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I'm very happy with my LCAD experience! I was surprised with all the stuff going on here. Classes are very interesting, and there's a plenty of other activities in the college. Teachers are very good and it's always a pleasure to talk with them!
I particularly am grateful for the experience I've had as a fine art student, in regards to the classical training I am receiving in drawing and painting.
This school is everything and more I coould have ever expected to get out of and art college. I love the general atmosphere because it helps me get inspired and you can tell all the staff care about the students' success.
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I find LCAD to be an exceptional college with professors who really know what they're doing and truly care about the growth of their students. The class sizes are small so it's easier to get the one on one attention students should have for more effective learning while maintaining a group setting. However, not every major has these same qualities of learning and the administration can sometimes get in the way of some student's learning outcomes. Yet, from personal experience, I love LCAD and it has taught me valuable lessons and nurtured my growth as an art student and soon to be professional in the industry.
LCAD is a great school. All of the professors are skilled and helpful. Main Campus is beautiful. The Big Bend campus could use extra parking.
I'm applying to this school and so far when emailing the school for help in questions I have, they respond very quickly and show that they care for students!
I have only been to this school for one semester thus far, so I may not be the best judge of the school's academics. However, just the first semester was difficult and you are going to lose sleep just trying to keep up with the workload. If you pay attention to the teacher's demonstrations and lectures and put effort into the assignments you'll see an improvement in your work.

The on-campus housing kinda sucks. It's just a bunch of garages they put bunkbeds in so they can squeeze in as many students as possible, and its priced in the thousands. You can find cheaper places nearby for $500-800.
Someone was hit by a car when crossing the street from the dorms to the main campus.

One of the biggest advantages to LCAD is that it will accept a lot of transfer credits from other schools, a lot of my classmates seem to be transfer students and I was moved up from Freshman to Sophomore due to the number of credits I had completed at my previous school.
From just a few days of visiting, I fell in love with the unique campus of Laguna college of Arts and Design. It has a diverse group of art students that come from differing backgrounds and levels of skill. Each student is treated to a unique and one of a kind campus that is split between two parts, the Main Campus, where the art, writing, and illustration takes place. And Big Bend, where all the game art and animation takes hold. Overall, Great campus and I look forward to attending.
Need to provide more meal and housing options. Allow more food trucks. Open a hostel like environment. Start some work for stay programs.
The campus is quite beautiful and quaint with a wonderful artistic atmosphere. The professors are very knowledgeable and work within the fields they are teaching; though the work load is rather heavy. However, things worthwhile don’t come easy and hard work and dedication is a must. With that being said, it would be nice if the campus wasn’t broken into two different locations. Also, crossing Laguna Canyon Rd can be quite dangerous, traffic is absolutely horrible and people don’t like stopping even though there’s a light!
I feel perfectly safe while on campus. I have never felt isolated or in danger in any way. It's a rather small campus and there are always other students walking, sitting, drawing, etc. All classrooms open to the outside, like a strip mall, and usually keep their doors open, so a professor is always within ear shot.
One of the biggest deciding factors for me when applying for this school was their affiliations with companies in the field I'm studying. In fact, my very first class on campus was taught by a senior artist working for my dream job company. Not only that but she is also an alumni of the school! This is definitely huge, for me personally, when considering future internships and a career path. As the faculty know exactly how to help you achieve your goals and help gear your portfolio/resume in the appropriate direction.
My overall college experience has been a relatively good one, so far. Switching from a two year community college, after receiving my associates, was a bit daunting as things were handled differently, not to mention the cost difference. But I survived. However, financial aid could be addressed in a far less confusing manner. Clear cut and to the point, money is no joking matter.
It is the best and you couldn't ask for a better location
its in Laguna Beach can't get better than that
Not only does it provide cutting edge technology but a beautiful campus in a beach setting
We have a very good security team that make you comfortable for the most part.
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The main career counselor is excellent and very helpful.
The dorms themselves were awful. Mostly because of a faulty fire alarm system that goes off whenever anyone cook something.
Again, I only give this rating because this doesn't apply to the school.
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