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I cant say enough good things about Laboure. they are very helpful in everyway from figuring out finances to figuring out what classes you should take. The school gives you plenty of opportunities to get involved and provide resources for you to get a tutor or any help that you may need which is awesome!
Wonderful college and fantastic education! Alumni and returning for second degree. Can’t say enough great things about this college
I love Labouré ! They are flexible with day and evenings courses and let you go at Your on pace with classes.
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Laboure is a small and more intimate environment. Classes are smaller and you don't just feel like a number. It's very diverse!

Changes: More available classes for the working students. Every semester I am put on a waitlist for a class. Even if I sit on the computer the night before enrollment and wait for it to open up, I've found that most classes are already full by the time I enroll. This is regarding nursing courses.
Laboure is a diverse college with roots in the catholic community of schools. specifically a nursing school, Laboure offers a wide range of studies to future medical professionals in the healthcare field.
It's was worth the money, I have learnt a lot from the professors and the students as well.You are choose your schedule because it's very flexible. The students center is a great help.
This is a tight knit student body that all seek ways to support eachother in accomplishing mastery of the Nursing Program. The educational soft-ware promoted and used by the college, Lippincott's Coursepoint & PrepU are highly effective learning tools, allowing plenty of time to pursue, or maintain, full-time employment, or family commitments. Faculty is well educated, student-focused, and challenging. Great experience!
I'd like to see the school expand. There's a high number of students and not enough classes. The college is beautiful, but it can sometimes not accommodate everyone, in Nursing school flexibility is important.
Laboure allows the transfer of core subjects but not really electives because the college itself is a Catholic institution so they provide their own electives
Online courses were great especially during the summer time because it allows for a flexible work schedule
I believe Laboure provides sufficient information and opportunities for students to further their degree and pursue other careers
Admissions was always available to answer any questions
Applying to Laboure was very straight forward. The one stop student center was able to provide more than sufficient information to future applicants.
My academic experience at Laboure has been superb. I've learned so much and am always excited to learn more.
Laboure college really is dedicated to helping all students meet their full potential. All professors are tough but more than fair. Lessons are clearly presented and course material is easy to access
It is great to be majored in the nursing field as they are pretty knowledgable when it comes to making sure that each students is on the right path of learning and applying the skills to the real world situation
The school is very convenient as for location and the class hours are very flexible as professors gave options of joining other similar class that was being thought by them if in case one class were missed.
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I took an online course 2 semesters ago and it was very helpful and time manageable. I was able to reach out to the professor with any concerns or questions and the students were pretty involve as it was mandatory for them respond to 2 of the students works summary
I am not really sure of what the post-grad options are with the school
The professors are very helpful, The lecture class is very small and lab is devided with 2 teachers so all students have the chance of being hands on with the materials
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