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I love the flexibility of mixing online and in class. This allows me to adjust my schooling to fit my family and work schedules each semester. The intersessions online allow me to get some extra credits in as well at a truly affordable price.
I like that there are many satellite campuses to connect all prospective students to get an affordable education and further them selves in life!
I attend the College located in Towanda. The advisors here aren't as helpful as I personally think they should be. Also, it is hard to find help at the financial office on main campus. There have been many calls made that were useless and didn't help at all.
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Lackawanna College is a very good school in my opinion in both academics and athletics. Something that is not so great about Lackawanna College would be the food and the strictness of the school. It is honestly as if we are in a small prison. You can't do anything at Lackawanna without being in trouble for it.
My overall experience with Lackawanna College was pretty good. I did have some issues with financial aide. Almost all of my professors where excellent.
Love this school. Its small and you get to know your teachers, there is a culinary school so you always eat good. The architecture is really nice, its a very old building and its stunning. Easy to park and also easy to communicate with the staff. The only negative is I wish they offered more courses,
Lackawanna college provides Good education for all students. It has very educated professors who are flexible at their works.
However the environment is very clean and
Overall Lackawanna was a good college. Very easy to locate classes, the professors were willing to help and listen to your concerns. The only thing I would change is majors. There isn't a huge selection to choose from. That being said its a good school that you will be glad to have attended.
great school to attend, great staff and excellent selection on courses. i would recommend lackawanna college to anyone!
Lackawanna College is a small college witch works out great for students that would not like a big campus. Most classes have about ten students, you can feel comfortable to ask any questions and have one on one discussions with your professor. The professors are very committed to their jobs and have a lot to offer to students when it comes to expanding their learning.
What did I like about Lackawanna college?That the classes are small and you can pay more attention.
Something I would change in Lackawanna college? I will change the parking space that need more then like 40 space that they got now. All I got to say today
Lackawanna College has offered the best possible education that I feel I could ever get. Every experience I have with Lackawanna in the past years has left me nothing but satisfaction. I wish I could give Lackawanna college a 10 star rating!
It's finals week. I'm a freshman in the pre-allied health studies and so far so good. Finishing up with a 4.0, possibly 3.9. Education here is actually pretty good if you test into the college level classes or have decent SATs. Professors are knowledgeable and they're all cool and there to help. I'm a commuter, don't socialize much here. People here in Scranton period are kinda weird. Even if I was looking to party, there's not much going on around Lackawanna. Go to a state school if you're looking to live it up. Overall, a little expensive for what you get, but a good place to get your college career started and save a little money. Do a year or two, save money, and transfer.
I look forward to going there. I start my freshman year this fall! I when for a visit I liked the environment it was quit and nice. I can't wait till I start going am so excited! I look forward to playing soccer for them!
They are small so it's easier to learn
Lackawanna offer many times to take courses. Whether you like to get up early, sleep in late, or go at night, they have several times to choose from and building your schedule is easy. It is also good to schedule early because the favorite teachers tend to fill up fast.
I am not an alumni of Lackawanna College, but I do know that they offer many local job and internship opportunities to their students.
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Lackawanna College is a great school. It is located close to downtown Scranton which offers a lot to do. There are a large variety of majors and courses. The class styles are mainly lecture based but many teachers also mix in group conversation and projects. Class sizes are very small only 20-30 students per class. The teachers will get to know you or at least know who you are and your name. You are not just a number. There are a mixed variety of students from younger to older. The student body is very athletic based and there are many artsy and "geeky" as this survey words it, students as well. It is comparably a lower priced school for quality higher education. I love Lackawanna. I wish they had a Spanish Education program so I can stay longer and not have to transfer.
Academics at Lackawanna are great. Some mandatory classes that are part of the Liberal Arts program can feel repetitive to high school, but it is only in some courses. Although from those courses, I have also learned many new things I never knew before. The classes are small and it is hard to fall behind as long as you attend class and complete your assignments.
Lackawanna College is a great school and the reputation is only getting better. The teachers and study body are very friendly. The class sizes are small. You are not just a number, the teachers will get to know your name as well as who you are as a person. The staff has many little events especially during finals week, where they give away free food and drinks to show appreciation to their students. Many planned special events such as dances and karaoke are planned, but have little attendance. The staff is always trying to figure out what their students will be interested in planning. Lackawanna has many clubs that will get you involved in your community and will look good on your future college resumes. The school is also right in the middle of Scranton so you can walk with friends to the little shops, restaurants, and cafes on your breaks. I have done very well here academically and have made many friends. I think Lackawanna is a great choice for a lower priced school that has quality education. It is a good starter college before you may transfer to a larger 4 year university.
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