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La Roche College is a wonderfully diverse school of both academics and nationalities. Here I've been introduced to so many new people and topics of discussion that I might not have been at another institution. There is also the matter of how its not just a school, its a family. All the professors know you by name, they know where you are from and they know when you have your ups and downs. They always make the greatest effort to see you succeed academically and mentally.
La Roche College is a wonderful school for those looking to learn in a small community with people from all around the world. Our goal is to be the best for the world, and that is something that inspires me to continue doing well at La Roche. When I graduate, I will be someone who helps the world with my degree. I was very nervous to start college, as most people are. I'm a commuter and was very afraid that I wouldn't make friends. The wide range of commuters and residents is wonderful, I don't feel alone because almost half of the campus commutes too! I have loved my experience at La Roche so far and I can't wait for the next three years!
Everyone is extremely polite there. The professors all know you by name and the education is very personal. The sports teams are always fun to go and watch when you're looking for something to do. The food is pretty good there. The campus is very small, which is good if you don't want to feel overwhelmed.
I have found La Roche to be very adult friendly. As a nontraditional student returning to complete a degree, the experience has been first rate. No recommended areas for improvement.
I love how diverse the college is and the amount of students the college has, but some changes that should be made is the food.
I love the small size of the classrooms; it really gives the students an opportunity to form relationships with their professors. I also like how inclusive La Roche is. They welcome any and all students, and are willing to accommodate any limitations or requirements you might have. I'm a transfer student, and it was incredibly easy to transfer here from a community college. They took all my credits, and helped me get acclimated every step of the way.
I like the people I've met, but the food and administration is not good. They only care about the incoming and potential students but once you get here they don't give an ef. There is no motivation to get somewhere in life and the students do not care.
Academic advisors are always there to help. I receive plenty of emails in reguarda to job and career fairs.
  • College Freshman
  • 7 months ago
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Most class sizes are small since it is a realitivly small college. I enjoy all the courses that I am in and hope to do big things because of the help of my professors.
When at school and walking the campus I feel very secure and safe. All rules that the school has a greatly enforced and it makes it more comfortable.
The living halls are great! They are a little out dated but spacious and clean!
  • College Freshman
  • 7 months ago
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As La Roche being a Catholic school they only offer academic Sorioirtys and Fraternity's. I always loved the thought of being apart of Greek life but not at this school.
The only bad thing about La Roche athletics is that there is no Football team. Baseball is the schools strong sport and their most watched and followed I believe.
La Roche is a great college. All of the students that attend are diverse and unique. Many students are international so it's great to get to know and learn about their cultures.
Well it's was new experience
Campus crime consists of kids breaking side mirrors off of cars, getting drunk and destroying property and ripping up signs in residence halls. It's a "dry" campus, so the alcohol scene is kept very hush hush, but is nothing insane. Usually just students enjoying a drink and movie/game with friends, nothing crazy at all. I have had to close the library after midnight numerous times and felt completely same walking across campus by myself at night. Our "rent a cops" though could be improved. They are all dilapidated, older gentlemen that could NOT hurt anything that came at them. I'd be more scared for the officers safety than my own because they are all overweight old men. The school does have little call boxes all over that connect directly to public safety though so that's helpful in case of an emergency. There is little to no way to monitor who gets into/out of dorms and school buildings and at the times that I notice it, I get a bit paranoid, but I wouldn't expect problems here. It's a very rich area.
I am currently applying to internships and feel I have a low chance of getting ANY of the numerous ones that I applied to. We don't have much of an opportunity for research at this school and for the few students that DO get to do research, I feel much favoritism is involved in hand picking those students (not that I feel I could handle the extra work MYSELF at the moment. I know plenty of students who SHOULD be given the opportunity, but never are though. It's a bit frustrating). I am pretty much relying on my lack luster grades and leadership and work experience to get me a spot as an intern. After graduation, I am still on the fence if I want to just get a job or continue schooling. My reason for adding a second major of Chemistry with my Forensic Biology is because this school has higher job placement rates for chemistry majors; the biologists usually try to get into graduate school or scrape around for a year or two looking for a job. I need to find employment immediately and adding a major is what will make me more marketable. I plan on becoming acquainted with the career center ladies by the end of the semester.
  • College Junior
  • Jan 20 2016
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Overall, this place is a pretty decent school. It's small, has had funding problems over it's only 53 years of service, but it is a decent school. It is best known for it's Nursing and Graphics programs. I am a science major and must say that our building is extremely neglected. The building facilities are terrible, the set up of classrooms are not efficient and no longer accommodate the influx of students the past few years. We must rely on the graciousness of local chemical plants and labs to donate their old equipment to us. Our professors in the science department are fantastic though; each one of them makes due with what we have and they all have very interesting courses and lab materials. In regards to my time with criminal justice, English and art classes, the school is also very wonderful in those departments as well. Class sizes, classes offered and how they are taught have all been fantastic. Not the best, but considering this place's history , I'm happy with my experience thus far.
I am part of Zeta Alpha Pi, which is a science sorority. I know there is also a group for the Criminal Justice majors as well as English and Psychology. There was a National Leadership Society added just last year, but I have not seen them out and about in the community too much. This school is only 53 years old and we don't have large Greek presence at all; no houses, wacky traditions, or inductions or anything. The school is rapidly increasing it's size each academic year and is looking to expand to a University soon so I would expect to see a surge in Greek life with an influx of students.
We don't have football, but we do have men and women's basketball, volleyball, baseball, softball, lacrosse, and cross country. The most attended events are men and women's basket ball by far; the girls frequently make playoffs so once they've acquire a spot, student attendance sky rockets. As for the other sports, most students simply know of their existence, but don't go to meets/games. School spirit is pretty high I would say; if basketball or baseball make it to playoffs, you can easily tell by the way kids are acting and the support shirts they wear. For facilities, we only have a gym with a basketball court, lifting areas, and field for softball and one for baseball. I have only ever attended a basketball game and the gym is quite nice. We recently renovated the baseball area so I would figure that looks better than it DID.
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