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Lake Land is a pleasant college, albeit in a rural area that can be quite dull. It is, however, very safe. Police frequently patrol the parking lot in SUVs, and can occasionally be seen indoors. The student body is not diverse compared to other colleges, but is fairly diverse for the area. The professors are probably my favorite part of having gone to Lake Land. I have only had two professors I wasn't particularly fond of, but all the rest I have had were very personable, knowledgeable, and easy to approach.
Lake Land College is a great community college to attend and get a jump start on your degree. The college is affordable, with still obtaining the college feel. Every professor I had was able and willing to answer my questions within a fast time span. I also loved the option to rent books, which saves so many students money. The college has so many sports, activities, and groups to join, leaving endless opportunities for friendship. The only thing I would change is more food options, Subway is the only food option besides vending machines, and that can get old quickly.
I like that they are very individual based when caring to your needs and goals but I would like to see the counselors and advisors be a bit more organized when guiding the students with classes they need to take.
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I was always able to go to my professors for help at any time. All my classes easily transferred to my four year university. I was also able to get ahead with dual credit classes offered at my high school. I would highly recommend Lake Land to anyone who is looking for a college education and wants to graduate debt free!
I've had a great experience at Lake Land. I've had great professors who were extremely helpful with only one exception. Both on campus and online classes went well without any major issues. The college offers great scholarship opportunities for students who do well academically. The campus itself is clean and nice, and offers a multitude of great services.
Lake Land College is an excellent institution, especially for its size. Although I did not think that I would enjoy it here, I truly do enjoy it.
This college is small which made the transition from high school or college a lot easier for me. All of the staff members are very kind and welcoming. I did have multiple issues with them misspelling my name and creating two different accounts for me. This made registration very stressful and confusing. The food court is extremely small and there is not a very good variety in food to choose from. Other than that, I love the campus and the employees.
The class sizes are small. Instructors are very friendly and get to know their students. Campus and surrounding community is pretty safe.
The one thing that I love about Lake Land College is the agriculture department and how we are all so close. All in all, I have had an amazing experience here at LLC, I have not experienced one bad advisor or instructor. As a student here I really see no changes or concerns, it is a great community college that has taught me so much as well as prepare me for when I transfer to a university.
I like how small the campus is. It's easy to get around and know where you are. I wish they had more food options besides just subway because it gets old after a couple days in a row.
I would much rather take online courses. Some courses are definitely an overload. Normally you get a week to work on them. A lot of online discussion goes on.
There are several options that the school offers.
The classe sizes are decent. There are about 30 people in each class. The teachers make sure to make the point that they have office hours and to go to tutors if needed. They tell you to email them if you have any problems at all.
There are several spots where you can work on campus. When you get accepted they have specific people already trying to help you get a job more focused on your major and they also try to get you internships.
There are sociology clubs and family consumer science clubs. The college wants all students to be active in activities. The clubs are posted all over campus.
The Professors will work with students and they do not want their students to fail. They encourage students to get help if they need it.
I loved taking online classes. They are convenient and worked with my schedule. The professor was helpful and responsive with any issues and I got to work on my class at any time of the day.
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Being a nursing major is great and I love the school.
Career prospects are readily available for students to explore options in their field.
The quality of classes are great and the professors are awesome.
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