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I am going into my 2nd year at La Sierra University and the one thing I really enjoy there is seeing the beauty of the campus. They take pride in the look of La Sierra and they take care of the scenery. The people there are very friendly and since it is not a big campus you meet a lot of people. A few things I do not like about La Sierra University would have to be the food because it is for vegetarians considering it is a SDA school. Also the math depart is not that great so if you do consider going there, a lot of students tend to take math outside of the University. The best sports at La Sierra would have to be the women’s volleyball team, and both women’s and men’s soccer. But overall La Sierra is a decent school Andrea I would recommend it if you are looking for a smaller school.
La Sierra is the great university that can help you a lot not just for education but build your opportunity to changed your spiritual life. LSU also good for you if you would like to know and close with your professor or mentor because LSU has small classes and it really helps to know more with them. In La Sierra every staff and members on campus very good and friendly, if you have some problem they will help you and try to do something. One biggest thing that I like about LSU is my spiritual life changing every day and it's amazing because we not just get the education but also get something positive in life.
La Sierra University is a campus filled with hope that helps students, like myself, feel comfortable in the environment we are surrounded in. There is exposure to new cultures. I believe the skills students gain from the university are very helpful and help enhance academics and professionalism because they help students become more effective in school and in our careers. There are many things to expect to gain from a university, but I know La Sierra is a great college who is determined to provide students with the best resources to become great people and have a great college experience.
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The faculty at this university are incredible, they are genuine people that care about their students and their success. However, the administrative side of the school is highly corrupted, and focus on the business aspect of running a university.
I like the diversity La Sierra has. The university is filled with positive people and a friendly community.
It is a very good like the appearance. Seems to be a good environment to be in seems they are a lot of nice people here.
La Sierra University features a very comfortable and relaxed atmosphere. On top of this, the professors care for your success and do their very best to ensure that you do yours. The people here are very nice and welcoming as well.
Amazing and influential school. An amazing location and with great safety. Made fun friends who inspire me to be great.
La Sierra University is the dream university to attend. The class room size doesn’t consist of more then 26 kids per classroom. This makes it easier for the professor and your self to have a one on one help. Everyone here including students,professors and academic advisors are extremely helpful. La Sierra university guides you in the right direction for you the degree your trying to obtain.
i had the chance of visiting this college and honestly it doesn't look too bad. the fact that its seventh day adventist and you get to go to a college with people that share the same beliefs with you is amazing.
La Sierra is a Seventh-Day Adventist private school. I have never been to any private school before and I am not Seventh-Day Adventist. The University campus is huge , though the population of students is small. I like a small populated school because professors are more available and there are more options for one on one.
I enjoy the professors in the Ancient Near Eastern department and the department itself. They are very approachable and willing to work with the students and to meet the needs of the students. The department secretary within the School of Divinity is very helpful and resourceful in letting the students know what is going on with class additions and changes for the quarter. She also lets the students know about events and activities within the department in a timely manner.
I liked that it was a college expierence and all but Feel like it’s not as social as other schools. The main campus is much more social than the corona Campus and some professors are to old school with there course work.
The staff is really friendly and everyone connects with you. Also the teachers help a lot the it comes to studies.
Although some of the professors were not top-notch, most of them were quality teachers who really cared about students academic performance and community involvement.
I was there for a weekend on choir tour, the college students were insanely welcoming and gave us so much enthusiasm on our stay. The door housing was welcoming and the dorms themselves were clean and roomy. The food was delicious and I loved the pizza and variety of choices to pick from. The campus itself is very beautiful and it made me very excited to join in the fall. I loved the pretty water fountain when you first drive into the campus. Their teachers seemed very much happy while we got a tour of the campus. The students waved and said hi and greeted us as we walked around campus. My experience was great and the weather was good I can't wait to go back.
Excellent university. Very caring professors. Great spiritual atmosphere. Small student to professor ratio.
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La Sierra is a beautiful campus filled with boring people. Coming from the nearby high schools, most of the students are quite cliquey. It's hard to find a place, however, the film department is quite the oasis in a barren desert of vanity. So far, though, it's been worth it.
What I like about La Sierra is the diversity it has because I'm able to meet new people with different race, background, religion. Also, the opportunities they offer, for instance, if they know students are struggling with finance, they will find a way to give you scholarship grants. However, what they need to change is the system they have regarding school schedules. Because most classes tend to conflict with one another and unfortunately, student aren't able to take it and have to stay for another quarter, since it is a quarter system. Even though we, students would like to finish early, they're not able to. I know that some students want to leave the school and transfer, but most classes just tend to conflict which brings most students down. La Sierra needs to offer more class time schedules and hire more professors that way students are not stuck with the same instructor.
I'm going in as a freahman. Everyone is very open to answering questions, you just have to figure out what to ask. The music department has been very welcoming.
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