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I love Lake Michigan College because it really made me open myself up to how important an education is, since then I've been pursing to become a registered nurse.
Lake Michigan College is a nice, affordable college with a fairly diverse campus and newly built student housing. I enjoy most of my teachers, some can be harsh and not very understanding.
The school is a very great place to start before transferring to a University . I truly love everything about it and how less stressful it is to attend. Classes are close. And the Dorms are beautiful.
Review Lake Michigan College
You have plenty of class times and campuses to pick from.
the online homework is easy to understand
I get nervous an LMC degree won't look as good as a university degree, but most people tend to find a job after graduation. and they have a WMU southwest campus
Glad i chose to save money and go to a good school with a good price.
I'm still in the pre rec classes for my program, so i don't fully know.
Would rather be at a university, but its affordable and the teachers really help you learn the material.. make sure to ask questions.
I mainly take higher level math and physics courses (differential equations, linear algebra, engineering physics, etc.) and they often only have one teacher teaching one section of it, so it can be difficult to find classes.
We don't really have that large of a career center, since the former director of it was let go.
They offer a wide range of internships. One thing that isn't so favorable is the alumni - this is a community college, so often there aren't as many "hot-shot" alum that you'd see at a larger university.
I was afraid at first, that if I attended this community college that I wouldn't be a part of a challenging curriculum, or that I wouldn't be prepared for university-level academics. However, all of the classes I have taken have been equally challenging as the classes that fellow friends have taken at other larger universities, so I definitely think that my courses have prepared me for transferring
One of the most incredible things I think that comes out of the CS program at Lake Michigan College, is how closely the faculty work with you. I know students who - simply after completing their first three programming classes - were accepted into internships paying upwards of $25 an hour. And the reason they got those scholarships was from the recommendation of the staff - they really do work closely with students and help them to ensure that they succeed.
Coming from such a small high school, one of the biggest things I value about Lake Michigan College is the fact that, although offering somewhat of a typical "college" experience, it also has small classes with teachers that listen to you and work individually with each student. I have had a lot of great experiences at this college, and met tons of great friends. In addition, if you work hard, and get a great GPA and are involved in a lot of extracurriculars (which LMC does have) you can definitely transfer to a great school. I was recently accepted to the University of Michigan as a transfer student, which was my dream school in high school; after a short break spent at this great community college I was able to achieve my dream of attending it.
i ahve not taken any online classes but i have heard that they are ok.
this is the only college i have attended so i have not had any problems with transferring credits.
Review Lake Michigan College
i have not finished my associates degree yet so i dont really know of the post-grad services.
like the smaller class sizes! that part is definitely nice and great!
from my understanding, degrees from my school is valued and respected.
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