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Online classes at Lackawanna College were very easy and the professors were very friendly. Highly recommended.
I went to Lackawanna College in 2006 and lived there. I had a good experience, the teachers were fantastic, athletics were endless, but the job opportunities were lacking. I am starting again this year in Nursing and I'm very excited.
From the moment I enrolled, all the people that I have connections with through the college and that I talked to from the time I first applied to now, a week after the end of my 2nd semester at school have kept in touch me with me and have been very supportive and helpful with making sure I am okay on both a personal and educational level. The classes have been easy up to this point and although I was lost at first, I now know my way around the buildings at the Scranton campus and I've even helped several people find their way. I have made several friends of different majors, ethnicities, religions, etc. and have even become great friends with several of my instructors or advisors. Overall, my experience at Lackawanna College has been the best experience of my life and I have made several connections and friendships that will last for the rest of my entire life.
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Great college to attend ! The people who work here dare about the students . They are helpful and some of the friendliest people you will meet , unlike most colleges . Small classroom sizes and
Tuition is affordable
I just liked how they were very kind to me on my campus visit and hopefully I will be able to get the chance to get accepted to the school as a undergraduate student for the 2020-2021 school year
The entire staff is extremely helpful and great to be around. I really enjoy my time there and I'm glad I have the opportunity to meet such amazing friends there who are always there to help when you need or are willing to receive your help.
Professors are helpful and are great at their jobs. School food is phenomenal. The local area of Scranton is a phenomenal, historic area. All sports teams are phenomenal, especially football. There is a great diversity of people from all different races, religions and ethnicities. They have some of the best, if not the absolute BEST Academic programs in the entire NEPA.
Lackawanna has small class sizes, and is in an easy location close to home. The library is right near the campus, and it offers a variety of on-line courses in addition to on campus. The staff in Financial Aid are great and easy to work with, as well as the other departments. And the teachers I've had so far have been great.
Its a must visit place , a very open college for those who may need extra help there's help provided at no cost
I love the small classes at Lackawanna College. The tuition is low which is great! No one has to worry about putting them self's into a lot of debt. Lackawanna is in a great location in downtown Scranton.
Lackawanna is a great school to help students grow and pursure their goals in life. Anyone looking to further their education, id reccomend Lackawanna
I went into the ultrasound program and they really remind you that you must attain an 82 exact or higher in each medical class or they kick you out of their program. I maintained an 3.8 GPA throughout the first year but when the finals came down, it counted as 50% of your grade. I had an 80% in one class because I did poor in one final and of course I was kicked out of the program. It really sucked because they make you purchase scrubs, a lab coat with their school name, and this background check things all costing around an additional $300 or so. I wish they would not make you waste your money, especially not being assured that you are going to make it in or not. As for living in the dorms, it doesn't matter if its weekdays or weekends, there would always be noise that wouldn't stop until 2-3 a.m.
I have attended this school for on-campus classes and it was a great experience. The teachers are very helpful and provide a lot of information. There are many activities for the students. Additionally, there are different free services that the school provides to help students with their career. The school is very clean and well maintained. There are different degrees offered and they are diverse, which is great for undeclared students. Overall, it is a great college!
Lackawanna College is a great stepping stone for sure. The professors are all very hands on and really strive to see their students succeed in the classroom. Located conveniently in Downtown Scranton.
I appreciate the fact that teachers ensure you know and understand the work. They also help you to finish a course if you feel like you don't have the ability to. I like that they allow us to use the YMCA facilities.
My experience at Lackawanna College has been amazing. I didn't think I would be as happy as I am once I started school there. The staff are really supporting and will help you with anything. You feel very comfortable there and it is an awesome school for great education.
I was fortunate to do dual enrollment here during my high school years, and have a great start on getting my Associate degree by the time I graduate high school. It was a tremendous amount of work, but well worth my efforts! I am grateful to the administration at both my high school and Lackawanna College for supporting my unique and ambitious plan.
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Love the atmosphere! So many great ways to get involved on campus. All the professors are there to see you succeed and will help you in anyway they can. Definitely recommend Lackawanna to anyone looking for a quality, inexpensive school.
I go to the Sunbury Center of Lackawanna College; it's affordable, the professors are kind and helpful. The director and enrollment specialist are extremely helpful! The learning environment is perfect for anyone who loves an almost one on one experience.
The staff at this school truly make you feel like they want you to be there. The supervisors make you feel like you're already family. The second I walked into the facility, I was greeted with nothing but smiles and friendly attitudes.
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