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Labette Community College Reviews

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Amazing programs, excellent administration, and they offer many different programs to help students succeed.
Love it! Everyone is always willing to help. If you have questions the answers are always available. Have the Cherokee center near Pittsburg helps me because the is closer to home.
I loved attending Labette Community College. The staff is always extremely helpful. Labette is also very affordable. They offer small class sizes and excellent professors. I was never disappointed!
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Labette is such a great school to get your basics out of the way and to even take classes you would at a 4-year you can take here for a lot cheaper and more one on one with your teacher. This school has amazing teachers and faculty that will help you with anything and everything.
Recognition for my academic achievement countywide, statewide, and nationally.
I really enjoyed how everything is easy to obtain and get help from anywhere.
My instructors were very helpful for the most part, some were not as helpful as others.
I really like the whole atmosphere at LCC!
I love my online courses
Students do not reach out to each other
The fees are not itemized and it is difficult to understand what I'm paying all of the extra money for
The staff member in charge of this service is great.
Professors at labette do not challenge students like they should. Most lack common teaching skills. Most professors are "by the book" and do not teach the way I feel is necessary.
The school I attend now is not for dental hygiene. I applied to Missouri southern state university for dental hygiene
Do not have access to top resources
Its a very small school which means small class sizes.
There are a large amount of resources available on campus.
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The computer availability is great. There are enough devices for everyone.
I like the traditional classroom experience over online courses. I feel that the online courses are full of "busy work" to make sure students are participating.
There are things that are frustrating (the financial aid department) and there are things that are wonderful (the excellent teachers in dedicated programs). I put more weight in my academic program and the dedication my teachers have to make sure I succeed over the frustration I experience.
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