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The online experience wasn’t the best but the instructors did what they could. My welding Instructors did a good job at getting us what we needed and my gen ed instructor didn’t do to much but did enough to get through it.
Overall I really enjoy Lake Area Technical Institute. I took the welding technology course. the course was good and the material that was covered was all I expected and was great for only a one year program. My instructors are awesome and do a great job at helping you when you need it. I’m going back for my AAS in welding and I already and tell that the course will be helpful in my career and that the instructors will be great. The campus is pretty easy to navigate through and is always kept clean. It’s a great looking campus and mostly everyone of the employees are nice and willing to help if you need anything. Like I stated before my welding Instructors were great and my first semester gen ed instructor was also great but my Second semester instructor was not the best. They didn’t know really what they were doing and probably shouldn’t be teaching that particular course. It seemed they cared more about them selves then the students and was hard to talk to in general.
I like the positive energy by the staff and how clean and neat the school is. The staff are very helpful and attentive to your needs.
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I love the flexibility and understanding of the LATI staff. They are very considerate and a always quick to respond.
I liked how you really got connected to the Professors and other students! It was really easy to make friends and be involved at this college. You were very easily able to get help if you needed it and ask questions with out feeling nervous because of the smaller class sizes. Being able to work hands on is also very nice. You really get a feel for what you are doing and are able to experience it first hand. I think you get a great learning experience here and are able to use it in the real world.
I have visited Lake Area multiple times as a high school student. Everyone is so friendly and helpful and it’s a great atmosphere!
I am currently enrolled as an online student at LATI. I really enjoy my classes. My professors are all easy to work with.
I will be attending Lake Area Tech in the fall of 2020. I have visited the campus a few times and have been pleased every time. The staff and professors there are absolutely amazing. On top of all that it's really close to home and very convenient for me.
Lake Area is ranked the number one two year school in the nation. I would recommend anyone to continue education here. The variety of programs are endless and the facility is very impressive and care about your education greatly. In my opinion being at a two year school you get the attention you need and want, you are very hands on with your teachers and fellow classmates.
I absolutely love the buildings and spaces to learn and develop a skill that will set me on a great path for my career. All the staff seemed super nice and I enjoyed my tour of the campus.
So far my experience with Lake Area Technical Insitiute has been great, I really do enjoy the Administration there. They do a good job at letting students know how to do things correctly for college. Its easy to go from not knowing anything to knowing a lot of about the college life works.
I have attended Lake Area Technical Institute as a student and have been a tutore their for one year. I learned that the school pushes you past your limits to learn the amount of information for your future career in a limited amount of time. I do notice that a lot of the kids do not learn as much on the online classes; however, they do try their best.
My experience at Lake Area Tech has been wonderful. The staff are always willing to help, understand, and just always wear a smile on their face. I am happy I choose to come to Lake Area Tech. It has been amazing.
Lake area tech is a very young campus, I was recently looking into Mitchell tech and the difference between the two is amazing! To me Lake Area is all about getting you into the right careeer for you and making sure you succeed! And they tell you it’s okay to chbsvge your mind, where Mitchell tech wants you to find your “carreer” and stay to it whether you like it or not. The staff at lake area is super friendly and always ready to help
Lake Area Tech has a really nice campus and responds really quick. There is no dorm requirements, unlike universities, which I really like.
The teachers here are great, the food is better than expected and all the staff is very kind. I knew I’ve made a good choice by going to a smaller school.
At Lake Area Tech, the teachers, instructors, and administrators truly want the best for you and your future. The class sizes are small which makes the learning experience more personal. There are many opportunities to be a part of many different activities!
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I am actually a transfer student from a much larger university. The atmosphere at Lake Area Technical Institute is completely different. The teachers care about each and every student. The school wants every student to succeed in life, it is such a good feeling to have such amazing people push you and want you to succeed during a difficult time of becoming an adult and pursuing a degree.
Lake Area Technical Institute is your home away from home. It sounds cliche, but holds true. You get to actually know your professors while you are getting a university experience, at a small, community college. You get what you pay for, and I see that as a professional and real-life experience. I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have been given in the time that I have been here.
They have a very kind staff that will welcome you to the school with open arms. If they know you are coming they will put a welcome sign with your name on it it in the main part of the school for you to see. Will accommodate to any needs that you may have and can answer almost every question you can think of. It's a very clean school with a lot to offer to any student or visitor on they're campus.
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