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LaGrange College is great if you are interested in an environment that is similar to a close net community. Classes are also nice because they are so small, which allows the professors to help their students more than if they were to attend a larger school.
LaGrange College is a private liberal institution. If you’re interested in pursuing a career in the Arts, Business, or Nursing this is the school for you. The campus carries a vibe that leaves you surprised. On LaGrange territory everyone is encouraged to let their creative side out and do something different. No matter what it is. There are a dozen of neat things to do around campus too!
I liked the small college atmosphere. There will be a lot of one on one tutoring with the professors teaching such a small population. It is also very close to home. Since I will be playing football there, the coaches were very great people to be around. Also with me wanting to be a civil engineer. Lagrange has a pre-engineering program and has dual degree program with Georgia Tech and Auburn. Those two schools are well known for the engineering.
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I love the small college atmosphere at LaGrange. It's about three times the size of my (large) high school but the classes are smaller. Student engagement always has fun activities planned and while the city doesn't offer much, surrounding areas do.
I liked the tour of LaGrange College. I was able to take a tour of the campus, and I even got the chance to sit in on a class. Also, I met with the coaches and the team sounds like it would be a great experience.
LaGrange College lacked in the overall category student life, but it compensated for this weakness with its prestigious academics. While I would like to see a more student-friendly environment at LaGrange, I would change nothing about its engaging and professors who make the strong academic reputation of the institution possible.
LaGrange college is very good on academics and helping you get a job, but the overall annual price of the school is too high!
I really enjoy the small campus feel and the amount of one on one time you get with your professors. There are more sustainability efforts on campus, which is really exciting. They have a great English department. However, the campus is not the most diverse. This is to be expected in a small town, but unfortunate nonetheless. There are also not very many extracurricular opportunities outside of Greek Life.
Im currently in the RN-BSN program and am very pleased with the administration, help from the educators and ease of use the program offers. The fact that the school has maintained accreditation for the nursing program since the opening of the program is amazing.
Awesome school! The professors are great and care about your education! The professors are very accommodating and are willing to go above and beyond to ensure that you succeed! The school is located in Downtown Lagrange which makes it convenient to local attractions (movies, restaurants, etc.).
Greek Life is the easiest way to get connected to people at LaGrange College. There are only three fraternities and three sororities currently offered, so rushing isn't overwhelming. Greek Life tends to throw some parties, mostly the fraternities and almost anyone can go. It's only mixers and socials that invites matter, or Greek status matters. Overall the three of each tend to get along, but some of the sororities are cliquey and others could care less if you come from a different group. Rush is later in the year allowing you to really get to know each option and figure out which you like best. However once you join, you realize some groups are different than you thought.
The sports teams here, rarely win. And students don't tend to choose to attend sporting events. They will show up to the "big" games, or those games with free food or shirts attached to the entry. Basketball is one of the more widely appreciated teams at this school, given that they are usually the only team that carries a winning record. Football games have very poor turnouts and they typically loose their games. The school tries to make games for other sports more appealing by giving out CE credits, but even then you can only earn 6 CE credits for athletic events. The facilities are great if you are an athlete for the college. Otherwise you are pretty much left with a tiny room with a few treadmills, and elliptical to entertain you in one of the resident halls. The area the campus is located in doesn't provide you with safe running or biking routes, and most non athletes buy gym memberships from outside parties. Intramural sports tends to have a wide variety of participants, but as a non athlete it is very hard to get connected to a team.
LaGrange College, can be the place for you. If you like small school environment where you can't walk into a room without knowing at least one person. It has some amazing programs, such as nursing, business, education and exercise science. But at the same time some programs are really slacking such as the Spanish, History and other more liberal arts majors. As a Spanish major I find the program to lack diversity and opportunities. It is great to double major or minor with, but as a solo major it leaves too many gaps in the hours required to graduate. Also LaGrange has an intensive core program, they require classes that the majority of other universities and colleges consider electives, which can make transferring out almost impossible if you don't plan. They also require some other things such as CE credits. This being that you are forced to go to 40 different "Cultural Enrichment" programs put on by the college in order to broaden your horizens. I will say some of these have been helpful and interesting, others put you to sleep. Greek Life is small, but huge at the same time since there isn't much else to do in this town. I would say about 80% of the student population is made up of Student Athletes since it is a Division III school. It isn't great, but it isn't the worst school out there. Just make sure you know what you are planning on doing prior to coming to LaGrange College.
My college is unique and a wonderful experience. The classes are small. Therefore, extra time and energy is put in so that each student and professor learn to know each other.
Lagrange is a Division 3 school, and I can say that I am lucky to be a part of the football team. Unlike bigger D1 and D2 schools, we do not get compensated for our athletics. That is saying a lot considering that majority of the school participates in a varsity sport. Over half of the students compete in sports, and many of the other students play intramural sports. The students are our biggest fans since many people on the outside don't appreciate D3 football, but it's just as challenging as any other division. Our sport teams compete at high levels. Golf recently went to the national championship while basketball recently won back to back conference championships. The football team is on the rise as well as volleyball, baseball, softball, and soccer.
I enjoy the size of my school. Small classes make the work more face to face rather than being considered a number. Everyone on campus knows each other, and it feels like Lagrange College is its own community.
The security on campus mainly just gives out parking tickets, but that's only because things don't usually happen on campus. The biggest complaint is the health care they give us. Apparently, I am paying for a form of health care but I have heard it is the worst place to go, so instead I just go to a clinic if I need anything.
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I never really notice employers on campus, but sometimes there's a table with people from Chickfila or Walmart in the cafeteria.
I've come in contact with a few professors that I simply refuse to take ever again simply because they are unpleasant and unapproachable. But that's not to say that I haven't met a bunch that are like mentors to me.
I would say that it depends on which building you live in. Certain buildings are just not fun to live in, while others would love to live in other buildings. It just depends on which building.
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