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the college is very good for those majoring anything is finance and engineering. Everyone there treats each other well and the campus is very clean.
Lafayette has a beautiful campus, friendly atmosphere, and small class sizes. The courses are rigorous and the professors are tough but fair. My only complaint is that some of the residence halls are outdated and could use some renovation. Also very expensive, but they are pretty good about giving out scholarships to those who need them.
Though I have not spent very much time at Lafayette, I am already very excited to be spending my next four years here. The opportunities that I have available to me are plenty and bountiful, and the duality of engineering and liberal arts is both unique and effective. I've found my time so far on the Hill to be both rewarding and enjoyable.
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Lafayette is a really good school with fantastic academics, but to be completely honest, I've found it to be mind-numbingly boring here.
The environment created by the space, professors, resources, and much more allows students to find a place to feel comfortable and welcomed.
Lafayette has a small secure campus and provides a rich liberal arts education. The course selection provides for a wealth of choices. Traditional course selection is highly valued. Food services is awesome and campus housing is fun.
Love this college. Wide variety of activities, terrific classes, friendly people - who could complain?
With Lafayette being a liberal arts college, you get what you pay for.
I love the college and everything about it.
We are all required to take online classes to prepare for safety and health.
The dorms are very neat and well kept.
I don't know much about it.
The facilities and teams reflect that we are a division 1 athletic school.
Any time I have reached out to anyone in Lafayette they are always timely and kind in their responses. They offer real help.
My experience thus far has been filled with great, approachable professors, involved students, and a great learning environment.
Parties are pretty frequent and happening in a lot of places
The parties here are fun and don't place massive pressure on the student community
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Lafayette gives you the opportunity to have one-on-one time with professors on the forefront of their disciplines and to develop strong working relationships with them. With a shared research credit on your résumé, you will go far - and will have Lafayette to thank for that.
Lafayette is only getting more diverse with each year
It's there, but the students are smart about using it
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