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I’m just enrolled in La James and start in a few weeks but as far as I have see after going on the tour, La James is amazing! As soon as we got done with the tour I wanted to start at that minute. I went on the tour with my best friend, and she wasn’t sure about where she wanted to go. Well after that tour she wanted to go to La James! She knew it was for her like I knew it was for me! I’m so excited about attending La James International College in Johnston.
You can apply to become an ambassador. Where you are the face of la james. They allow extra classes for nail technology and massage therapy. Everyone enters the building with a smile on their face. They give opportunities to get more hours. Such as events outside of la james. They have a trip they go on to Chicago for a fashion show as well as a trip to New york. Also they allow you to create an account on bliss where you can showcase your work and broadcast your talents for free.
The value of this school is outstanding!!!!!! By taking the right courses they allow us the opportunity of applying for jobs. They list theses jobs on a big wall where people are hiring. And to maintain a licenses you need to show proof of continued studies every two years. By applying and graduating from la james they will give you free classes every two years to help maintain your license.
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Well because I am attending the school for cosmetology I will not only be learning about hair I will be also learning a little bit of massage techniques a little bit of Nell technology in a little bit of aesthetics . So the good thing about this colleges that I'm not just putting one thing into my pot I'm putting a hand full of multiple things in my pot. Also because the school is hourly based unlike other schools we are set to receive a maximum amount of hours that will allow us to further our carrier in other states without having to go to school there. We can just take their examples and we will have a license in that state.
I love how when I first walked in I was met with kindness. Everyone wanted to introduce themselves and get to know a little more about me as well as what my plans were. I met this wonderful woman who loved to sing Disney songs. We planned to enter a competition together. I've been swept away with the amount of talent and diversity within the school. I'm glad to be attending.
So far, with my experience at La James, its a very up beat atmosphere.
So far, signing up, applying for loans, availability to call and discuss next step to the first day of school has been a breeze.
I believe that after touring many other schools, and always coming back to this one, I have truly picked the school for me.
I have noticed with massage therapy you get back what you put in. With massage therapy you can become a business owner and do things on your own, or work in a massage parlor building up cliental.
When I toured La James I was able to see a couple different computer labs. Im not for sure about network reliability, speed, wireless access, and/ or personal computers or printers.
Before starting at La James I noticed a lot of student activities surrounding their career. The people their get along, and its a very professional atmosphere.
I'm very much so looking forward to meeting my peers this year. I know everyone is going to be kind hearted, smart, caring individuals
Going to La James has been a very amazing experience. I toured many other schools and none of the offered what La James does. The people their always have a smile on their face, making you feel very welcome. I cant wait to start school here. I believe I made the best choice for my new career path.
I don't like that you can't use FASFA for the nail tech part. I wish it was a longer program so that I could use FASFA as a source of payment for school. That would have helped me a lot as far as how much of a loan I had to take out for school. The lady that I talked to about financial aid was very sweet and caring. She wanted to make sure I had the right payment plan for school and that cost wasn't going to be a big thing.
The girls and guys at the school are very friendly and make you feel apart of their family. Even though aren't all going to La James for the same degree, there is nothing that makes you any different. The girls in my class are very friendly and are always open for any questions that I may have. On Saturdays, it's a lot of fun being at school since you are working with clients all day. You get to learn a lot about the people you service!
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