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The teacher's are quick to respond and very helpful. They website is fairly easy to navigate. All the information I need in regards to assignments and deadlines has always been easily accessible.
This college is extremely affordable. The atmosphere is quiet and friendly. The class sizes are small, so the opportunity for one-on-one and assistance is always there. There is all varieties of people, even though it's a small college. I met many people from out of state and even from out of the country, from all different walks of life. My only qualm is that I wish there was more of a variety of programs to work toward.
Lake Region State College has an absolutely amazing nursing program. All the instructors and support staff are exceptional and very personable. I’m glad this college is close to me. I wouldn’t want it any other way.
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Everyone is extremely friendly, and very helpful. They make you feel completely comfortable and make it easy to get into school again.
It was a very good experience for me even though I am very antisocial. The small class sizes made it no problem and the professors were very nice and helpful. I was not into sports so I do not really know about them for LRSC.
This is a small campus where you can get to know your classmates and instructors on a personal level. Coming from a small rural high school this was a perfect match for me. The learning environment is great, there is always someone around to help out. Classes have been beneficial to help me advance my education to be able to transfer to a 4 year college.
its a great college, the workers and the students are a perfect fit, the colleges location is out of the town but over all the experience I having is exactly what I needed.
Lake Region State College is one of those colleges that makes you feel welcome no matter who you are, from the professors to the costodians, to the students everyone makes you happy and you will make a lot of great friends here, but I will say the campus food it ok, it could be better.
I enjoy the academic part of Lake Region State College very much and am glad to be a part of the fitness program like I am. Other areas of the college could use some improving however. First to come to my mind, the food service & some instructors aren't teaching up to the college level like I would hope sometimes. I think the overall environment could using some improving for sure; and it would be nice to see more money go into the school itself.
It is a small, well-connected campus. It is cheaper, but not worse in any way by educational standards.
LEctures are through the television.
its worth all the money I've put into the programs.
The programs are brought into the areas by the local facilities
I recommend the nursing program!
I've had to call multiple times for the same issues over and over. Theres not a lot of communication it seems between offices.
I love my program! Have some of the best instructors available.
I am not that far into my major yet. I am still working on my essential studies credits. After I get most of my essentials studies credits taken care of I will be able to apply to get into my program.
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There were always stuff going around on campus. I could go to sporting events, plays, study sessions in the library. The campus made me feel more involved.
I did very well at LRSC. It helped me get used to what a university will be like. It slowly adjusted me from high school to going into a harder level of learning at a university level.
This college had good resources! I was always able to find information out from the website. It was very user friendly.
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