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Lake Erie college is a small campus. Therefore, everyone pretty much knows each other. Also, the small campus means that you can walk everywhere without needing to take a car to the other side of campus.
I liked the small classroom environment, but I would like to see the school more structured when it comes to the Academic Learning Center.
The College was nice and small. The professors leave their doors open and are very helpful when needed. The students are very nice it is enjoyable meeting them at school everyday. The school is very dedicated to sports and almost everybody plays sports. If you are not going to college and playing sports I think it will be harder to go to Lake Erie College get the full college experience. I do not recommend Lake Erie College for people who are there just for an education.
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I came to Lake Erie College for the equestrian program. Their program is incredible; it truly prepares you to go out and have a career in the equine industry.
i love it it. I have been here for a week and it has by far been the best experience of my life. i am excited to start the work in my classes cause i know it will grove me into a better and well thought out person. the teachers here keep me interested in their lectures and even more intruded in the work they give us. i can not wait to experience these next four years.
My peers at Lake Erie are very helpful and nice. They make you feel right at home. I like the fact that this is a small college you are able to have more one on one time with your professors. The staff are helpful with me transitioning from high school to college and also being 12 hours away from home. I would recommend going to this college.
I was well-prepared here, supported by staff and faculty - whenever I needed detailed feedback or guidance, they were immediately available and eager to help. If you want to start a project, do research, get internships, or help out in the community, you have to have some initiative but it pays off. I got a really cool internship through the career services and completed a fulfilling work-study.

I took classes and electives in several departments outside my major, including education, communication and psychology, and I gained a lot of practical knowledge. Professors are intelligent, funny, and made learning feel less like work. Definitely recommend the senior capstone project required by several majors because it gives you the research and writing skills needed to do a master's thesis project closely supervised by faculty.

Student body is quiet but has a lot of neat interests and passions. The college could do more to bring that out, but there's a lot of potential.
I want on a visit with my school. The tour was nice! I oved how the tour guide actually explained everything on the visit. We saw almost everything. I fell in love with the café. The food was sooo GOOD. If I had to guess, I gained about 4 pounds that day. The dorms were a nice and were well spaced. I enjoy looking that gyms as well. Overall the visit was nice, I wouldn't mind visiting again.
I am very pleased with my experience at Lake Erie thus far. I find their Legal major and Criminal Justice major very fulfilling.
My experience at Lake Erie College has been a good I have met some really good people who I have became friends with in my short 4 months here ... Also the classroom atmosphere here is very great because teachers know you personally with such small class sizes and another reason is that you get way more individual attention from the teachers.
I like the size of the campus. Class sizes are small. Good interaction with professors I feel comfortable. I wish the campus apartments had more parking spots for residents. There needs to be assigned spots so there's a spot for students.
The campus is great and very clean. The teachers care about their students' success and are willing to take time to help the students that need help and will make sure that all of their students understand all of the information.
security is always around, if you lose something, they will email all students instantly of lost items
some professors are hard and some of the courses depending on your major
not very common here because we are a private school most students commute
football team could be better but lacrosse is the top sport
lip sync battle is the best
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The few amazing professors I have had at Lake Erie make up for the other less than friendly, cold professors.
Take part in the mock interviews if you can! I got a real job on the spot while participating, and I got extra credit for another class just by going.
On campus I have always felt safe even walking home alone. However, if you live in the student apartments and have to walk home late at night I would recommend having someone walk with you.
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