a faculty member.
Very calm and tranquil campus. Their academics need improvements though. They offer a variety of courses and majors to choose from. However, not all their professors are very professional at their jobs, and some of the textbooks they use in their course are of poor quality. They are a small community college, but they are growing, so I believe they should have increased security around. They are not very expensive, and there is not much of a party scene on the campus, aside from camps events done by the student government or administrators. Their most popular major is nursing, which they off a nursing program for. If your interest is in nursing, then I would recommend this college for you.
As a current student of Lake Sumter State college, I am ready to give my honest opinion of my college to help others. First thing is that if you live in Clermont Fl, the distance is great and it saves you some money for the first two years. That enrollment process is super easy and fast. The admin area/service is not the best but you can still get things done if you fight for it. The campus is a small, neat environment. It is diverse and easy to find your way to everything. The awesome thing is, it has a library right next to it...walking distance and a small cafe for quick meals. On the downside, I wish this college had more options for majors.
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Loved the classroom sizes. Easy to maneuver at the Leesburg campus. Professors seem like they take time to listen as well.
I have been taking classes this past semester and enjoy all my teachers, peers and environment of Lake Sumter State College. Most teachers and classes use an online computer system that I easy to use and consolidates all information in one simple application. The campus is beautiful with green grasses and shady trees. There are multiple opportunities to join in Student Life activities.
It is a great state college and close to home and very affordable. I love that the class sizes are small which means more one on one with the professor. I feel like it needs a better cafe.
I like Lake-Sumter State College for the diversity and how different it is from high school. Of course, there are quite a few Dual Enrollment and Early Admission students, myself included. However, the students are quite mature and the teachers are, on average, very knowledgeable in their subjects. However, there are a few teachers that tend to ramble about political things that don't need to be brought up in class. In any case, a very good small school and I recommend it to anyone living in the Leesburg area. The Clermont campus is also very lovely but I have not attended classes on this campus and thus cannot say more about it and the Sumter campus is incredibly small.
I have attended LSSC college through its DE program through my high school. I would say that the staff is very engaging and helpful. Many of the teachers that are through LSSC are good at their Jobs and that they hope for their students to be the best. Though Lake-Sumter State College I am able to obtain my AA degree and can Transfer to a bigger University. Their online classes are very engaging and teachers are easy to contact. However, LSSC campus could have better funding for there campus, as their campus is very outdated and has a dangerous parking lot area. Overall, I have had an overrall positive experience through LSSC.
Very good small college, there are very good professors who want their students to succeed. There are a lot of clubs to be involved in and they have lots of resources for students to study and get their work done.
I really love this college, they make the environment very comfortable for the students attending. They have a student lounge where you can play billiards, foosball and they also even added a volleyball court in the Clermont campus. The teachers are very kind and understanding, they are always there to help you with your work. If only I could get my bachelors degree with them I wouldn't be thinking about transferring over to a university.
I absolutely have enjoyed the past two years I have been studying here at LSSC towards my Associates. The Student Life at LSSC is very diverse and has something for everyone, every week. There is a wide variety of clubs to join. The professors are FANTASTIC! They are so willing to help, genuinely want to see you succeed and have great knowledge on the subject they are teaching. Overall, I highly recommend Lake Sumter State College.
lake sumter is a wonderful experience, everyone is very nice and helpful. The teachers are very professional and experience. its a great college to start at, everyone is really involved with your learning.
Lake-Sumter is overall a good college. They have recently changed to a state college, but still has the community feel. Half of the campus if filled with dual-enrollment students and older adults coming back. It is in a smaller town, but conveniently in the middle of town. The classes are small enough where you can ask questions and have a personal relationship with your professor. They offer multiple clubs and sports and Lake-Sumter is a great place to get involved.
I’m currently attending the nursing program. The only issue I’ve had at this school was with financial aid. But overall it’s a really good school and professors work well with you.
Most of the professors so far don't seem to actually care to teach, with the exception of my A&P II teacher who is great. I actually feel like I am learning something for the first time since being enrolled. Very difficult to get communication with anyone if there is an issue, particularly financial aid. I have sent countless emails and they don't answer the question I sent them. Was awarded a $6k scholarship that I actually cannot use from them because it has to be used Fall term 2018 and my other grants will cover this term... Could really use that money for next year, but they said it has to go back to the foundation. It was my award, why is my gift being taken away from me???
Really good professors, a lot of available courses, and a sweet cafeteria. Lot's of nearby places off the campus to get food too.
This school is such a good mile stone for young adults coming out of high school. I’m here on a softball scholarship and honestly it’s such a good feeling to be involved in the athletics of this school. Being that there is only three sports, baseball, softball, and volleyball, all of us are pretty close and supportive with each other. The teachers are so much help and I’m so thankful for the opportunities I’ve been given on this journey of mine.
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From my 2-year experience at LSSC, I wish I could continue my studies there, but I can't. If you're looking to pursue your AA degree in any field, go to LSSC! They'll make it worth your while with fun activities, socialization, and also study areas all around the campus. Although it's a small college, it's an amazing place to connect with your professors and create friendships that might last a lifetime!
This school, although local, lacks any variety. It is conveniently located, but is too small to have a large selection of classes. There are usually only two options available to pick from, and it is even harder to find a class that does not conflict with another schedule.
I loved how much the teachers cared about us students. It so comfortable and affordable. It made you feel like you were at home. The staff also helped you alot.
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